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Post  Admin on Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:19 am

Quake & Frack - Famous Quotes From Long Term Investors & Puppets

- It's all about profiting from demise and upholding such as self justifiable to help to relieve self guilt from. -

About a year or a bit better back a past investor(?) speaks "it's all over now but the clean up,nothing to SEE here".

Well one can not SEE when they have blinded their own self. But they are going to tell you how to profit as there is no demise and like it was said "nothing to SEE here but the cleanup".

Would the long term investor like to come clean and finally state that they simply lied. Or better yet that they have no idea about how things of such work yet they thought it was best to simply help the disinformation get out as to 'it's all over but the clean up'..

Yes for many DEBT CREDIT CHIPS are the choice and you throw Love & Honesty for all in the toilet and flush it in order to gain more DEBT CREDIT CHIPS. And that is what you would call a crazed person as they sell their family and everybody off with the same story. Why they actually help to blind others due to that insatible prideful greed and what ever it takes to keep it going.

Don't like the look? Well then simply correct yourself and admittance of story telling to shelf importance of life.

This NEWS is still coming about and it is anything but over outside the cleanup. Why it's for everybody including hamburger eaters Canada way. Then again the hamburgers stated and the same thing. That is 'it's all over but the cleanup' and that it was a good thing they were using the homeless for the cleanup because now they have jobs!

April,2015- Urgent: Fukushima Radiation At 420,000,000 cpm — “This is Genocide”

Not sure where these so called investors get the news from but it is more than apparent that they are exactly as deemed. And that would be prideful greedy puppets. As a matter of FACT those messed up puppets never did state who delivered the make believe story tales that they are pushing.

Stout so called investors going against the grain never did make any sense. And if you did not know better why you would cherish the lie filled stories produced and used by puppet numbers in order to deceive those that follow them,

Forbes: “This is outrageous” — Homeless people are being sold to companies and put to work on Fukushima radiation – Gov’t-funded shelter supplying gangsters with workers (VIDEOS)

Nothing to SEE here and it's all over but the cleanup hey?

July 28,2015 - AP: Unprecedented deaths along U.S. Pacific coast — Scientists: Mass die-offs of mammals, birds, fish… “No one’s sure what happened” — Gov’t wants Unusual Mortality Event declared — Samples “being tested for radionuclides from Fukushima” (PHOTOS & AUDIO)

Nothing to SEE here?

Here is a list from the start of 2015,

Jan. 2015 - MASS ANIMAL DEATH LIST - 537 Known MASS Death Events in 80 Countries (or Territory)

June 15,2015 - What’s Really Going on at Fukushima?

And with God's hand why the puppeteer squad helping to harbor TRUTH in exchange for prideful greed may be able to lie a bit more as to the ongoing. But the Tale of the Tape will always be there for TRUTH to shine regardless of puppet tales. as there is a whole lot of 'WoW' steady increase in shaking going on.

July 29,2015 - IRIS Sesmic Monitor

And when presented the look why a puppet jumped right up out of their chair to give explanation of it's FALSEHOOD. That is funny as the only FALSEHOOD is in puppet tales. Our you listening to puppet tales?

And those comical puppets state and support that fracking right back here in town has nothing to do with earthquakes. Why the puppets attempt to hype and sell destruction as we witnessed right from their own mouths.

2014 - Oklahoma's Seven-Quake Weekend Raises Fracking Concerns

May 2015 - What's causing Texas earthquakes? Fracking 'most likely,' report says

The legal and humanity side,

July 28,2015 - Oil & Gas Lawsuits

Say if Bruce is reading today from Texas how about a comment from you. Perhaps you just were not aware how dangerous the fracking was. Being a banker we do understand you have a lot of math problems to work out. A simple word of advice is that sometimes profit for destruction is not such a good idea as we think back as to the Tx. frack sales pitch.

July 28,2015 - 2 injection wells shutting down, 1 reducing activity after earthquakes in northern Oklahoma

excerpt - There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage in the area, although people reported feeling the 4.5 quake as far as 650 miles away in Indiana and Minnesota, according to the USGS.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which regulates the oil and gas industry in the state, recently announced plans to place more than 200 disposal wells under scrutiny as it investigates whether injecting wastewater deep underground is triggering earthquakes. An Oklahoma Geological Survey report in April said it was "very likely" the practice prompted most of the state's recent earthquakes.

And Bruce if you are reading today no need to get excited as The POST simply tried to explain things nicely and was attacked for doing so. But that is understandable the attack on The POST as selling garbage that smells like a rose does not make it a rose but just stinky garbage. And the more garbage the more destructive the results from. Heck! They should call it the 'short term investor' as there is nothing long term about investing in demise. Wink

'Nothing to see here but the cleanup'  Shocked

The POST holds no grudges and merely keeps track without the spin or sharp veering away from to conceal and hide. And it is anything but over except for the cleanup.

Those that have stated such nonsense are more than welcome to debate. Why perhaps a reader would like to venture on over to the other your money board and ask the story tellers to retell their story. Why Virgil you are a member here and a moderator at that your money. Same with you jarhead and a few others. How about delivering the NEWS and SEE what kind of story you get as to it's all over but the cleanup as that is a wretched and sick tale to get others to believe.

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Post  Admin on Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:06 pm

As a past stout investor would say "nothing to see here except the clean up" (as denial is the best solution to TRUTH for many),

June 6,2015 - Extremely High Radiation Levels All Across America As Fukushima's Pummelling Of Pacific Ocean Brings 'Invisible Blanket Of Death' To US Shores

excerpt - A look at some mind-blowing August 29th to September 5th high-level radiation numbers in cities across America from Bob Nichols at Veterans Today reveals that sea life in the ocean are likely not the only life forms being devastated by radiation. Check out the radiation CPM's in US cities such as Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Concord, New Hampshire and Washington DC as seen in the chart below. Once we understand that NORMAL background radiation should range between 5 to 20 CPM, the chart below should speak in mega-volume. Keep in mind that some of these readings are combined gamma and beta but either way, the readings are off the charts!

Not sure why they mock and poke what has happened while collecting the debt of toll from but times are certain that the course does not stay the same. and those that have mocked and poked at the expense of those around them are very much the very same one's today.

Oct. 6,2015 - U.S. Gov’t intentionally ‘blew up’ nuclear reactor outside Los Angeles in massive human radiation experiment on public — Southern California covered in radioactive plume — Officials “documented effects of long-range effluent cloud on people downwind” (MAP)

If somebody could stop over at the your money place and tell wxyt the long term investor that things are quite over as it has been going on a very long time.... well that would be great as then they can share that with others that are on the page of professing nonsense as it is all over but the clean up.

Perhaps the "nothing to see here" types of the world will wake up TODAY and we certainly hope they are able to.

Godzilla nino they are calling it. Simply mix the already,

Aug. 2015 - Latest forecast suggests 'Godzilla El Niño' may be coming to California

2014 -

excerpt - Contamination of Northern Pacific

Fukushima’s radioactive water release has taken its time journeying across the Pacific. By comparison, atmospheric radiation from the Fukushima plant began reaching the U.S. West Coast within just days of the disaster back in 2011 but we are not supposed to think about that even though it has been reported that the young have already paid a price in terms of premature death.

Every assertion to the dangers of radiation in general and specifically as it relates to Fukushima and its effect on the rest of the northern hemisphere has been denied but what can we expect from officials who think that it is safe to inject mercury (thimerosal) into babies.

Whether dangerous or not, since the disaster occurred in April 2011, a radioactive plume of contaminated seawater has been carried towards the west coast of North America by ocean currents. As of April 30, 2014, some Fukushima-derived cesium has been detected in seawater off the coasts of California, Oregon, or Washington according to the California Coastal Commission.[1]

The leading edge of the radioactive plume appears to have recently reached Vancouver Island off of Canada, and will reach California in 2014, although coastal upwelling could hold the plume at bay for several years.[2] The peak concentration of Fukushima-derived radionuclides is anticipated to reach California between 2016 and 2019 based on the most optimistic assumptions.

Oct. 2013 - 28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

May 2012 - Japan's radiation found in California bluefin tuna

Now are we picking on anybody? Indeed not but merely with loving and constructive debate have tried to help the stubborn to accept REALITY yet they choose Fantasy Island and me me me at what ever cost that may be.

When people say it's all over but the clean up and nothing to see here they need to be questioned as to this view of theirs. For discovery shows that those that walk as such choose to keep others in the dark with "nothing to see here".

And maybe perhaps chance that the long term investor with "nothing to see here" reply was just not aware as their Debt Credit Chip pile was growing.

Then again how can one be long term or call their such stuff yet be oblivious to that of major importance going on?


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 - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results - Empty Re: - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results -

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 09, 2015 12:33 pm

Yep nothing to SEE here! Simply keep on a banking on debt credits to fix the jones.

Sad but TRUE that old story is reflecting a lot. That old story from back at the financial circus board that is. and once again puppets got very upset with the look brought to the table as for good reason. Reason is TRUTH always has the upper hand.

Yes back there we took a look at the already and what was being seen was simply near the end of the story as the majority did not get the memo or simply jumped in head over heels and debt credits were paying out.


Here is the line for everybody but already was known to happen,

June 18,2013 - Flyover 6/18/13

Aug. 22,2013 - Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows Up Trees in Seconds

July 3,2015 - Louisiana Sinkhole Crisis is Out of Control GET OUT of Southern Louisiana NOW!

Oct. 7,2015 - Ground is Sinking at Bayou Corne, B.P. Disaster Affect etc. + NEWS (Fly Over Aug. 8,2015)

So now what?

Well this guy here shares a lot over the years in a few areas.

Aug. 18,2015 - Bayou Corne Sink Hole on Verge of Collapse

Dec. 2008 - Lake Peigneur sinkhole disaster

Yep that a trail in the middle of the two..... whoooo nellie!


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 - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results - Empty Re: - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results -

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:16 pm

So what is recent?

Some may say 'Nothing to SEE here' just keep those machine Debt Credits rolling!

excerpts courtesy of -

The underground blaze – at Bridgeton Landfill – has been allowed to smoulder for at least FIVE YEARS.

Daily Star, Oct 8,2015: Nuclear disaster fears as fire nears Cold War bomb dump; The world is on the brink of a nuclear disaster as fire rages towards a cache of Cold War nukes — A secret emergency plan has been drawn up as an underground blaze creeps towards a waste dump containing radioactive waste from the Manhattan Project. The leaked document warns a “catastrophic event” will be triggered if the nuclear material is ignited… radioactive smoke could erupt over the densely-populated area of St Louis.

Louis Public Radio, Sep 17, 2015: Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster released reports that radiation from the West Lake Landfill… has spread to neighboring properties. The reports also suggested that an underground fire… is moving toward radioactive waste and could reach it as soon three to six months.

issouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Sep 17, 2015 (at 27:00 in): “There are references that are in the reports that the Attorney General did with independent scientists where they say that what we have under the ground could end up as Chernobyl. What I am concerned about are the 40,000 tons of uranium that have been spread all over the place… We’re talking about the most potent uranium in the world… We’re looking at the cancer clusters… We’re looking at the number of children who have double sets of teeth, children who have missing eyeballs, the number of children who have brain tumors. This is not consistent with a normal community whatsoever.”

Oct. 15,2015 -

excerpt - The attorney general also stated that toxic fumes may begin leaking from the ground within the next few weeks and that contamination levels have been located outside the landfill area already.

"This affects more than just Bridgeton. This affects the entire St. Louis area," Beckermann said.9end of excerpt)

And another one watching things,

Oct. 12,2015 - Underground Chemical Fire Nears Radioactive Nuclear Waste

And how long will that clean up take 'nothing to see here but the clean up' puppet gallery?

Sept. 18,2015 - Video: Radioactive Floods Recontaminate Japan

And all that fuss from puppet financials for bringing up and discussing share outlook for the future of certains. Why puppet financial holders swore up and down that Ge was not in the pic and defended their stance. The POST was warned from the puppet financial to 'knock it off!' becouse it was upsetting others. So let's getthis straight,The POST for discussing ramifications from TRUTH was warned to be tossed due to not following the puppet circus line. Well what was is and that's how it was and is. How's that sound!

June 2013 -

excerpt - Tokyo Electric Power Co. shareholders rejected a proposal to look into pursuing claims for compensation against companies that supplied parts for the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, including General Electric Co.

Your money alright. Why these circus clowns defended the very is not TRUE for nothing more than needless prideful greed,

March 2014 - Fukushima makers General Electric, Hitachi and Toshiba in the court

'Wasn’t it the tsunami that should be responsible for the accident in Fukushima?'

So can these puppets at financial circus house as the last The POST was at tell anybody why they would defend that the very had nothing to do with any of this? No they can't. Butthey can tell you what a great deal they are getting on credit chips from their participation in sell out.

Unfortunate but TRUE 'The POST' simply follows the times and what can be projected from the actions of.

'nothing to see here',

Sept. 2014 -

Sept. 8,2015 - August 2015 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update

Oct. 12,2015 - September 2015 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update

And that's just here in town. As there are multiple parts to the problem with reaction to. Updated today the world wide alarming list,


'Nothing to see here' as the puppet lingo goes. Pathetic. Or is that 'Free Enterprise We Win!'


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 - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results - Empty Re: - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results -

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 02, 2015 5:58 pm

Why there is clickity-click to be made and 'Nothing to SEE here'.

Yes it's a good thing for clickity-click Debt Credits as that's what they call sheeple entertainment! And a good mixture of entertainment keeps a good mixture of people Busy,Busy,Busy while others work,

Yes it's just about time it looks like for the soap to go live tv. Once that blame game starts with the upper ya know that things are getting to tough for cover.

Nov. 2,2015 - Pointing fingers: Exelon says feds knew radioactive waste was being dumped at landfill


Oct. 28,2015 - CBS: Fire erupts at another U.S. nuclear site near major city — Witness: Flames within feet of radioactive waste — TV: “You can see the smoke for miles… A big-time scare” — EPA emergency response specialists deployed (PHOTO & VIDEOS)

excerpt - CBS 'But it’s not just the underground fire that is a concern – this weekend a grass fire erupted within some 75 yards of the radioactive waste. This region also sits near an earthquake fault line.'

Oh well 'nothing to SEE here" as the old puppet tale line goes.


Gotta keep those housing sales up ya know! Why we are sure that a not a realtor or builder knew. Guess that would include the perk test dept. along with the treating doctors wondering why so many our turning up from the same vicinity and in good health (at one time at that),

Oct. 20,2015 - RT NEWS Missouri community says rise in cancer linked to radioactive waste exposure

Well Dutch is still on a accurate streak and that's year after year as we have follow along to SEE. Guess the puppet line of 'nothing to see here' is designed to help stupify the ignorant that know not better into listening to them,puppets that is.

Oct. 1,2015 - 11/01/2015 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- West Coast Warning , Yellowstone Fissure + Volcanoes

Oct. 31,2015 - St Louis Radiation Poisoning Death Toll Revealed

excerpt - Visintine as a child had eaten vegetables full of radiation from her backyard vegetable garden. Children ate ice cream from the huge dairy farms in the area, unaware the cows grazed on contaminated fields. Children sucked honey from backyard fence honeysuckle vines; played in the creek, bathing in poison. The old neighborhood park is now padlocked. Construction crews are removing radioactive waste discovered beneath the topsoil.

“What you see is an environmental health disaster unfolding slowly over decades,” County health director Dr. Faisal Kahn told CBS. “The rates of appendix cancer, for instance, which is relatively rare — we see about 800 cases across the nation per year. To find seven or eight cases in one zip code or one small geographic area is rather unusual.”

Well somebody needs to adress that puppet skeleton crew at the financial circus 'The POST' was tossed from for speaking of such things. And the wxyz and other english letters found at puppet circus financials should be asked why they protect the very DEISE for puppet debt credit gains and would say such as 'nothing to SEE here but the clean up'. Ignorance and prideful greed is the only reason why.

Yes it's anything but over but the clean up old wxyt and puppet company of,

Nov. 1,2015 - Fukushima nuclear waste now being found off all U.S. states on West Coast — Detected near shorelines of California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska this summer — Highest radiation just miles from San Francisco (MAP)

Oct. 30,2015 - Japan Times: “Deadly” radiation levels detected outside Fukushima containment vessel — “Details behind situation are unknown” — Officials unable to grasp location of melted nuclear fuel — “Impossible” to plan for decommissioning


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 - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results - Empty Re: - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results -

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:49 am

Today's note goes out to a ???? that never had to be one but they choose the club attitude instead of TRUTH.

Now as time passes and things keep chugging along we wonder at times if the deniers keep the denying going when it comes to TRUTHFUL discussion among their family and friends. Or do they simply play the, "duh really".

Then again a millionaire said it yesterday in reference to the old wall street casino and that was "it is welfare currently for the rich". Banking off demise is what it is called and caring not while you do.

Yes we are concerned for those that are (not if) lost.

As previously looked upon and discussed 3 years ago POOF! just like Magic. And certainly nobody likes to SEE and at the same time it helps those that are lost to understand if they so choose to. As very well many simply do not understand.

Nov. 16,2015 - It’s Official: Oklahoma Experiences More Earthquakes Than Anywhere Else in the World

And wxyzt if you happen to be reading today this is what we tried to explain to you and others. However it was easier and more beneficial for you to mock and poke for personal greed and demise. Go figure hey.

But we have no enemies and nor do we care to. Always going to be people that don't like you TRUTH is introduced and those are the ones that have much 'splainin' (as Lucy would say) to do to their family and friends that they have told stories of 50/50 to while playing jones vs jones.

So no hard feelings wzyzt and others that went the same route and their is time to switch your stance.


This is why we like the old Dutchsinse as they have been very correct for years,

11/17/2015 -- Earthquake Forecast / Europe hit + Oklahoma MOST ACTIVE PLACE ON EARTH

And those comment sections are always interesting,

From Rolling Stone 2013: “The story of West Lake’s radioactive waste goes back to April 1942, when a St. Louis company called Mallinckrodt Chemical Works began purifying tens of thousands of tons of uranium for the University of Chicago as part of the Manhattan Project.

Mallinckrodt’s workers did not receive adequate safety protections and had little knowledge of what they were dealing with.

Today, West Lake’s radioactive waste – all 143,000 cubic yards of it – sits on the outskirts of a former quarry with practically none of the standard safety features found in most municipal landfills. No clay liner blocks toxic leachate – or “garbage juice” – from seeping into area groundwater.
No cap keeps toxic gas from dispersing into the air. This unprotected waste sits on a floodplain 1.5 miles away from the Missouri River.

Eight miles downstream is a drinking water reservoir that serves 300,000 St. Louisans. Worst of all: The materials dumped in this populous metropolitan area will continue to pose a hazard for hundreds of thousands of years.”

Wonder if people such as old Bruce back at the your money is still suggesting to others to buy up on those fracking stocks and they make ya lot's of money!

Sorry Bruce but all it makes is more demise and further away from sustainability due to demise of the very being worked upon daily,yearly.

Yes no longer years away but now a few months before the buried comes to life. So how do you think they will stop it given they have had more than ample years to do so.

Oct. 2015 - St. Louis Prepares For “Catastrophic Event” As Underground Fire Nears Nuclear Waste Cache

Have insurance?

All over but the clean up as some say,

Sept. 2015 - “Rapid, stunning and complete” die-off of animals near nuclear site — 150,000+ antelopes bleeding from internal organs, pits brimming with corpses — Experts completely baffled: “It’s really unheard of… 100% mortality, I know of no example in history like it… Doesn’t make any sense” (PHOTOS)

Lot's going on and if your caught up in jones vs jones and being a paper hat king off the game debt credits from..... well it's time to wake up is all that can be said.


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 - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results - Empty Re: - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results -

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:16 am

As a puppet would put it and the gang of puppets that supported the look of 'it's all over but the clean up and nothing to SEE here.

Well sorry to say but you really have to be careful when even listening to a puppet. Puppets are designed to be what they are. That would be a string player. All you have to do is pull on strings and watch them perform. Some are very comical in a disgusting way as they have nothing to offer except how to rape and pilfer and claim Fantasy Island is Reality while doing so. Must be some type of security device like a baby sucker nipple and as long as you are able to suck and our satisfied there is nothing to do but claim how everybody else around them is way off course and has no understanding what is going on so simply jump on the Fantasy Island bus and let your dreams come true.

Yep that is pretty silly thinking and unfortunate for many puppets. For instead of discussion of REALITY they so choose to go Fantasy Island way instead. What sucks for the puppet is that if they had nobody they could curtail into their disconnect they as well would be broken.

Yep good thing for another tril to hold the show up hey! Nothing like Fantasy Credits complete and unsound being called profit by the puppets. And these puppets are complete as to being unaware as to what that is all about.

All over but the clean up ya say? Another calls for everybody to jump on the frack wagon even though it is devastating things. Wonder if old Bruce is still convincing who ever they can to jump aboard the frack wagon they say it is going great in Tx. and elsewhere so jump aboard.

Dec. 2015 - Health worries pervade North Texas fracking zone

Yes do keep in mind that the BIG picture and shortly ahead due to the mass release and drill baby drill that the problem as identified several years back already and covered in The POST was mocked and poked and ridiculed by these so called smart investors selling the lie. Make it simple and put it how it is,they wil sell out and bring as many on board by lie in order to build those DEBT CREDITS. And why anybody would want to bank on destruction and support for to bring those DEBT CREDITS higher and higher and placed on the backs of their family friends and simple ordinary folks is TRULY a sick thing. And we do pray for those that have done such to change their tune.

Well for all the supposed knowledge that they hold you would think they could try to at least show a bit of dignity but that does not happen once you join the Fantasy Island puppet players and the plays of as you simply sell your own self off and everything around you for DEBT CREDIT gains based upon 98% now being virtual currency. Of course that will all be paid back and made sound you may even hear from the puppet cheer leaders. It is very very very bad knowledge as it is foolish knowledge designed for the opposite of good.

Wonder if that old long term investor reads this way from the your money and more (where The POST was booted from fro discussing REALITY) as if they do they are and have been looking very foolish with their so called it's all over line,

Say wxyz if you are reading today perhaps you can explain as a long term investor just how in the heck could you state it's all over but the clean up???

From as puppets should be well aware of the mocking and poking they do to protect their DEBT CREDIT CHIPS and GE holdings along with others. Why the puppets really bark loud when TRUTH is brought into things,

Dec. 21,2015 - "Nuclear Nightmare”: Children with mutations “on almost every street” — Deformed heads, lopsided bodies, “toad skin”, eyelids turned inside out — School built using radioactive waste “part of community outreach project” — Nuclear Expert: “Exceptionally worrying, no one should’ve been living anywhere near” (VIDEO)

Dec. 22,2015 - panic as radioactive cloud pours from nuclear plant — Radiation levels reportedly spike near reactor after emergency shutdown — Traffic jams as people evacuate area — “Everyone got very worried and rushed to get iodine” (PHOTOS)

Say long term do recall that mocking and poking but to no prevail 'The POST' stuck to the TRUTH. And you are more than welcome to stop your tale telling and misleading of others that care to listen to the tripe. Why you can even come on over to 'The POST' and explain just how you would come to such ridiculous thoughts as the party is really going on now just as it was called to be,

Dec. 10,2015 - Declassified U.S. Government Report on Fukushima: “100% of The Total Spent Fuel Was Released to the Atmosphere from Unit 4”

Kinda strange that long term would support such nonsense as to it's all over but the clean up. Then again when you really not that so called long term investor and just a welfare taker on casino street it would make sense to do just what that CBO report suggests at pg.1 of The POST and that is to hold the markets at all costs during these times before change. And if you help do that your DEBT CREDIT CHIPS earned will be great! And once those are balanced back into POSITIVE rather than DEBT you will be rich from raping and pilffer!

Sad but TRUE as to what else can one say as to.

Yes puppets like to razz another greatly but TRUTH is abound and has not been stopped. Been tried to made look kooky but simply to no prevail TRUTH always wins,

Dec. 19,2015 - California Alert -- Methane Eruption at FRACKING operation - Climate Consequences

Booted from the your money for calling out puppets and puppets won the day and were protected for doing so by the master mold in charge puppet. Crazy as it may sound the puppets support destruction and voiding out TRUTH.

And mocked and poked all along for NEWS that is TRUTHFUL and the sources deemed incompetent by puppets. Go figure but you don't have to figure very long if you keep TRUTH with you,

Dec. 12,2015 - Government data shows U.S. being bombarded with Fukushima radiation 1,000 times higher than normal

Well that was just a small note above as to TRUTH very soon you simply will not be able to harbor it by lie after lie as it WILL not if be revealed as the faucet handle has been on and the creators hand is running the faucet handle more and more open for all to SEE. Sadly puppets and the minions of will need to come clean or simply lose it all.

Decoy 409 does forgive all of those that have turned a blind eye and perhaps they will be able to come back to REALITY. And they are always welcome back here at The POST to discuss and debate and SEE TRUTH together. Very Happy


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 - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results - Empty Re: - Nuclear FrackenQuake Results -

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