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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:46 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

How in the world does a fake hamburger and fries become the leader in the collapse?

Big mouths with GREEDY fingers doing their part to help the disassembly is how.

Of the so called top investment firms you will find nothing but sleeze and how to cover losses with Trick Pony Numbers. Why the pension firm that lost MILLIONS in just one year 2yrs ago (not to mention other years) has been the shoe shine boys dream. Yes the show shine boys work for the firm that helps to steal daily from those so called pensions that the ants have so called worked to receive. The set up is really quite fascinating and the so called losses for so many are yet to occur. You could say the shoe shine boys are simply fattening up the gullible that have indulged in their scheme. And of course these gullible will praise the shoe shine boys during this time of fattening.

Shoe shine boys will tell long and great tales about security and follow us.

As you know those of you that follow 'The POST' that The POST likes to follow along with history with no masks or 50/50.

A few entries back you will find some of that history as of late in which we have shared (SEE POST entry March 5,2014).

Well we are sure that many have already heard about the burger that lasts..... well.... forever! How could that be? Our puppets seem to have one idea about things in 50/50 world and The POST has it's own view. Of course some do not like the sources that The POST uses to demonstrate from time to time however time and time again we state 'it all comes out in the wash'. So while the puppets continue to stick their foot in the old mouth shortly ahead it all comes out in the wash. The POST has identified and makes it's claims on that in which is already and has just not yet been disclosed. This is why we state it all comes out in the wash.

Now recall for those of you that are avid readers of The POST when we discussed the collapse in the bees world wide or colony disorder. Puppets hated that one as it was mixing in (and not well) with their bio stocks and others. Why this is not so they shouted from the rooftops and that these companies are truly good with all the wonders they perform or false miracles. "Certainly Decoy has stepped the boundary on this!" they exclaimed. And we defended our position.

One of these not to long back was with good old Baxter and the rough batch of so called bird flu shots (Baxter Sent Bird Flu Virus to European Labs by Error (Update2) getting into to others portfolios and they did not even realize they had. But puppets were stricken with awe as to all the same. Yes the same puppets who know so much about all of the things they speak highly about and that you need to invest in the same.

Yes things of such folks are simply not coincidental or by mistake as they are merely that of reflection and things that are yet to become and be.

How many have had the opportunity to watch that 'The Future of Food' we wonder. why at one point it was free for the educational learning now you have to pay for it. But if you do take the time to do so you will find not only interesting in what it offers but connecting the dots in grey areas becomes quite easy for those willing to indulge in such. Those that deny the dot connection would be the puppets in defense of such realities. wWhy even the former pres. of mcd can be found at monsanto for instance with a whole cast of characters.

excerpt - With more than 33,000 restaurants around the world, McDonald’s is Big Ag’s number-one customer. No surprise, then: Big Ag falls over backwards to meet McDonald’s needs.(end)

And no we are not affiliated with any organization. And no we are not activists. And no we do not belong to any political party. We are merely the meek watching things go around.

Off the wall? well this next one certainly may seem to be. However do the homework and it is even harder to fathom. So all of those shelf lined history books should really be taken off the shelves and destroyed and new ones writ to cover and replace the old as HISTORY is HISTORY,

Old McDonald had a farm and indeed that is TRUE,

excerpt - The Knights Templars were not the only International Bankers to move north. Later, during the 16th & 17th century, the elite satanic banking families moved their operations from southern Europe to Antwerp Flanders and then on to Amsterdam. Many of the Knights Templars lied to Scotland, where they helped Bruce, the King of Scotland. When the English invaded Scotland they were defeated by Bruce in an important battle named Bannockburn. Bannockburn kept Scotland free from England for the next 289 years. The Knights Templars fought with Bruce in the battle under the command of Angus Og McDonald, who was a large Scottish landowner and a friend of Bruce. Angus Og McDonald had previously in the 1308 time period given protection to the Knights Templars. The Knights Templars brought their treasures and their military might to Scotland & to the McDonalds. Many of the Knights Templars went on to the Orkeney Is., but some stayed in Scotland and became important in the occult world. The descendents of these Knights are still guarding some important occult relics, which may be revealed in the next few years. The Sinclair family has been part of the Prieure de Sion, Freemasonry and the Illuminati. Vice-pres. of the Sinclair Oil & Gas Co. in Tulsa in ’59-’61 was Marshall McDonald, who was an active Freemason who married into the Collins family. Note that the cities/towns Tulsa, Wagoner, Muskogee, Broken Arrow in Okla. are totally controlled by the Illuminati. The atmosphere in these little towns SW of Tulsa has been described as oppressive & prone to violence by people who have lived in them. One of the lodge systems set up by the Illuminati was the Jacobin Club (originally known as Club Breton).

Its Jacobite members got financing from the Illuminati and were a big part of the cause of the French Revolution. The Jacobites also played a role in the early history of the United States and the American Revolution. The Jacobites had a number of aristocrats who were also secret Satanists as their leaders. They had a lodge in Rome. One of the Scottish Jacobites was Flora Macdonald. She saved Prince Charles Edward’s life. Etienne Jacques Joseph Alexandre Macdonald (Scottish blood) was a 33 degree Freemason & also an officer who fought on the side of the French Revolution. He went on to become a Marshall in the French army. In 1805. he became the Grand Administrator of the Grand Lodge Symbolique in France.

Not so you say? Then you did not do the homework.


Investing in and helping demise along? SUPER MILKER running strong? 7 TRILION flop just weeks ago called last summer while the casino went higher and higher? All would run to bonds (or james bond world)? Earthquakes,famine,water shortages?

So much has been covered at The POST and the puppets have been doing their best to discredit that in which very much so is in play and has grown worse. And who are these puppets? Why they are deceivers of the Good News.


BREAKING: Militia Arrives at Bundy Ranch

Fracking hey among other things. Say is it possible that bankers would be head over heels about the fracking idea and willing to sell out those around them for destructive GREED?

Sadly yes that is not only possible but TRUE.

So the story has it that 5,000 our going to head to head with the BLM. WoW!

Perhaps that includes many from Conn. as the count stands as high as 350,000 that did not comply with turning those arms in.

Exciting times folks!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 13, 2014 7:05 pm

Good evening folks!  Very Happy 

Wonder what's up with that gold and silver. Why Gold was going all the way down to 1100 and then lower and never going back above. That was one call. And another was cash out at 1380. And yet another is 5000.

Well if we were to hit 5000 that won't be for you or I or anybody for that matter to enjoy as pop goes the weasel long before 5000.

Then we had the silver calls of 7 and 3 and all kinds of over inflated high numbers as well. It's best all keep in mind world debt and what it has costed in creation from nothing to artificially hold the show up the past few years or short time.

Yes we do realize this has happened previously but the stakes this time around........

'Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts'

'US seizing tax refunds of children over parents' debt?!'

and once again wiill the REAL number please step forward as that is 'always' higher or lower and in this case for certain higher.

Well SUPER MILKER is running strong and it's getting a new gear as it certainly appears needed from this perspective,

April 13,2014 -

expert - The long-term average of Money Managers’ shorts before 2013 was 6,130 contracts, yet in the last five weeks they have increased them by nearly 16,000 contracts. This increase in shorts should have allowed the bullion banks to reduce their short positions. Not so: according to the most recent Bank Participation Report they are net short of a total of 35,321 contracts, an increase of over 3,000 contracts last month.
Unlike gold, where Comex volume is moderate, silver volume is high indicating very strong support at current levels. The obvious conclusion is that bullion banks trying to balance their silver books cannot do so at current prices. Yet higher prices are likely to trigger a vicious bear squeeze, so it appears the bullion banks with short silver positions will remain trapped either way.

Lots of action going on as the crowd is getting squeezed together rapidly (And these resources used were suppose to be from dummy sites? That's pretty FUNNY as things as we say have become very interesting).

So how do we accomplish this mission in a peaceful way?

Well there certainly will be those that oppose of such and that's a gimmme. And there will be the other crowd that will want to eat and have a few coins.

Now for those that read along over here a few entries back here in The POST we had a look at a book page on the IMF and the long term goal from jump street or the get go if you will.

Starter up about 1:47 in and have a Listen,

March 27,2013 - Christine LaGarde Reset - Interview With Christine LaGarde IMF

The POST needed about the first 5 min. is all to compute as The POST has been discussing short time for the past few years since it started at Msn.

April 11,2014 - Russian banks comply with FATCA under Russia's amended law — minister

yep 'the hill' as we stated at the begining of the year as we heard from good old Max Keiser is indeed getting squeezed and there simply is no room,

April 13,2014 - Moscow calls on UN Security Council and OSCE to urgently consider situation in Ukraine

excerpt - MOSCOW, April 13. /ITAR-TASS/. Moscow is calling on the United Nations Security Council and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to urgently consider the situation in southeastern Ukraine,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

“We are demanding that the ‘Maidan’ protesters who overthrew Ukraine’s legitimate president immediately stop a war against their own people and meet all their commitments under the February 21 agreement,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in its statement.

“The western sponsors of ‘maidan’ protesters, especially those who put their signatures under the aforesaid agreement and also the United States who is standing behind them, are obliged to bridle their fosterlings, who have gone out of control, and make them distance themselves from neo-Nazis and other extremists; stop using weapons against the Ukrainian people and immediately start a real national dialogue, in which all regions will take an equal part, in the interests of an early and fundamental constitutional reform,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“A possibility to avert a civil war is now in the hands of the West,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed.

Well what can ya say? We have just been keeping time in advance if you will so the calls prior to and all comes out in the wash has shaped up quite remarkable. This is why you keep oil in the lamp.

So this comes down to push comes the shove as BIG things are going down and those that have been fooled or tricked into thinking that no such thing could happen.


Well for now the standoff is over at Clydes place....,

April 12,2014 -

Federal agency vows to continue legal action after ending Nevada ranch standoff

While we watched the 'Live' feeds we can certainly state that the 50/50 spin was and is seriously on.

So as we follow along with the drought here in the US as we have a look at high water bills and the foreign entity called BLM helping to lead the charge,

Crazy stuff you say? Not at all,

May 2013 - Water Protection Gets Shortchanged in Proposed Fracking Rules

excerpt - The exemption issue is especially ironic given a new U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) study released last week showing an alarming trend of aquifer depletion across much of the United States, especially the Midwest and Southwest.

Many of these regions losing groundwater are in areas pursuing shale energy extraction, such as the Eagle Ford and Permian basins in Texas, and the Niobrara basin in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska (see map below).

From 1900–2008, natural stocks of water under the land decreased by more than twice the volume of water found in Lake Erie. Depletion rates have been especially pronounced since 1950, with the highest loss rates being from 2000 to 2008 (nearly 25 cubic kilometers on average per year).

Then for the joke that comes from some past evaluations,

March 2014 - Understanding Your Water Bill

excerpt - What does your usage mean? Well, the average American uses around 100 gallons per day per person in the household. That means a family of four would use around 12,000 gallons in a 30 day period.

100 gl per day?

And the punchline,

Nov. 2012 - American Households Are Getting Smaller – And Headed by Older Adults

excerpt - Persons per household, 2008-2012 = 2.61

This way they tacked a 4% increase as of this past Sat. to the old water bill. That would not seem like very much but then one has to keep in mind the avg. incease for that water bill goes $7.00 higher plus of course the 'fire protection charge' collected monthly on the water bill goes up as well to $7.25 avg. making a nice little increase cross the board of better than $20.00 per month after taxes.

May 2011 - Duke University Study Connects Water Contamination to Fracking Natural Gas Wells

2013 - Appropriations Committee Releases Fiscal Year 2014 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill

April 11,2014 - Oklahoma Had Nearly 150 Earthquakes in One Month

At 150 in one month going to need some serious chart adjusting just for Oklahoma alone,

April 8,2014 -

April 12,2014 - Fracking risks: Scientists add earthquakes to environmental, water pollution concerns

Guess 50/50 will have to decide which way the spin is coming from,

April 13,2014 -

Feb. 2014 - Trading Water for Fuel is Fracking Crazy

excerpt - One of the most disturbing findings is that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is using enormous amounts of water in areas that can scarcely afford it. The report notes that close to half the oil and gas wells recently fracked in the U.S. “are in regions with high or extremely high water stress” and more than 55 percent are in areas experiencing drought. In Colorado and California, almost all wells—97 and 96 percent, respectively—are in regions with high or extremely high water stress, meaning more than 80 percent of available surface and groundwater has already been allocated for municipalities, industry and agriculture. A quarter of Alberta wells are in areas with medium to high water stress.

And just a reminder once again that The POST is not a activist place or political advocate. The POST simply watches what goes on with out 50/50 spin.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:20 am

Good brunch time folks!  Very Happy 

Quote: 'It is called a dead cat bounce'

Do recall the so called idea of 'Death Derivatives' and keep in perspective 90 TRILLION PLUS being shared with the old Fed and the Fed swelled out at 90/1 (we stated it was around 70/1).

Then the creation from nothing which should be meaningful creation not nothing creation when looking at the overall here in town and for the overall folks.

Gold & Silver,Currency Reset? These are all parts of the the overall. And The POST keeps time on quite a bit so breaking a couple of the larger chunks out and trying there own was a idea to get a formable BIG pic of the nasty instead of stuffing it all together to understand.

But it certainly is a mix in which has been coming together and on nicely.

Max and Stacy have put together a good one here on the overview and it is worth the time for the understanding of the BIG pic,

April 12,2014 - Keiser Report: Petrodollar vs Petroyuan

Then when needed and sheep are herded (ignorant sheep at this point) the horn sounds!.....,

April 15,2014 - The dollar strengthened for a third day against the euro as data showed the U.S. consumer price index rose more than forecast in March....

And what was the one look of fail no fail? 29 of 30 would be just fine in case of a storm? Now that is FUNNY as the STORM has been on for quite sometime and it is a good thing for make do shelter from as,

March 29,2014 - Fed Needs To “Stress Test” Itself As Balance Sheet Balloons To $4.3 Trillion

Now the guest and speaking of the debt with emerging markets and how that has been currently balanced. Certainly as a emerger you can not simply continue to hold 80% of the debt and cross your fingers and hope all turns out in payback of. And you can't because the table as addressed in the 70's would be a major last straw event if you will. Where did all those once american jobs go off to? What has become of the physical gold and silver? Who holds these vast amounts of debt and has been dumping it off?

SEE with out new creation when the old runs out or low as pleasing to one a new must be created. And you have to have the mass consumption from the consumer in order to make it profitable to the compulsive gambler in order to hold it up,the stock of that company reflects upon it's goods and those goods just took a big smashing. So 80% of the DEBT hey.

Are ya thinking this is sounding like one of those pyramid schemes? The word in itself is fascinating much less the wonders of from.

And the pension investment thought as to emerging markets back at that Max interview,which Foot in the Door winner would that be if ever such a thing?

Well this would have to mean that the so called watcher of the so called pension manage would be simply playing for their own pride and greed gain as they get paid whether they win at the table or lose (your cake),so if selling out to out of town corps is the way to go to keep that pride and greed going in exchange for sell out and of so said pensioners town,well so be it.

The spin or 50/50 is this is not in play when it boldly stands directly in front. So the manager and people have simply become this ignorant or some are aware and some are not. Whatever that ratio may be who knows but it is known as one word,'unsustanable' with out change and adapting to. The correction this time should be most concerning to all so thank Magic once again for say 'Dancing with the Stars' and other great things!....,

A justificator for ''accident' or as by design in close as Max traps and calls it out.

April 15,2014 -

excerpt - The financial collapse in 2008 was largely triggered because banks systematically under-priced the risk premium built-in to derivatives.  The original rules were designed to help limit the disaster caused by the under-reserved derivatives which blew up Lehman, AIG and Goldman and triggered the massive bailouts.  If the risk premium had been properly priced in a way that reflected the degree of risk embedded in the derivatives deals, it would have made most derivative contracts unaffordable to the end-user – pensions, hedge funds, municipalities, insurance companies etc. In other words, the new rules were established to protect the system from extreme greed and risk.

But if banks were forced to properly put up reserve capital to protect against the risks for which derivatives are used, most end-users would never buy them. This in turn would shut off the spigot to Wall Street’s most profitable business line. The change in the rules now means that the banks can party on as usual and make huge profit spreads on the derivative ticking time bombs they dump into  the financial system.

Again, make no mistake about it, this rule change is going to lead to another financial system collapse.  Only this time everyone will be forced to contribute directly to the bailout of the big Wall Street banks in the form of “bail-ins.”  Now we know why the bail-in rules are being transitioned and we know why big banks are moving their derivatives exposure up to their bank holding company level.

Anyone who understands what is going on here and continues to keep their money inside the financial system is either extremely naive or tragically stupid.  Forewarned is forearmed.

April 15,2014 - SGE withdrawals are still 23 % up compared to the same period last year

And every time that truck backs up and dumps some over created then we have a temp drop and when that happens the orders start coming in stronger.

Aug. 22,2013 - Emerging markets central banks’ emergency reserves drop by $81bn


'Clyde Can't Get a Break'


'Sounds like nothing is over at Clydes' place as this interview strongly suggests by the sheriff,

April 14,2014 - Sheriff Mack Confirms: Feds Are Planning To Raid Bundy Homes


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:54 am

Good Friday and morning to all the folks!  Very Happy 

Some light humor or 'look' from the comment section and not so much the article is what we emphasize as a example of what is looked upon in,

Fall 2013 - How Do Savings Accounts Work?

Should almost be alarming for those that follow along. Like these are just great little entities that with good heart simply pay interest to all generously from pocket.

Why this should be just as chuckling from March 2012,

excerpt - It remains unclear, he says, if the ongoing problems with the banks were taken into account during the Fed's stress test.

"The FDIC, which is one of the major bank regulators, didn't think so," he says. "They had a lot of concerns that the Federal Reserve — which was conducting this stress test in late 2010 [and] early 2011 — had not really taken into....

Guess as we say 'it all comes out in the wash' that yet again,

April 14,2014 - The Global Banking Game Is Rigged, and the FDIC Is Suing

Yes interest rates must remain low for the folks while higher percentages are paid above to float the rig. Why the old interest is based upon those doing the paying in of.And our latest shows a HUGE DEFICIT of owing simply growing,

Sustainability? How about these number comparisons with 'short time' and today,



Fiscal 2006: National Debt Increases $574.3 Billion. The Treasury Department reported today that the National Debt increased $574.3 Billion in Fiscal 2006, compared to $553.7 Billion in Fiscal 2005. The record annual increase was $595.8 Billion in Fiscal 2004. The Bush Administration pulled out all the tricks in Fiscal 2006 to make the deficit look better. Also they suspended Medicare payments for the last nine days of the fiscal year:

Public Debt increase $553.7 billion at another? Then,

Page 19 -

Then you can add a sprinkle of,

March 2014 - 2 Charts Explain Slowest Economic Growth In History

And roll a tad further,

Feb. 21,2012 - As US Debt To GDP Passes 101%, The Global Debt Ponzi Enters Its Final Stages

And part time servers at the fast food chain help this to be overcome? Hardly as we just looked at previously and for the 'short time' of the past few years that has most certainly become.

Why it's not hard to SEE for many that these scales should be going the opposite way but that simply does not matter now as the 'unlimited ceiling' has prevailed prior to the eventual,

Looks like the people simply have not the funds for higher so called paid interest on their cake they bank at the old bank.

Which brings us to a man that knows a thing or two about just such,

March 2014 - Dr. William Black, The US Banking System is Absolutely Primed for.....

Good thing for priming the engine and keeping it warmed up.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:03 am

Good Morning Folks!  Very Happy 

Some FUNNY stuff from a puppet

Quote -

People are saving more and paying down debt. The banks aren't lending and lots of houses that are being bought, are cash deals on FORECLOSURES. The velocity isn't picking up because the money supply is growing very fast, and the economy is growing very slow. This is again because of too much debt and not enough savings.. The irony in this topic is that you doomers where crying hyperinflation a couple years back, and the velocity of money says,THERE IS NO INFLATION!!!    

Do you understand damnnot?
(end of puppet quote)

Well puppets are still unable to think and pretty much most will remain in such state as they still have REALITY and Fantasy Island confused.

We don't SEE the puppet mention which in detail we have already looked at and discussed it's ongoing function of for helping change,

2014 - American Household Credit Card Debt Statistics: 2014

Playing 3 strikes and your out:

Honest money expansion is one thing and expansion by DEBT is simply just the opposite.

1.) People are saving more and paying down debt?

Well we just had a look at that and how that is going and not well at all so puppet gets a strike.

2.) Banks are not lending and many deals are cash deals on houses?

Puppet gets another strike as the puppet was just gloating as to how the home sales are back up again and that all is just fine as banks are loaning money and people are buying homes galore. Strike 2 puppet as that is not going on and the puppet is trying the old 50/50 and has a very hard time concentrating from day to day as to whats up as they elected 50/50 to be their guide on Fantasy Island. Now the puppet changes their stance all together and goes opposite of what they were just saying no more than a few weeks ago. For certain strike 2.

Oh! And don't forget that shadow inventory not spoke openly about as foreclosures are very much alive and well at that. This graph did not go away as far as being reliable or truthful. It has been suppressed by trick horse,

Puppets told you that this is not a problem (a year ago when they did) as puppets play 50/50 and get caught doing so quite often,

Feb. 2013 - Record Drop in Foreclosure Starts, but 90 Day Delinquencies Increase -MBA

and out from the wash as we say!......,

April 2014 - Americans Are Starting to Miss More Mortgage Payments

3.) The economy is not picking up because the money supply is growing so great and the economy so slow?

Strike 3 puppet as 'over creation' by clickity click,off shoring the jobs and nothing for fall back but burger flippers and harvard janitorial degrees await the vast. And the puppet means clickity-click credit as that in which should exist in a world called earth over stretches it's creation of 10x's over plus in fiat credits!

And the irony the puppet states?

The irony is that of the puppets and 50/50 spin.

Now the punch line is pretty FUNNY even if rewind is in play as no different is that cable tv as the reruns continue until it simply has to change format of,

Sept. 2013 - The US Debt Ceiling Debate In The Light Of Monetary Fundamentals

And puppet masked books or Trick Horse Numbers now lead the way in the climatic finish,

Jan. 2013 - Guest Post: Money Velocity Free-Fall And Federal Deficit Spending

Good thing for those new masks brought out since that report like the unlimited ceiling for one.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:50 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Well the clock is winding down as we have been saying. And boldness is coming to be a more open thing. Due to the revealing times in which things happen in abundance instead of those here and there.

It is quite a joke that 9 out of 10 of those centrals are good to go just in case. So who's paying the derivatives pad then? Oh that's right the devaluation and our paper is ours first then the smush? Or will it be for the better of and we need and our taking this much? Or better yet who is not going to be on the bandwagon for another big round of clickity -click from thin air and some keystrokes?

Good one out here.....,

April 19,2014 -

Chinese 2013 gold demand 7,603 tons- More than DOUBLE Global Supply & mainstream estimates!

Macleod states that China’s total gold reserves (public & private) may be between 10 and 25,000 tons of gold!

Vaulting companies have never seen a 1 kilo (9999) gold bar- not one ounce is leaving China!

Gold being delivered from Western vaults has turned dirty- (barely .9 gold):  Bullion Banks Now Scraping the Bottom of the Vaults to Source Asian Gold Demand!

Swiss Refiners are working 24/7, with up to 20 tons a day being sourced to China via Switzerland alone!

We discuss plunging GOFO rates: Macleod explains that the London Market has been Effectively Cleaned Out of Gold Below $1300, & that No One is Willing to Arbitrage the Negative GOFO Because There is No Bullion Available!

This change coming on is certainly not going to be pretty. And as the stats continue to come out from the wash as we have been keeping track of,that the greater vs less that all of us learned in school has fallen and falls further and further from the balance of which it should be,

excerpt - #3 The U.S. government has spent an astounding 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare programs over the past five years.

excerpt - Did you know that the number of Americans getting benefits from the federal government each month exceeds the number of full-time workers in the private sector by more than 60 million?

And the recession is over and the recovery is on?

And the breakdown as to the pension PONZI. As if it was not a PONZI then 100% of those workers funds would be invested 100% in US. Instead is what was examined as the sell out. Think that currency devaluation for the better of things and say wage change will be the same to reflect all equal? We think that those that have off shored will be staying offshore and the products certainly will be where to invest that are moving. Or will they?

When the smoke clears the jobs are gone and unfunded liabilities of 220 TRILLION that is certainly not to be reflecting payback to the deserving of,you have a reset or change.

And since that came out we have seen nothing more than pushing that all the higher and as of late unlimited.

Yes the current reaction to the corrected move it would seem was to learn the response as so many have.

April 1,2014 - Stock Buybacks and Margin Debt

Have them running for cash? Well that's not going to work out to well as the amount created like we said is 10x's plus what should be out here. That's why it is so FUNNY to hear the Fantasy side about that. Certainly a avid investor knows the risks and the compulsive self pride greed gambler is going to be waxed. These gold certificates look to be the real deal as it was writ about them long back in the 50's and the ideal swap. Makes perfectly good sense as to why the fed has acquired such a heaping hand over the past several years. And they certainly would not be losing buy buying up the crap as they have as bonds are toast but still hold international swap value.

So the TRUE earnings and who is in the lead here? Clearly it would be China as they have taken the manufacturing sector of the world along with the vast gold eggs in the basket. Does it matter above there if the Gold is depleted or running very low. Gold certificates and bond bartering.

Well who really knows. But we do know that 60 million working certainly in one aspect can not supply very long.

April 17,2014 - Almost 1/3 of Chicago-area homeowners still significantly underwater,0,7135589.story

And as this has only grown worse we have watched,

excerpt - Rents are also going up in most of the country, up 2.7 percent in the latest 12-months, a pace not seen since the housing market collapsed in 2007. Medical costs are also rising.

which the post believes is due to a behind the curtain sneak peak as to foreclosures still on a roll. And many 90 day past due payees.

Interesting times.

Now the puppet chatter of velocity of money and how things are shaping up so nicely. Ha! Ha! Ha! that is FUNNY!!!!


Chalk up yet another out of town,

April 20,2014 - Targeted shooting in a man and a 9 year old boy shot, the lady also died

Just another coincidence is all right.

And how about,

Rocky landslide slowly devours part of Wyoming resort town


remember the biggie just a few days back and the plate movement as this is creeping up the west coast running into the 'Farralon plate' inducing the stress inward,

yes things do slowly creep along underside however when the correct spurs come about which are not the ordinary (producing 4.0 or less) you can assure that the further up the road shortly ahead will show signs from such behind.

Wyoming and Oklahoma are interesting to note and the overall sites is astounding. And that in which has taken the earth to produce to keep fluid movement upon the plates is crippled by a man made fill not to mention the water depletion and other,

and when all else fails simply add the sand and old cement trick! Anybody have a LARGE roll of duct tape? And when is the last time we saw a Elmers glue or Scotch Tape or Duct tape commercial on the old tele?

and if you need a world happenings chart the choice is yours as there is a abundance to choose from,


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:04 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

A quick chuckle,

April 22,2014 - [BRIEFING.COM] The trading action in the stock market today left a lot to be desired, yet that didn't stop the market from finishing the day higher. Led by the health care (+1.2%), energy (+0.7%), and technology (+0.4%) sectors, the S&P 500 jumped 0. ... More...

That is quite FUNNY! After all...,

excerpt - 'yet that didn't stop the market from finishing the day higher.'

It is 9 am sharp this way and as far as we know the day is yet to play out. Maybe this is another country translated to english (tee-hee-hee!)

Or perhaps that ongoing coincidental list of dead bankers will have a coincidental slew of journalists going as well!


Home sales?

We just addressed that and separated the imaginary from REALITY,

Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up
Post Admin on Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:03 am


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:15 pm

And that morning line has been UPDATED we SEE,

April 22,2014 - BRIEFING.COM] The major averages have inched to fresh highs, with the Nasdaq (+1.1%) pushing its gain past the 1.0% mark. Consumer discretionary (+1.2%) and health care sectors (+1.5%) were the only two groups trading ahead of the broader market unt ...


GREAT! Let me have those dice!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:32 pm

And that morning line has even better FUNNIES!

April 22,2014 - Here Come The Boots On The Ground: US Troops Heading To Eastern Europe


Don't need one as we simply follow REALITY,

April 21,2014 - [SHORTAGE] Homeland Security Orders 25 MILLION 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells

Yes there are rational reasons. First one we are sure it is just for vacation time for soldiers and the other you just can't have enough..... Rolling Eyes


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:54 pm

Moving right along from this morning a week or so ago Roberts had the following to say and many of these points we have already seen or the moves done upon,

Then you get,

April 21,2014 - U.S. Warns That Russia Has 'Days,Not Weeks' To Comply With Ukraine Accord

(oh that's right!!! We are scolded for off the Main NEWS sites),

Meltdown folks? That leverage is and has been beyond in REALITY TIMES possible given the NOW circumstances to continue with out UNIFICATION.

What do you think about a all out war?

And that re-balancer system or New Domino game from. Geneva game rules have been violated because of....,

April 22,2014 -

Published on Apr 22, 2014
Kiev halted the military crackdown on dissent in eastern Ukraine -- however the military remains on high alert in the town of Izyum. The location is strategically on the border of Kharkov and Donetsk. For more on the latest developments, we turn live to editor of the British political magazine, Politics First, Marcus Papadopoulos.


All quite ridiculous yet has to be. If one recalls the Keiser Report at the start of this past new year it was in direct view of what we SEE. And that was the top of the hill has simply become to overcrowed with to many things taken on. Call it a boom and bust cycle if you will or look at it as a derivative clean up after Super Milker has worked so hard to let the game mathematicians come to their peaks as to the who is who. For the top of the hill is backed up and the side of the hill has been very fast and upcoming.

Interesting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:20 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Well 'out of the wash' and dismal numbers are quite worse than the update in the old home market. And we should be SEEING that 'once again' in just a few weeks or less.

Toot! TooT!

Here is a new thought. So to spite the hype of the opposition we are in desperate need for a switch up in order to continue onward.

So how about war as we asked yesterday. After all war always produces cake and if you are the lender why there is a huge profit to be made. Gold certificates are just that but the real deal is of course physical king gold.

Given the status of fiat in today's world and the misalignment or the alignment of the chess pieces that stalemate is no longer a play discussed a few months ago. The king can simply not keep up the one square at a time move and this 'is' what was projected to become.

Will the Magic printer be turned back on to save the day in more endless clickity-click? Hardly.

Will Gold plummet to nothing or run out of that 1300 area? Hardly.

Will Silver be dropping to below 18 and creep lower? Hardly.

Will the dollar prevail or current denominated trade form? Hardly.

Well war ensue? More than likely.

Will the what was once a valuable tool used for projecting positive growth from home sales return to the platform? Hardly.

Why the list can go on and on as these are all of the wonderful creation in which has kept a many busy busy busy while others worked.

Just where does the answers to so many questions be answered at. For certain we have and have had more than likely some pretty influential people in the world that come from all walks of life with insight as to these answers. Scolded in today's world for refreshing what some call old news when the news is and always has been which represents the future. Yep that should sound confusing so lets all just watch some more great reruns on the cable! Why bother with yesterday and it is TRUE how fast people forget or claim coincidence from.

Old NEWS - 'Stepping forth from behind the Curtains: NATO’s Role in the Eurasian Roadmap

“The policies of the U.S. , since the end of the Cold War are complicated and vast. They involve an intent to dominate and the use of international organizations to advance U.S. economic and geopolitical interests. They also include the conversion of NATO into a surrogate military police force for globalization and U.S. world economic domination.”

-Ramsey Clark, 66th United States Attorney-General (October 6, 2000)'

NATO has started replicating long-term American war tactics and strategy. NATO is creating a rapid response force, which involves a significant German role. The force is modeled on the U.S. Rapid Response Force, the forerunner of CENTCOM, and has a global reach. The transformation of the U.S. Rapid Deployment Force into CENTCOM was part of long-term Anglo-American war plans. The NATO force is projected to be able to deploy to any region in the world within five days and planned to be capable of self-sufficient, detached operations for approximately one month. The force will also have land, sea, and air components, including an aircraft carrier. [10]

What ya have is 'look' of a temporary bleeding going on of the Casino. A final pre-positioning if you will prior to the start of that 'new' domino game. The casino is complexed the gambling wild and the entertainment of is awesome.

“The Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our constitution… if the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
~ Thomas Jefferson (1)

“Congress shall have power… to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof” (Article 1, Section 8, US Constitution). President William Taft vowed to veto any legislation which had to do with establishing a central bank. Thus, Woodrow Wilson was elected President in 1912, due to the splitting of the Republican Party vote through money poured into the election funds of Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Party by JP Morgan and Co. (1) Many, however, believe that Wilson did not have many individual thoughts credited to his name, and instead it was his cheif advisor, Colonel Edward House, who guided Wilson through the creation of the Federal Reserve, and the income tax, as well as many other socialist ideals gathered through the writings of Karl Marx.

Now we are not activists or political party related on any thing else. Just simple folks observers of what was and very much is.

Old NEWS? Hardly.


We wonder if banker bi-metal reads here at The POST with this latest as we were scolding the Texan for selling out and that behind the scenes was 'old news' and his support for should have been thought about,

'Republicans warn BLM eyeing land grab along Texas-Oklahoma border'


‘I blame both sides,’ Oklahoma militia members join fight against feds

So how about the Texas spread? You own it hey? If you are reading today bi-metal why don't ya clue us in as how you would go about holding your property.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:17 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Up or down for the casino today? The suggestion is that needed is a boost to that old consumer confidence and more recycled plastic needs to be shown being bought by the broke folks from the out of town makers to get illusion back in check looking like being out of a incoming recession that turns depression while PONZI keeps on a keeping Fantasy Island comfy.

Tall order that has reached its end game.

April 27,2014 - America's Consumers Are Dropping, Not Shopping

excerpt - Even if you believe that the cold and snow of January and February played a role, it could not have explained that comparison. There is simply no way that anything other than consumer exhaustion can create the chart above.

One need only glance at the revenue history of companies in the S&P 500 to see that in full effect. If McDonald's persistent travails are limited to the company, or even the fast food industry, there is no way that the revenue pattern for MCD would so match closely that of the entire S&P 500. The commonality screams macro.

That's some good stuff hey! How about merging all of the so called octopus arms down to say just a few as only so much plastic is needed for the Dollar Store and Wal Mart.

But instead it's give the puppets something to beller about in 'The Recession is Over!'

April 28,2014 - Dallas Fed Surges To 7-Month Highs But Job Outlook Tumbles To Lowest In 2014

excerpt - (as new orders surged to their 2nd highest since 2006 - entirely sustainable!!)

Here! The POST will call it again for you and as The POST called it last early fall once again it calls imaginary and Fantasy leading the way for Super Milker. Super Milker pulled the 7 Trillion rake just a couple of months back and we did not SEE where puppets were even mentioning the build up called as to. Instead puppets stayed with the agenda of the Recession Over and everything is coming up roses. Well puppets your so called recession has only been opened to chap. 1 in recession world about to hit full force.

Yep folks DETOUR and a HUGE one is upon us so be ready.

April 26,2014 - Moving Closer To War — Paul Craig Roberts

And then the,


April 28,2014 - Emerging Currencies Gain as Ukraine Tension Eases; Yen Declines

And all the while keeping the entertainment value for many a folks in check and dummied down by washing the side of the hill,

April 17,2014 - Keiser Report: Chained American Dream (E589)

Yes Max and Stacy there are still some folks keeping time and SEE just fine. And those folks certainly appreciate the none 50/50.


As we watch the magnificent plate movements and the set up ever so closer to go off we find confirmation of just that,

April 23,2014 - Chile's Recent Earthquake Defied Expectations

excerpt - Until recently, researchers had thought that the next large earthquake in northern Chile would break the entire interface between the Nazca and South American plates, says Jean-Pierre Vilotte, a seismologist at the Paris Institute of Earth Physics. The Pisagua quake and a magnitude-7.6 aftershock two days later, “are a clear counterexample of this simplistic classification”, he says. Together they ruptured just a small portion of the entire region at risk.

Intriguingly, the part of the subduction zone that broke was not the part that had built up the most stress, according to a ground-motion study of northern Chile’s seismic gap by Marianne Métois, a geophysicist at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Rome, and her colleagues (M. Métois et al.Geophys. J. Int. 194, 1283–1294; 2013). For some reason, the Pisagua quake released stress in areas that were not the most wound up. “A lot of energy remains to be released in north Chile,” Métois says.

Good thing that Yellowstone has been cleared for good old fracking nearby hey! Why drill baby drill! And all the while simply enhancing the odds on the betting board of the next BIG thing in this arena of,

And do keep in mind that old Dutch has been having a ride of his own for being open about things.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:46 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Say we were having a look back at the so called events that would be transpiring in a 'short time'. One of these is and still is the water shortage,

Feb. 10,2012 - Fracking Boom Would Increase California's Earthquake Danger, Report Finds

Hundreds of Oil Wastewater Wells Near Active Faults and Major Cities
Already Raising Quake Risk for Millions of Californians

excerpt - A report by the U.S. General Accounting Office predicts that 36 states will face water shortages by 2013... and McKinsey & Co. forecasts that global demand for fresh water will outstrip supply by 40 percent in 2030.

Ca. declares emergency water shortage now?

Check this out. How in the heck can that be 'now' or '2013' when it 'already' was and still is and grows worse until?


It's about where and who to that it is affecting,

Feb. 5,2014 - Fracking is depleting water supplies in America's driest areas, report shows
From Texas to California, drilling for oil and gas is using billions of gallons of water in the country's most drought-prone areas

Feb. 6,2014 - Report: Parts of U.S. Experiencing Water Shortages Due to Fracking

excerpt - According to RT, a report by the Ceres investor network shows that 75 percent of the nearly 40,000 oil and gas wells drilled in the U.S. since 2011 were located in parts of the country that now have a water scarcity problem.

And durring the shortage I fracking bet that fracking continues onward. And the texas banker cheers this on as a investment when his own state is taking the lead in damage? Sounds like the pension manager gambling with the sell out out of town with everybodys money.


As that so called american dream of kids an the ranch style home with the picket fence turns out to be a dream for the vast we have a look and a explanation or TRUE look if you will of the happenings that many fail to SEE,

April 29,2014 - Rents Soar To Record High As Homeownership Rate Plunges To 19 Year Low

April 29,2014 - [KR594] Keiser Report: Behind the CNN Curtain!

And although this reading is closer to the 60 mark it is good for those Trick Numbers to help the compulsive gambler ease a bit with Fantasy,

April 29,2014 - Consumer Confidence Misses; Present Situation Tumbles Most In 15 Months


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Thu May 01, 2014 8:29 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

And this is just what is reported,

Many of these things are setting marks. We call a high unemployment rate today but not to long ago,

Jan. 24,2014 - Silent misery: Actual US unemployment 37.2%, record number of households on food stamps in 2013

April 30,2014 - 17 Facts To Show To Anyone That Still Believes That The U.S. Economy Is Just Fine

Or is it that like they say everything is getting better,just not in the sense for the majority of folks. all that spending going on and and and,

April 30,2014 -

So word is the folks are spending again and things are turning around? What are they spending? And on what?

Maybe it's McLibel burgers,

McLibel - The documentary (Full) Review


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Fri May 02, 2014 10:50 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Buy in May and don't sell is the puppets call. Why of course that is a puppet call. Forget about the state of the conditions and that no positive progress for all folks has been made outside of STALLATION and DETOUR. Those puppets are very 'sickly' FUNNY.

Tragic as it is things must be the way they are and will continue to head. And that is further into the abyss.

Picking out the mess has become quite easy for those wanting to SEE. The so called standoff has ended and the next phase into war we head,WW3 that would be. How long can the standoff continue before eruption? It is going to take a DETOUR of magnitude this time around and Change shall be,not if,upon us. Why holding the casino with falsified numbers and the avid puppet supporters of those numbers care really not about their country or their family or their friends or really about anything except destructive pride and greed. They are shaped and molded and nothing more than puppets with strings attached to them spewing the brilliance of indebted fiat gains. Can't imagine selling out to be a puppet how about you?

Fiat paper gains most in 6 weeks due to the Magic of illusion in a so called jobs report. Not so fast as that Forex shows light for a moment upon the puppet news release and sudden drop for follow up of (May 2,2014).

May 2,2014 - Washington Intends Russia’s Demise — Paul Craig Roberts

excerpt - On May 1 Washington’s former ambassador to Russia, now NATO’s “second-in-command” but the person who, being American, calls the shots, has declared Russia to no longer be a partner but an enemy. The American, Alexander Vershbow, told journalists that NATO has given up on “drawing Moscow closer” and soon will deploy a large number of combat forces in Eastern Europe. Vershbow called this aggressive policy deployment of “defensive assets to the region.”

And our we to doubt the reporting of Roberts? Hardly as the calls have been accurate and correct in advance.

Now as far as what to expect out of the China/Russia paertnership. Don't expect China to be laying anything down and simply flipping face as things continue onward,

May 1,2014 -

I wonder if puppets get passes say to run and hide? Hardly! Puppets are pawns and nothing more of the game. 'Buy in May and don't sell!'

Now still thinking that N. Korea is a place all on it's own? Hardly. This is the naughty brother that has been under protection by the big brother. Don't find it weird how the Middle East (and others) our the hot targets when the get go states N. Korea has been pretty much left alone knowing what they have and what they do? Why priority you would think would be upon stopping those deadly nukes and its not like N. Korea is a secret. This is a protected entity.

April 26,2014 - Kim Jong-Un urges North Korea soldiers to ready for 'impending conflict' with US

Buy in May and hold! This would be some of the most desperate words or Ponzi support thinking by puppets yet.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Mon May 05, 2014 9:23 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Stocks slump on Global concern?

Beaver says: Gee Wally Dad and Mom never spoke about the global concern much less what is going on right here in the our country too much.

Wally replies: Well Beaver how could they as the television and newspaper NEWS did not talk about anything of such concerns and happenings. Dad says that the tele news and newspaper is like the puppet show.

Well Beaver don't think to much about it as I am sure that after all that has transpired in just the past 100 years will reverse it's course just like POOF! it's Magic. After all Beaver they do have a Magic money press and countries out of town are certainly wanting some more of the Magic money pressed for them.


No folks there is no such thing as magic rainbows and lucky stars. But we understand that Change is coming in while the puppets and lost sheep cheered it on as not a remote possibility of.

Short time we named it.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue May 06, 2014 8:36 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Neat article out this morning,

May 6,2014 - Growing Exports Shrink U.S. Trade Deficit as Global Demand Stirs

excerpt - The March improvement adds to a spate of data showing the world’s largest economy was gaining steam heading into the second quarter.

Gaining steam and heading into exactly what again?

April 15,2014 - Baltic Dry Index Drops For 15th Day To Lowest In 9 Months (Back Below $1000)

excerpt - And still the mainstream media’s discussion of the collapse in the Baltic Dry shipping index is entirely absent. As we have been pointing out for weeks now, something extreme is occurring in the cost of shipping dry bulk around the world. 2014 is now witnessing the biggest drop in price (a typical seasonal pattern) to start the year since records began.

So a winter swing and it best swing as it was a miserable start to things when the 'actual' had to be seen in order to belive and we are talking about the 7 TRILLION loss just a couple of months back in which the avid follower remembers quite well.

And the effect of this tiny so called uptick has no value when GDP is brought in as things are contracting not growing. Yes puppets and Fantasy Island need something to continue to chatter about and roses coming up and about everywhere things of such help SUPER MILKER to keep on on milking.

2014 : U.S. trade in goods with China


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Wed May 07, 2014 1:32 pm

Good afternoon folks!  Very Happy 

That pullback came out just over 2 hrs. ago the old market shot up like ? and 45 min. ago,

May 7,2014 - Pentagon sees no Russian troop pullback from Ukraine border

Then we watched,

May 7, 2014 -

Exciting times!

As we keep time in watch we look at a few things that have done a really good job at the Magic show and we SEE that the puppet chatter of roses about is far from the Reality that has occurred and currently continues. It's a look into some major swirls in the abyss that were noticeable all along if you were keeping time,and now heavily surfacing.


Then we add into the recipe past and today all in which is very much alive and well important ingredients if one is planning for long term. Total unsustainability is what should be expected and the plug pulled sooner than the later of.

We SEE the figure in Trillions and Dirty 'D' a great shade tree on the old sales pyramid of so called wealth in,

The Decoy 409 POST - July 5,2011 - The QUADRILLION (Plus!) Ticking Time Bomb,Derivatives


Sept. 9,2013 - The Alchemists of Wall Street
Clever financing may reward shareholders, but it does nothing to help the economy

excerpt - The disconnect between the stock price of Apple and the company's contribution to the larger economy can be seen in another way: taxes. One of the mind-bending reasons Apple is borrowing money is that it doesn't want to repatriate the cash it has in overseas accounts and be forced to pay U.S. tax rates on it. That we have a tax code that favors debt over equity and has allowed U.S. firms to shoulder a smaller share of the country's tax burden over the past 30 years, even while corporate profit as a share of GDP has been rising, is proof enough that there's a large disconnect between finance, big business and the rest of us.,9171,2150622-2,00.html

April 1,2011 - Fed Showered Money On Foreign Banks

Jan. 9,2014 - Offshore Corporate Profits: The Only Thing ‘Trapped’ Is Tax Revenue

excerpt - The only thing trapped offshore is federal revenue

2004 - Go after the $300 billion in taxes that aren't collected each year

April 26,2013 - Total US Debt To GDP: 105%

And you get,

So where does and when does the global community pay up? As for each country that has fallen into what we have kept time with the chatter is U.S. is number one. So I guess that would make it appropriate for the No. 1 (common folks) to pay up the trillions owed that have been uncollected (and ongoing) while more has been handed over to continue the prop of the insider support of one another for the ponzi of illusion in growth as the only growth is that of unsurmountable,unsustainable debt created.

April 15,2014 -  Why You’re Paying Too Much In Taxes Today: Because Everyone from the Ultra-Rich to Illegal Immigrants Pay Nothing … Or Get Tax Refunds

Then ya look to the introduction of austerity and why it is good for the folks worldwide that take on and endure it for those that have plenty but instead theft with large ego and self pride is enhanced with greed and quite simply all the more is taken from the folks. And trying to justify justification of is simply nonsense. Seperation? Divide? Invent a new one called the middle class as it is not as tyrant and the materialistic gains from our as just reviewed staggering for years to be.

Stallation along and the road to Capitol Controls recovery fix hey. Sounds like a plan with exciting results!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Fri May 09, 2014 10:50 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

The reports are not any longer staggering but quite senseless when trying to sell the so called improvement. Why there is no need to wonder where it all stands as except for comedy in puppet news of so called creation.

May 3,2014 - Unemployment Plummets to 2008 Year Low! Or Does it?

excerpt - The facts are grim. According to the BLS’ own reports, the amount of Americans who have left the labor force (i.e. not counted any longer) surged to a record 92 million, a one month increase of 988K!

Some would almost seem to be in belief of the supposed turn around as,

May 4,2014 - The Number Of Working Age Americans Without A Job Has Risen By 27 Million Since 2000


May 8,2014 - Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russia rebel vote to go ahead

excerpt - The separatists' decision to hold the referendum comes as a Pew Research Center poll released on Thursday shows that a strong majority of Ukrainians want their country to remain unified, even in the largely Russian-speaking east.

excerpt - Meanwhile Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says there is no sign of a Russian troop withdrawal from the Ukrainian border, which Mr Putin announced on Wednesday

May 8,2014 -

and throw this one in (as we have been watching it),it's part of the old Foot in The Door move on the board,

excerpt - For example, $1 U.S. is worth only .64 SDR today. In the near future, I expect that the dollar will plummet in relation to the SDR’s value. We will still have our greenbacks when the IMF begins administrating our currency system, but the international and domestic worth of those greenbacks will fall to pennies. In turn, other currencies with stronger economic positions will rise in worth relative to the SDR.”

May 8,2014 -

Then that mass hoarding over the past couple of years of gold certificates hey.

And just not to long ago,

Jan. 16,2014 - Fed Owns 64% More U.S. Government Debt Than China

and this chart does say it all as we differ in opinion from the source and that is in the look from above.

April 29,2014 - Has The U.S. Dollar Lost its Safe Haven Status?

Reference for a quick guide tool,

So puppeteers supporting the PONZI best get REALLY busy busy busy collecting game credits as that devaluation amongst 100 plus is already on the books and agrred 82% - 87% devaluation is what will be needed. Kinda a comical as when reviewing where fiat paper stands now with the loss ready to claim victory.....,why yes these are quite exciting times.

So how many toys are floating on continued Fantasy forever payments simply continuing on and keeping the self pride and greed of so many alive?

Yes they do keep that watch a swinging into the eyes as to no inflation no inflation no inflation....



value flys away

- a dollar in 1950 will buy only 11 cents worth of goods today, 89% less than before -

Inflation in my adult years increased average prices 1,000% or more -
example 1: a postage stamp in the 1950s cost 3 cents; today's cost is 42 cents - 1,300% inflation;
example 2: a gallon of 90 Octane full-service gasoline cost 18 cents before; today it is $3.80 for self-service - 2,111 % inflation;
example 3: a house in 1959 cost $14,100; today's median price is $169,000 - 1,100% inflation;
example 4: a dental crown used to cost $40; today it's $1,100 - 2,750% inflation;
example 5: an ice cream cone in 1950 cost 5 cents; today its $2.50 - 4,900% inflation;
example 6: monthly government Medicare insurance premiums paid by seniors was $5.30 in 1970; its now $96.40 - 1,889% inflation; (and up 70% past 5 years)
example: several generations ago a person worked 1.4 months per year to pay for government; he now works 5 months.
And in the past, one wage-earner families lived well and built savings with minimal debt, many paying off their home and college-educating children without loans. How about today?

Few citizens know that a few years ago government changed how they measure and report inflation, as if that would stop it - - but families know better when they pay their bills for food, medical costs, energy, property taxes, insurance and try to buy a house.

Is inflation a threat to society? Consider these famous quotes:
"There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose." Lord John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), renowned British economist.

"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value > > zero.” - Voltaire, 1778 philosopher

Yep ya just don't hear any of these figures from the chattering puppets as it's all turning up roses on Fantasy Island.....


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Wed May 14, 2014 11:21 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

While Super Milker is at work at the casino and pension fund managers sell out employees 401k's and pensions further out of town and gain pride and greed we turn to some things and times of GREAT importance. Perhaps some of you have been keeping up and perhaps not.

Well sanctions sanctions hey. We asked what and when such occurs what will the sanction be to retailiate against,

May 13,2014 - Russia to ban US from using Space Station over Ukraine sanctions

Of course things of such are quite meaningless in a sense as the underlying immeadiate problems that have a heck of a party attached (agenda) our falling into place quite quickly as we step into REALITY of todays times in this arena,

May 13,2014 - Thousands Of Fish Mysteriously Found Dead In New Jersey

Just chalk that up with the following list. And if somebody cares to do a little research perhaps they can explain how this has been growing steadily worse at a alarming rate world wide in just the past few years.

This list preparred is for so far here in 2014,

13th May 2014 - INFO: 650 Sea Lion pups have stranded during past couple of months on shores of California, America. Link

13th May 2014 - Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up along coast of Tasmania, Australia. Link

12th May 2014 - Tens of thousands of dead fish found in a river in New Jersey, America. Link

11th May 2014 - Thousands of dead Puffer Fish, also dead turtles washing up on various beaches in Colombia and Costa Rica. Link and here

11th May 2014 - Millions of Bees dead in 'worst winter die off' in Pennsylvania, America. Link

11th May 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a pond is 'a mystery' in Southborough, England. Link

10th May 2014 - Thousands of fish dead due to pollution in spring in Sikkim, India. Link

9th May 2014 - 20,000 Ducks die suddenly due to avian flu in Beijing, China. Link

8th May 2014 - Bees dying off by the thousands in Indiana, America. Link

8th May 2014 - Thousands of dead fish appear in a lake 'shock residents' in Mangalore, India. Link

8th May 2014 - 12 TONS of dead fish removed from lakes in Chisago County, Minnesota, America. Link

7th May 2014 - Massive die off of fish in reservoirs in Quanzhou, China. LinkDead fish in China

7th May 2014 - Thousands of fish found dead on the shores of Roatan, Honduras. Link

5th May 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach 'a mystery' in San Antonio Oeste, Argentina. Link

4th May 2014 - Millions of bees found dead 'is a mystery' in Zaziwil, Switzerland. Link

4th May 2014 - Mass die off of fish in a river in Fujian, China. Link

3rd May 2014 - 3,500 Chickens suddenly die due to avian flu in Karanganyar, Indonesia. Link

3rd May 2014 - 1,000+ dead fish wash ashore along a lake in Ontario, Canada. Link

2nd May 2014 - 40,000 fish die suddenly in a dam in Piaui, Brazil. Link

2nd May 2014 - Millions of bees have died this winter devastating hives across Ohio and Southern Ontario, America/Canada. Link

1st May 2014 - Hundreds of thousands of Chickens killed by tornado in Mississippi, America. Link

1st May 2014 - 42 Peacocks dead due to disease in Tharparkar, Pakistan. Link

1st May 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found floating on a lake in Meniffe, California, Dead fish in CaliforniaAmerica. Link

30th April 2014 - Mass fish kill 'worst I've seen in 26 years of working here' in Iowa, America. Link

30th April 2014 - Large amount of dead fish found floating along a river in Xiasha District, China. Link

29th April 2014 - Dozens of sea turtles are washing up dead in South Mississippi, America. Link

29th April 2014 - Thousands of dead fish washing up along the shores of Lakes in Wisconsin, America. Link

29th April 2014 - 7,000 dead fish found floating in Patapsco River and Inner Harbor in Baltimore, America. Link

28th April 2014 - Turtles and other marine life continue to wash up dead in Bari, Italy. Link

28th April 2014 - Large fish kill found in the Mogi River in Brazil. Link

25th April 2014 - 90,000 trout to be killed due to disease outbreak in New Jersey, America. Link

25th April 2014 - Hundreds of poultry suddenly die due to avian flu in Central Java, Indonesia. Link

25th April 2014 - Thousands of Bees continuing to die off in Elmwood, Canada. Link

25th April 2014 - Large fish kill found in a reservoir in Nanchong, China. Link

25th April 2014 - 500,000 Carp die suddenly in a river in Kentucky, America. Link

24th April 2014 - Massive die off of bees reported in Oxford County, Canada. Link

24th April 2014 - Large amount of fish wash up dead along a river in La Chorrera, Panama. Link

23rd April 2014 - 2 Million fish found dead in a dam in Tehran, Iran. LinkDead fish in Iran

23rd April 2014 - Mass die off of honeybees found in Oregon, America. Link

23rd April 2014 - Mass die off of fish in Island lake in Ontario, Canada. Link

23rd April 2014 - Thousands of dead fish appear in a lake in Mudanjiang, China. Link

22nd April 2014 - 1,000 fish found dead in Oona River, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Link

21st April 2014 - 4 dead whales found on ice in Newfoundland, Canada. Link

21st April 2014 - 20,000+ pets and reptiles killed in a fire in Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe, France. Link

21st April 2014 - Large amounts of fish washing up dead along the Panchganga River in India. Link

19th April 2014 - MILLIONS of dead fish found floating in Thondamanaru Lagoon, Sri Lanka. Link

18th April 2014 - Large fish kill in a river in Rondonia, Brazil. Link

18th April 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found washed up along Chautauqua Lake, New York, America. Link

18th April 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash up at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Dead fish in SingaporeSingapore. Link

17th April 2014 - Large number of dead fish found in the Doubs River, France. Link

17th April 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake 'baffles biologists' in Virginia, America. Link

17th April 2014 - Hundreds of chickens dead from disease in Bodden Town, Cayman Islands. Link

16th April 2014 - 46,000 birds dead due to avian flu in Pyongyang, North Korea. Link

16th April 2014 - Thousands of dead fish appear in the Salado river in Mexico. Link

16th April 2014 - Fish kill due to a 'mystery disease' in a dam in Gwembe, Zambia. Link

15th April 2014 - Fish kill found on a canal in Ocean Shores, Australia. Link

14th April 2014 - 6 Dolphins, 1 Shark, 1 Whale and multiple Turtles washed up dead during past 2 weeks in Florida, America. Link

13th April 2014 - Thousands of chickens dead, 112,000 culled due to avian flu in Kumamoto, Japan. Link

12th April 2014 - 20,000 fish dead due to pollution in a river in Yuscaran, Honduras. Link

11th April 2014 - Thousands of dead fish due to algae in Devils Lake, 'never seen anything like it' in Oregon, America. Link

10th April 2014 - 2 Tons of dead fish found floating in the Piracicaba River in Brazil. Link

9th April 2014 - 3 Million Bees die suddenly in Donghai County, China. Link

9th April 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish appear in a lagoon near Cali, Colombia. Link

9th April 2014 - 9 Blue Whales found dead off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Link

8th April 2014 - 60+ Cows killed by lightning in Santiago, Chile. Link

7th April 2014 - Mass die off of bees due to 'mystery illness' in Ariege, France. Link

6th April 2014 - Massive die off of fish along 1km of river in Haikou, China. Link

5th April 2014 - Hundreds of thousands of bees found dead near International Bridge on Argentine, Uraguay border, Argentina. Link

5th April 2014 - 48 Dolphins wash up dead during past month in Texas, America. Link

4th April 2014 - Dozens of birds fall dead from sky 'a mystery' in Oklahoma City, America. Link

3rd April 2014 - Millions of bees found dead along the Rhine river in Germany. LinkDead Bees in Germany

3rd April 2014 - Thousands of fish dying off 'due to disease' in Tempe Town Lake, Arizona, America. Link

3rd April 2014 - 5,000 fish found dead in a pond 'unusual' in Otacilio coast, Brazil. Link

2nd April 2014 - 500,000 honeybees dead 'due to harsh winter' in Holland, Michigan, America. Link

2nd April 2014 - Thousands of starfish washing ashore dead and dying on beaches in Florida, America. Link

1st April 2014 - 900 Sheep perish due to snowstorm in Dogubeyazit, Turkey. Link

1st April 2014 - Large amount of dead fish washing ashore in Presque Isle Bay, Pennsylvania, America. Link

1st April 2014 - 9,000+ lbs of dead fish wash ashore along a lake in Illinois, America. Link

1st April 2014 - Large fish die offs in various lakes in Northern Indiana, America. Link

31st March 2014 - 100 TONS+ of fish die suddenly in fish ponds in Guangxi, China. Link100 Tons Dead Fish in China

31st March 2014 - 5 Dolphins found dead during past 2 weeks off Beaufort County, S.Carolina, America. Link

30th March 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash up along a canal in Illinois, America. Link

30th March 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found 'due to pollution' in Kshipra River, India. Link

30th March 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish continue to wash ashore in La Brea, Trinidad and Tobago. Link

28th March 2014 - 3 Dolphins found washed up dead during past 4 days in Miaoli, Taiwan. LinkDead Dolphins in Taiwan

28th March 2014 - 7,000 Birds killed due to outbreak of avian flu in Jessore, Bangladesh. Link

28th March 2014 - Fish dying off, 'some of them bleeding' in a river in Divinopolis, Brazil. Link

27th March 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found on a beach in North Jakarta, Indonesia. Link

27th March 2014 - Thousands of fish 'die suddenly' in a river in Mempawah, Indonesia. Link

25th March 2014 - 7,000 fish wash up dead along beaches on Reunion Island, near Madagascar. Link

25th March 2014 - Die off of fish and shellfish due to algae in Coffin Bay, Australia. Link

24th March 2014 - Thousands of fish found dead in a pond in Killingly, Connecticut, America. Link

21st March 2014 - 114 Sheep and 12 Cows killed by lightning, 'owner stunned' in Achacachi, Bolivia. Link

21st March 2014 - Thousands of bees dying 'due to toxic substance on flowers' in Marilia, Brazil. Link

21st March 2014 - 20,000 animals dead due to severe drought is 'environmental disaster' in Casanare, Colombia. Link

21st March 2014 - 220,000 bees found dead in Daettwil, Switzerland. Link

20th March 2014 - Massive die off of bees found 'is a mystery' in Yinjiang County, China. Link

20th March 2014 - Massive die off of honeybees from harsh winter in Iowa, America. Link

20th March 2014 - Thousands of birds dying from outbreak of disease in Waikato, New Zealand. Link

19th March 2014 - 52,000 young trout found dead in a hatchery in Pennsylvania, America. Link

19th March 2014 - 157 dead pigs found in a river in Jiangxi, China. Link

18th March 2014 - 60 Dolphins found dead on beaches in Lambayeque, Peru. Link

18th March 2014 - Massive die off of fish in Maninjau lake, Indonesia. LinkFish Die off Indonesia

18th March 2014 - Hundreds of poultry die suddenly in Mongondow Bolaang, Indonesia. Link

18th March 2014 - Mass fish die off found on the shores of Kumisi Lake, near Tbilisi, Georgia. Link

18th March 2014 - Tens of thousands of dead fish appear in a river in Yueqing, China. Link

17th March 2014 - 30+ Dolphins dead after stranding in Newfoundland, Canada. Link

17th March 2014 - Thousands of dead ducks appearing all around the Great Lakes in America. Link

16th March 2014 - 2,100 Cattle killed by recent 'unseasonal' storms in Nashik, India. Link

15th March 2014 - 4 MILLION Hogs killed since May 2013 by Virus across 27 states in America. Link

15th March 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore 'causing concern' in La Brea, Trinidad and Tobago. Link

15th March 2014 - Massive amounts of dead fish wash ashore in Manzanillo Del Mar, Dead Fish in ColombiaColombia. Link

15th March 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish in Hoods Lagoon in Queensland, Australia. Link

14th March 2014 - 10.1 MILLION Poultry killed due to outbreak of Avian flu in South Korea. Link

14th March 2014 - 1,150 Poultry die suddenly in Bengkulu, Indonesia. Link

13th March 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a creek 'is a mystery' in Babenhausen, Germany. Link

13th March 2014 - 7,500 Chickens killed due to avian flu in Macau, China. Link

12th March 2014 - Flock of dead birds found on road 'is a mystery' in Lancashire, England. Link

12th March 2014 - 38,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Bentheim, Germany. Link

12th March 2014 - Hundreds of fish found dead in a creek in Rocky Gap, Virginia, America. Link

11th March 2014 - Scores of dolphins, porpoises, turtles, lobsters and starfish wash up dead in Southern England. Link

11th March 2014 - Thousands of dead fish wash up in Clermont lagoon, Queensland, Australia. Link

11th March 2014 - 110,000 Salmon killed due to outbreak of disease in Troms, Norway. Link

10th March 2014 - Masses of dead fish, dead jellyfish and a dead whale washes ashore in Tunisia. Link

10th March 2014 - 10,000 Trout have died in a hatchery in Pennsylvania, America. Link

8th March 2014 - Thousands of dead fish 'causes alarm' in a river in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Link

7th March 2014 - Thousands of Bees found dead in and around hives in Haarlemmermeer, Holland. Link

7th March 2014 - Thousands of Bees found dead in front of hives in Boggabri, Australia. LinkDead Bees in Australia

7th March 2014 - Millions of Bees dying off 'due to harsh winter' in Ohio, America. Link

7th March 2014 - 15,000 Catfish dead due to disease in Bangka-Belitung, Indonesia. Link

6th March 2014 - Hundreds of native birds found dead in a reserve in Dubbo, Australia. Link

6th March 2014 - 290,000 Head of Cattle dead from flooding in Beni, Bolivia. Link

6th March 2014 - Hundreds of Chickens dead, 'cause unknown' in Bantul, Indonesia. Link

4th March 2014 - 40,000 birds killed due to outbreak of Avian flu in Flevoland, Holland. Link

4th March 2014 - Hundreds of dead ducks found around Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in New York, America. Link

4th March 2014 - 1,600 sea birds washed up dead during past month on beaches in South West England. Link

4th March 2014 - Large Fish kills occuring in various lakes across Missouri, America. Link

2nd March 2014 - 35 TONS of dead fish found in a reservoir in Jiangxi, China. Link35 tons Dead Fish

1st March 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Vinh City, Vietnam. Link

28th February 2014 - Large fish die off in ponds in Foshan City, China. Link

27th February 2014 - 21,000 sea birds killed by storms is 'historic' along coast of France. Link

27th February 2014 - 4 TONS of dead fish found floating in a lake in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. Link

26th February 2014 - 10 MILLION Scallops have died in the waters near Vancouver, Canada. Link

26th February 2014 - 64,000 birds killed due to avian flu in 21 provinces of Vietnam. Link

26th February 2014 - Hundreds of frogs found dead in and around a lake in Curragh, Rep of Ireland. Link

26th February 2014 - Hundreds of fish wash up dead on beaches on Reunion Island, near Madagascar. Link

26th February 2014 - 800+ dead turtles found on beaches in Andhra Pradesh, India. Link

25th February 2014 - Mass mortality of Bees found is 'unprecedented' in Valencia, Spain. Link

25th February 2014 - 100 Dolphins, Turtles, Sea Lions and Sea Birds turn up dead along coast of Peru. Link

25th February 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish appear in freshwater lake, 'never seen before' in Dongguan, China. Link

25th February 2014 - 3,200 pigs killed due to outbreak of disease in Pyongyang, North Korea. Link

24th February 2014 - Thousands of dead crabs plus other marine species found on Dead Crabs in Chilebeach 'causing concern' in Antofagasta, Chile. Link

24th February 2014 - 600+ Sea Birds washed up dead on beaches in Jersey, United Kingdom. Link

24th February 2014 - 2,500 Cattle dead due to outbreak of disease in Sukhbaatar, Mongolia. Link

24th February 2014 - Hundreds of Chickens die suddenly in Sukabumi, Indonesia. Link

23rd February 2014 - Mass die off of fish discovered in reservoir, 'cause unknown' in Quang Ngai, Vietnam. Link

22nd February 2014 - Die off of Bees found ... 'All that was left was their skeletons' in Murwillumbah, Australia. Link

22nd February 2014 - Thousands of fish washing up dead along the banks of a river in Mallorca, Spain. Link

21st February 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found in a harbor, 'cause unknown' in Palermo, Italy. Link

21st February 2014 - Thousands of chickens killed due to avian flu in Sunsari District, Nepal. Link

20th February 2014 - 165,000 fish dead due to volcanic ash in Bantul, Indonesia. LinkDead Fish in Bantul

19th February 2014 - Hundreds of Cormorant Birds found dead on a beach in BioBio, Chile. Link

19th February 2014 - Large fish kill in a creek in Capiata, Paraguay. Link

18th February 2014 - 100 TONS of dead fish found on the banks of River Tiete in Brazil. Link

18th February 2014 - 324,000 birds killed due to outbreak of avian flu in Guizhou, China. Link

18th February 2014 - Hundreds of sheep and goats killed due to outbreak of disease in Ningxia, China. Link

18th February 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore on beaches in Mallorca, Spain. Link

17th February 2014 - 5,000 sheep and goats killed due to outbreak of disease in Inner Mongolia, China. Link

17th February 2014 - 300 TONS of fish suddenly die in the River Kelekar, Sumatra, Indonesia. Link

16th February 2014 - 10,000 livestock have died due to drought in Chulucanas, Peru. LinkDead Cattle in Peru

16th February 2014 - Hundreds of sea birds wash up along South West coast of England. Link

15th February 2014 - Hundreds of cattle dead due to 'mystery illness' in Misiones Province, Argentina. Link and here

14th February 2014 - Thousands of birds found dead, due to avian flu in Trenggalek Regency, Indonesia. Link

13th February 2014 - MILLIONS of dead fish wash ashore on Lake Manyas, Balikesir, Turkey. Link

13th February 2014 - Thousands of fish have died 'due to environmental factors' in Lampung, Indonesia. Link

12th February 2014 - Thousands of fish found dead in a river in Rio Piracicaba, Brazil. Link

12th February 2014 - 160 TONS of dead fish found along Johor Straits in Singapore. Link

11th February 2014 - 9 Orca Whales found washed up dead near Tuatapere in New Zealand. Link

11th February 2014 - Mass die off of fish and shrimp due to 'red tide' in Hainan, China. Link

11th February 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Riau, Indonesia. Link

10th February 2014 - MILLIONS of Bees found dead near hives in Murcia, Spain. LinkDead Bees in Spain

10th February 2014 - 100 sea birds wash up dead or dying on Chesil Beach in Dorset, England. Link

8th February 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Bera, Malaysia. Link

8th February 2014 - Hundreds of livestock killed by snowstorms in Xinjiang, China. Link

6th February 2014 - 225,000 Birds, 8,000 sheep, 150 goats dead from flooding in Central Java, Indonesia. Link

6th February 2014 - 60,000 fish killed due to outbreak of virus at Robertson Creek, BC, Canada. Link

6th February 2014 - 10,000+ fish found dead in Vasse Estuary, Australia. Link

5th February 2014 - 70 TONS of fish have died in Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, Philippines. Link

5th February 2014 - 12 dead Albatross found on Ripiro Beach, 'never seen anything like it' in New Zealand. Link

5th February 2014 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Bashan Park River in Singapore. Link

4th February 2014 - 1,122+ Turtles wash ashore dead during January on beaches in Andhra Pradesh, India. Link

4th February 2014 - 400+ dolphins wash up dead during January on beaches in Northern Peru. Link

3rd February 2014 - Millions of Sea stars still dying off on west coast of America. Link

3rd February 2014 - Thousands of bees die off 'due to pesticides' in Pontalinda, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Link

2nd February 2014 - Thousands of fish found dead in a river in Banyumas, Indonesia. LinkDead Fish Indonesia

30th January 2014 - Hundreds of cattle dying due to 'mystery disease' in New South Wales, Australia. Link

29th January 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish appear in Kings River, California, America. Link

29th January 2014 - Hundreds of Chickens die suddenly in Madiun County, Indonesia. Link

29th January 2014 - 10 Tons of fish die suddenly in lake Maninjau, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Link

29th January 2014 - Masses of fish and squid wash ashore dead on beach in Kauai, Hawaii, America. Link

28th January 2014 - 20,000 Birds killed due to outbreak of avian flu in Hong Kong, China. Link

28th January 2014 - Tens of thousands of dead fish washing up along a river in Tennessee, America. Link

27th January 2014 - Tons of fish found dead in two dams in Bandung Regency, Indonesia. Link

24th January 2014 - 25 dead whales found near Kice Island in Florida, America. Link

24th January 2014 - Thousands of dead fish found near River Thames in Oxfordshire, England. Link

23rd January 2014 - 10,000 Chickens die suddenly due to avian flu in Kudat, Malaysia. Link

23rd January 2014 - Hundreds of dead birds found, 'never seen anything like it' in Burleson, Texas, America. Link

23rd January 2014 - Millions (120 TONS) of fish have died in a lake in Batangas, Philippines. Dead Fish PhilippinesLink

22nd January 2014 - 1,000 Birds dead from outbreak of disease in Kaiapoi, New Zealand. Link

22nd January 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish washing up at Thompson's Bayou in Florida, America. Link

21st January 2014 - Millions of Oysters have died suddenly during past 2 months from 'mystery disease' in Port Stephens, Australia. Link

21st January 2014 - 8 Whales dead, more stranded off the coast of Florida, America. Link

20th January 2014 - 19,000 Birds killed due to Avian flu in Shandong, China. Link

19th January 2014 - 'Scores' of Buffaloes dead from 'mystery disease' during past few weeks in Rewari, India. Link

18th January 2014 - Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up along entire beach in Vargas, Venezuela. Link

18th January 2014 - Mass die off of fish occuring in a branch of the Nile in Desouk, Egypt. Link

18th January 2014 - 70+ Whales Stranded, (numbers changing) 20 dead on beaches in Golden Stranded Whales New ZealandBay, New Zealand. Link

18th January 2014 - 1,000 Ducks found dead in a reservoir in North Jeolla Province, South Korea. Link

18th January 2014 - Tons of dead fish washing up on beaches in Lambayeque, Peru. Link

17th January 2014 - Thousands of dead fish appear on the shores of a river in Old Lyme, Connecticut, America. Link

17th January 2014 - 26 Dolphins, 15 Turtles, 11 Sea Lions found washed up dead along coast of Piura, Peru. Link

17th January 2014 - 20,000 fish have died off the coast of Mati, Philippines. Link

17th January 2014 - 5,300+ dead fish found in Clinton Lake, Illinois, America. Link

17th January 2014 - Large die off of fish in a river in Qinhuai, China. Link

16th January 2014 - Hundreds of ducks die suddenly due to bird flu in Wonogiri, Indonesia. Link

15th January 2014 - 7 Dolphins, 2 Sea Lions, 1 Whale found dead along coast of Sinaloa, Mexico. Link

15th January 2014 - Large die off of Shrimp 'due to disease' in Ernakulam, India. Link

15th January 2014 - 100,000 dead fish in Sparks Marina, 'reason unknown' in Nevada, America. Link

14th January 2014 - Mass die off of Wild Boars 'due to disease' in Lithuania. Link

14th January 2014 - Thousands of Cattle dead due to flooding in Tabasco, Mexico. Link

14th January 2014 - 13 whales stranded, 5 dead, 8 to be killed in Farewell Spit, New Zealand. Link

14th January 2014 - Thousands of fish have died 'due to cold' in Olentangy River, Ohio, America. Link

14th January 2014 - Tons of fish found dead, 'worst fish kill ever' in a river in Mindanao, Philippines. Link

13th January 2014 - Massive fish die off due to sea freezing so fast in Lovund, Frozen Fish in NorwayNorway. Link

13th January 2014 - 50,000 Birds killed due to avian flu in Hubei, China. Link

11th January 2014 - Thousands of various fish found dead in a river in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Link

10th January 2014 - A large number of parrots, kangaroos and emus found dead 'due to heatwave' in Australia. Link

10th January 2014 - 10,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. Link

10th January 2014 - Thousands of fish dead due to pollution in a river in Durban, South Africa. Link

9th January 2014 - 150 Ducks dead due to outbreak of bird flu in Redwood City, California, America. Link

8th January 2014 - 100,000 bats fall dead from sky in Queensland, Australia. LinkDead Bats in Australia

8th January 2014 - 35 Turtles wash ashore dead along the coast of Chennai, India. Link

8th January 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish appear in a lake is a 'mystery' in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Link

8th January 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Link

8th January 2014 - Mass fish kill 'due to pollution' in a pond in Foshan, China. Link

8th January 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish wash up on shores of a lake in Oran, Algeria. Link

7th January 2014 - 40 Bald Eagles now dead from 'virus' in Utah, America. Link

6th January 2014 - 4,700 Cattle dead from outbreak of Foot and Mouth in Kerala, India. Link

6th January 2014 - 2 rare Whales dead after beaching on Long Island is 'unusual' in America. Link

6th January 2014 - 39 Pilot Whales dead after stranding on beach in New Zealand. LinkDead Whales in New Zealand

6th January 2014 - Hundreds of ducks die suddenly in Malang, Indonesia. Link

6th January 2014 - Massive fish kill due to pollution in a river in Kurger Park, South Africa. Link

6th January 2014 - Hundreds of fish found dead in a lake in La Molina, Peru. Link

5th January 2014 - Hundreds of dead fish found in a pond, 'like the apocalypse' in Varbina, Bulgaria. Link

4th January 2014 - 500+ Goats dead from outbreak of plague in Xinjiang, China. Link

4th January 2014 - 47 Marine animals (seals, turtles, dolphins, birds) found dead on beach in Chiclayo, Peru. Link

3rd January 2014 - Tons of dead fish found in a river in San Martino in Rio, Italy. Link

3rd January 2014 - Second mass die-off of Sardines during past 2 weeks washes up on beaches in Valparaiso, Chile. Link

3rd January 2014 - Large die-off of fish found in a river in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. LinkDead Sardines in Chile

2nd January 2014 - NOTE: 20,000 Birds have died since November due to disease around Great Salt Lake in America. Link

2nd January 2014 - 23,000 Chickens killed due to bird flu in Guizhou, China. Link

2nd January 2014 - Hundreds (maybe thousands) of fish have died in a lake in NSW, Australia. Link

1st January 2014 - Thousands of fish, including turtles and ducks dead from 'fuel spill' in Culiacan, Mexico. Link

1st January 2014 - Thousands of dead fish washing up on beaches in El Oro, Ecuador. Link

1st January 2014 - Massive fish die off in fish ponds in Thong Nhat, Vietnam. Link

2001/2012/2013 records can also be viewed here at

And the pollinaters of your NATURAL FOODS? Thanks to GMO the heck with them hey! They won't be needed in a serf world,

Tens of Millions of Bees dead in S.Korea ... Tens of millions of bees have died due to heavy snowfall in S.Korea. (February 2014) Link

Millions of Bees dead in Spain ... 2,000 Hives (two thousand) have been affected in Cieza and Calasparra due to pesticides in Spain. (February 2014) Link

4 Million Bees dead in Brazil ... Beekeeper Jose Luiz Santos had 130 hives and found all his Bees dead. Pesticides are suspected. (February 2014) Link

April 4,2014 - 17 billion honey bees injured, killed, threatening apple, berry, veggie crops

April 15,2014 - Pesticides, malnutrition blamed for massive bee die-off

April 23,2014 - Scientists monitor huge iceberg that broke off from Antarctica

excerpt - the iceberg covers about 255 square miles (660 square km) and is up to a third of a mile (500 meters) thick. Known as B31, the iceberg separated from Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier last November, Brunt added.

May 12,2014 - 'Nothing can stop retreat' of West Antarctic glaciers

Yes it certainly looks like a great future ahead for the PONZI and the jones hey!

Last year we took a look at the following,

March 1,2013 - Oil Companies Use Geoengineering Aerosols To Melt Arctic Ice For Drilling

Yes we took the slack as normal here at The POST only to follow up with it all comes out in the wash,

Yummy hey!

Ok that's enough all can go back to paying their own interest on their own money at the bank now along with a payment to the deficit and forget about what's up. Guess the pres is right and we should not be looking at the Bible as Truth and people need to put the old storybook away hey.

That's funny al it's own for avid follower knows right from wrong and the vast amount of jones puppets can't wait for say the frack stock to go up while destruction keeps time. As a single example of course.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Thu May 15, 2014 10:11 am

Good morning folks!

So The POST bets that you are happy not to be a puppet living your days on Fantasy Island. If you were you were believing in things out from the local circus shows cross the country,

M2 growth = 5.6% M3 =6.7%Y/Y Feb 2014

Why they were attempting really hard to pump the news as meaningful and true. And we warned that trick horse number belief is no way to go through life when you are a adult.

TIME YO WAKE UP! and leave Fantasy Island.

Why if you are staying make sure to keep the pathetic excuses to yourself as to why. The fleecing and Super Milker have been running strong for long time.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Fri May 16, 2014 11:22 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Treasuries in trouble? You must be kidding!  Shocked  not at all.

Well with all PONZIs eventually things slowly fall apart as they have to be unwound in order to create a new one to attach to cover the old one that wears thin and out.

So much for WW3 as voting will commence May 25th out of town and the West has had it's PONZI cover blown. Treasuries hey. Just another item that is in the tasty recipe of Super Milker. At least there is warning coming from within that in a matter of weeks a new taste is coming in and that taste should pretty much wake the prudent.


May 16,2014 - Operation American Spring: Militias promise to oust Obama, Boehner on Friday

Good thing 2 years back for the media suppression law put in play as civil unrest would have certainly been in full action.  Yet still is a major trump card to change.

WE will await the total attendance however 30 MILLION militia if all show would certainly be the start of something big.

And as the fires rage on in drought stricken Ca. (in which does add quite a bit to the US food supply) canadian hamburger little paper hat kings and even US ones spew for support of their pride and greed in,

puppet support of 'Frack On' and forget alternative sources simply because there is no fiat debt reward at the gambling hall for puppets. The puppets in this arena of fracking have certainly showed what they are all about as they call for support to continue on.

May 16,2014 - Groundwater pumping may cause increase in California earthquakes

March 2014 - More than Half of Fracked Wells Are Within 10 Miles of an Active Earthquake Fault

May 16,2014 - Josh Fox Highlights Fracking On Known Fault Lines in Los Angeles

Wildfires and droughts and food supply shortages get out of the way! We have to frack.  Sad  but TRUE.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue May 20, 2014 10:25 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Weak retail sales? And here we thought a sale is a sale.

May 20,2014 - US stock futures fade on retail funk

Not good old Home Depot that just can't be! Afte rall the solid hoseing (OPPS! House we meant) market has been selling like hot cakes we were listening to just a few months ago from the puppet machine. And when one gives a little serious REALITY thought to the old home improvement section,just how many folks cross the board are actually sinking cake into their homes and while they are out buying things to stick into it the property values continue to plummet. So for many folks that live in REALITY it makes no sense to keep applying the butter to the home.

March 25,2014 - New home sales fall nationwide and in Las Vegas region

Yeah,yeah. If one takes a look around they will SEE cross the board that many have given up dumping the loot into the old home as the value decreses instead of increasing. Why that would alomost sound silly to untrained eyes.

Then of course we get the M3 push as though it actually had positive meaning when just the opposite of positive is what has been transpiring. CREDIT is not DEBT paid but DEBT created. Why we lost track at how many things are buy now with no interest or low interest,just simply sign on the dotted line and it's yours.

Let's have a look at the same M3 today as yesterday,

May 17,2012 - 2-minute Pulitzer-winner video: ‘Austerity’ a debt/death spiral for fools

Then you have certain bankers attempting to show light in a endless black bottom cesspool all for more greed attached with self pride from and for what? And followers of those that state in God we trust helping to pull the wool for any that are dense enough to listen.


Tax dollars seem to be working pretty good for things,

Feb. 11,2014 - WSAZ News Portsmouth, Ohio

Ohio National Guard portrayed gun rights supporters as domestic terrorists during drill

May 16,2014 - Leaked Documents Reveal Marine Corps ‘Urban Training Center’ Based on U.S. Town
Whistleblower says facility with Baptist church, farmhouses used to train foreign and domestic groups

excerpt - The document, entitled “Military Operations on Urban Terrain Collective Training Facility,” reveals the specifics of a mock 30-acre town located on Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

According to the military whistleblower who provideds, U.S. Marines at the facility have been tasked with training soldiers, law enforcement agencies and Homeland Security in skills such as fighting in wooded areas, urban patrolling, forcible entry and night fighting techniques. The facility is also being used to cross train foreign troops from the United Nations and NATO. The whistleblower noted that the vast majority of Marines were opposed to the shift in training and specifically had issues with DHS agents.

excerpt - A seperate aerial photo shows several of the town’s other features including a bank, soccer field, a bridge capable of accommodating an “M-1 tank” and a high school. According to a 1989 press release that mentioned the facility’s original structures, the high school’s gymnasium “can be used as a holding area for ‘evacuees’ or as a detention center for prisoners of war.”

excerpt - Just last February, the U.S. Army unveiled a similar 300-acre urban training center in Virginia, complete with a Baptist church and underground subway system nearly identical to one in Washington DC.

excerpt - Just last October, Army troops at Mississippi’s Camp Shelby blew the whistle after being told that the American Family Association, a well-known Christian ministry, was a domestic hate group in line with Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. Support of traditional family values was deemed hateful according to the presentation.
That same month, Fort Hood soldiers receiving a pre-deployment briefing were told that Christians, anti-abortion activists and Tea Party supporters were a major terror threat to the country. Soldiers were warned that anyone supporting such groups could face discipline under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Only months before in August 2013, conservative watchdog Judicial Watch obtained a Department of Defense training manual that listed supporters of “individual liberties” and “states’ rights” as likely “extremists” from “hate groups.”
A 2012 article in Forbes reviewed a report from the Small Wars Journal, where a retired U.S. Army Colonel and military historian explained “how the U.S. Military would crush a Tea Party rebellion.”
A leaked US Army Military Police training manual from 2012 entitled “Civil Disturbance Operations” brazenly outlined how the military would be used to confiscate firearms and kill Americans domestically during civil unrest. The manual also detailed how prisoners would be sent to temporary internment camps and “re-educated” to appreciate “U.S. policies” in accordance with U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations.
In April 2010, military soldiers in Kentucky trained to take on the Tea Party in a scenario surrounding protests against government health care.
Despite the growing number of training centers, the military has also begun increasing its presence in public with urban warfare drills. In 2012, Miami residents were shocked after military helicopters began firing blank machine gun rounds over the downtown area.
The nationwide program known as National Level Exercises 2009 (NLE 09) brought thousands of US and foreign troops onto American streets to train in martial law type scenarios. Each year, public information officials with the military, FEMA and Homeland Security refuse to divulge information surrounding the massive program.
In 2013, around two dozen soldiers practiced taking over the town of Gillett, Wisconsin in order to “conduct assessments” and meet with “local key leaders.” According to military officials, the operation enabled soldiers to “sharpen their skills” in advising the police chief on how to enhance the capabilities of local law enforcement.

excerpt - According to several people including former Navy SEAL Ben Smith, the Obama administration has asked top military brass if they would support orders to disarm and even fire upon U.S. citizens. Given the fact that the majority of military personnel align themselves with a conservative viewpoint, the apparent purge and demonization campaign is likely to intensify.



excerpt - When Smith was asked if this line of questioning included a litmus test whereby military officers were asked if they would fire on U.S. citizens, he responded in the affirmative.
Smith said the litmus test was related to the recent firing of top military commanders Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina and Maj. Gen. Michael Carey.
Smith linked the premise to former Obama advisor Van Jones, who was forced to resign in September 2009 after his links with a Marxist organization were revealed.
“You drop the radical pose for the radical ends,” said Smith, paraphrasing Van Jones.
The idea of U.S. soldiers being asked if they will fire on American citizens during a crisis or mass disarmament program has emerged from several different sources over the last two decades.
In January, 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow claimed he was told by a top military veteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens.
Concerns over U.S. troops being given orders to fire on American citizens in the event of mass gun confiscation first arose in May 1994 when hundreds of Marines at 29 Palms, California were given a survey as part of an academic project by Navy Lieutenant Commander Ernest Guy Cunningham which asked the Marines if they would, “Fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the United States government.”
The survey was subsequently leaked because many of the Marines who took it were shocked by the tone of the question.



excerpt - Many factors are occurring right now that’s truly scary:

- Obama has fired 200 top commanders in the military. First time in US history to this degree.
- Military has stated that they can’t post the Constitution or Bill of Rights in their quarters and are being taught that the Founding Fathers were the original terrorists
- Obama has drastically crippled the American image around the world. Dick Cheney says we are no longer respected or feared by other nations.
- While the armed forces are being torn down, DHS is becoming bigger than our actual military.
- Local police is becoming more and more militarized.
- Navy seals coming forth stating that we are being provoked into a civil war.
- China, in 5 publications, has outlined how they would destroy the US with nuclear strikes.
- Russia has killed the NATO agreements and states that Russia must prepare for war

Why that's some pretty interesting times and yes we are aware that recycled items are almost always good for use with a little up keep and add on. maybe these have helped places like home depot and others to show those improving times! (bad joke).


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Wed May 21, 2014 10:31 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

What a rebound bounce for the dead cat bounce hey.

Wondering just how much longer the make believe can continue? Simply review all of that so called creation that has helped to STALLATE the way. And changing times have been right with us all along waiting for the perfect moment to the BIG change.

May 21,2014 - Russia, China Sign $400 Billion Gas Deal After Decade of Tal

May 20.2014 - China Signs Non-Dollar Settlement Deal With Russia's Largest Bank

May 14,2014 - Russia Holds "De-Dollarization Meeting": China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From Bilateral Trade

May 14,2014 - Referenda Expose Illegal Western Regime Change in Ukraine

May 21,2014 - Prince Charles Compares Putin to Hitler


May 18,2014 - It doesn't only happen here: MASSIVE Flooding, Landslides Hit the Balkans - Worst in 120 Years

Then of course you have the recently busted phone conversation (along with many others that are simply kept on mute) along with this look at things prior to,

Nov. 5,2013 -

Well lots to weigh out and lots to question as to what is what.

One thing for sure is not if but when is and has been upon us for far to long and the casino is in major scurry.

Hang onto your hats as gale force winds of change are upon us.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Thu May 22, 2014 10:23 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy 

Heck who needs a job when you can gamble at the casino and make all kinds of DEBT CURRENCY to get ya by. It's a great way to go through and claim that this is what life is all about! How to create a sucking blackhole vortex of no return based upon those around you or people that is and common folks at that. Simply hand your bills over to the common folks and the casino will provide for you from them and call it DEBT to be paid back.

So who watches old judge judy? We stumbled by it the other day and she is quite the card. Or shall we simply say that the make believe television shows from judge judy to the old puppet news are all quite entertaining.
Judge judy had a college student going to college on student loans. To sum it up quick,reimbursement was being sought for a slum lord the college guy was renting from and wanted a refund on his rent. Judge judy fell for the support end with the slum lord and even instructed the college guy that if any money was to be returned from slum lord it would not go back to the college guy but instead judge judy and the bailiff as they were the ones that forked it out or the people that is in those daily GSL's.

Applauding to watch but to SEE is worth the lesson. The lesson is that college guy still has to be the sole individual that pays back the gsl as they filed for it. Instead judge judy implies in circular motion that the people get the pay back and then college guy pays it back as well which is double jeopardy in a TRUE court of law.

The deal here is just how mixed up folks become when listening to the 50/50 that has been created. It is distortion and it is applied to confuse and help change the course of things over time,generations. It dummies down and before you know it the vast of the old fashioned good is gone and crap is what has been created or bad. People forget principals and they forget their very own roots which is devastating to any family as the way of the old is forgot and ruin is what is produced. Do you know your family history or just a few stories and thoughts about?

So now we are back to unemployment on the rise with new claims? Why not at all as the claims and the fewer and fewer working any meaningful so called life producing jobs for them self much less a family. And just think life was never about a 40 hr. work week a robbing pension fund and 401k attached as these things are no more than man made. For certain life was not about ruin of the animals and structure of the planet. To a handful it is however and it is called lust for insatiable prideful greed which has been shaped and molded from generation to generation of those families spoke of. Just tear down that structure and you certainly will get change.

May 22,2014 - Many U.S. families -- however they're composed -- feel strapped

May 14,2014 - Cities All Over America Are Becoming Extremely Cruel To The Homeless

May 20,2014 - 27 Huge Red Flags For The U.S. Economy

Now we can view and SEE only so much through the tabloid outlets that deliver. But we SEE clearly that the pres. called storybook and it's tales in relevance today and that it should be put away is for certain the very in which is going on and is happening and grows incredibly worse at a alarming pace. That is not d&g talk that is REALITY.

Well with a generations old dummy down that has swept across it should be understandable to those that have clung to their roots and have worked with earnest what will come to pass. Many simply will miss the boat but truly believe they are on a salvation course.

Here is 'ironic' in which we call,


August 10,20111 - What's the Real Unemployment Rate?

excerpt - Below is the graph of those part-time, who are considered part of the labor force, employed, who could only find part-time work, divided by the monthly non-institutional civilian population. Even though population monthly increases are not seasonally adjusted and additionally have a yearly adjustment made between December and January, a pattern is clear, more and more people are being forced into part-time jobs.

2013 - 88% of Jobs Created in 2013 are Part-Time!

Then we can't help to think about the pride and greed of the circus blogs and boards and so many others that support this destruction and even state in god we trust as their logo? This is not the GOD that most people would think of when God is brought up. This god in which they support could be no other than the god of rape and pilfer for prideful greed being justified through,period. They certainly have no real conception of what their pride and greed is worth as they have used TRILLIONS of trick horse debt numbers to calculate their so called earnings and attempt to show a positive reflection from such. So TRUE it is they have already reaped their rewards on this materialistic plane. We do hope the best for such of statue however many shall be lost.

Brag about confusion of M3 growing and based upon credit all along. Credits to be paid back by who? That vast majority above.

Read-Watch-Listen-Ask and form your own conclusion as we say.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 - Page 6 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

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