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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

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Post  Admin on Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:23 am

Good brunch time folks! Very Happy

Jarhead if ya is on this one take a ear and give a take.

Folks several years back 'The POST' warned of the very scenario that was,is and about to increase in so called friction. We hate to say so but it is what it is and what has happened has happened. And we also stated that we hoped we were wrong about so many calls yet unfortunate as it is TooT! TooT! has been the course and has accelerated at that.

Virgil if you are catching this entry how in the heck can the for seen be ever more clear in which has and was pointed out time after. Yet the old Decoy 409 and it's POST is kicked from say the very board where you moderate at for sticking up to puppet tales and the puppets that produce them.

Why from Earth changes to markets to folks round the world the very has come to be from that in which was explained 5 years ago.

For those that have followed 'The POST' here is that VERY SCENARIO TODAY. And no we do not follow Alex around just happens to be.

June 24,2015 - Max Keiser: The Greatest Economic Collapses In History is Coming!

'And the signs will be all around'

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:28 pm

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy


Not a electronic bank run. Well that has been discussed and that has been stated on the way. Not exactly as the clip goes but pretty close.

excerpt - Rollover 1981... world economic collapse

Now you are and have been in the melt and puppet squads will continue to try to feed you belief in nonsense but DON"T BUY IT!

And for the hamburglers of the world we INVITE YOU to come on over to The POST and explain again to the non-sheep about the call you stated as to the big wads of cake just waiting to be released on to the market as those so called wads you forgot to tell the people that they are VIRTUAL CLICKS ON THE COMPUTER is all. And that is not so called coin and currency in paper form it is CLICKITY-CLICK.

As well perhaps you could comment on that VIRTUAL CURRENCY in CLICKITY-CLICK and yourself and the rest of the puppet squad club were ridiculing as to The POST has no idea what it is talking about. Those that missed that tally on the virtual only need to go back a entry or two.

And as far as the centrals on the buy the puppet squad has evaded the very in order to show false direction.

Why would you like that deposit in cash or converted to a gold bar slip for deposit?

Why we hold gold in case of really really bad what? No value? They have gold as protection?

SEE this is where that catch 22 comes in and how the TRUTH exposes itself as it should. Keep in mind that the good Lord also states that none of it will do them any good as it spirals out of control.

July 2011 - Ron Paul : Why do central banks hold Gold? Bernanke : Tradition

June 16,2015 - Gold price 'to climb' on Greek exit from eurozone

excerpt - Investors expected to use gold as a hedge if Greece fails to pay back €1.6bn this month and leaves the eurozone

And keep in mind that China,Russia,Iran are ready for a nice pipeline and a BIG port in the world along with manufacturing expanded.

Feb. 2015 - If EU doesn't budge, will Greece turn to China or Russia?

But what about all those DEBT CREDIT CHIPS I have accumulated at the casino?

Well what about them? After all those long term stout so called investors certainly realize Greater vs Less as that is elementary school math and they are now so called adults. Maybe they are simply unable to clearly identify greater ve less as they got lost on Fantasy Island. Greater is that 98% virtual currency in CLICKITY-CLICK and the remainder is in paper or cash form. And how sound is that smudge? It's not. It simply works as credit as demonstrated by example and man made college teaching of. Only as sound as what it is backed upon. Why fix things up if you are giving them away as time has gone by. You know like infrastructure. All you have to do is make it look like it is when it is not and the lost sheep with help from puppets simply baa away and follow.

Yes folks your change is coming in and this is why we have titled it 'The Final Chapter'. Ever wonder how much the pawn puppets make for story telling? Well they do not make anything however if you keep them stacked with credit chips from cheated gambling wins they will perform all day with their wood heads and strings attached. Punch and Judy got nothing on today's puppets!

Feb. 2015 - Central Bank Gold Purchases Surge To Second Highest Level In 50 Years

You SEE all the gold and silver in the world can not save the day as the exposed is exposed and the ponzi house of cards caves in. Lies will be revealed to be just that and puppets will run for cover but that does not help them. Why you can't trust in God if you are simply attempting to use God for a smoke screen on a me me me prideful greed route helping destruction along the way. Those folks have some real tough times ahead but they have decided their path for now on their very own.

Signs are all around and have been. The POST can seek the news from say money managers however the vast of them certainly would not be telling their customers anything. Why if they did they would have no customers to rape and pilfer meaning the money managers would be out of work.

June 22,2015 - RBI opposes finance ministry plan to use gold deposits as bank CRR

June 28,2015 - Things are starting to move fast: Greece’s Financial Stability Council at 4PM to discuss the banking situation. Imminent capital controls and closed banks!

excerpt - The history of banking begins with the first prototype banks of merchants of the ancient world, which made grain loans to farmers and traders who carried goods between cities. This began around 2000 BC in Assyria and Babylonia. Later, in ancient Greece and during the Roman Empire, lenders based in temples made loans and added two important innovations: they accepted deposits and changed money. Archaeology from this period in ancient China and India also shows evidence of money lending activity.(end of excerpt)

Yes unfolding it has been and acceleration has been added as to.

Exciting times.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:38 pm

Daily Double:

'Global Bond Market Margin Call'

The 'punch line' first!

We looked at so called equity and the equation to from that fine college of learning such.

Well by example the equity of the whole works is only worth what the equity is worth in which it is based upon. And this is relevant to 'all' world curriencies and their actual worth.

In which we can turn to sevral indicators but we like the one that was introduced and scoffed at by puppets several years ago. let's look atthe latest overview of the 'soundness',

Ain't that something. Why there is not a american dollar to a peso frank why you name it worth anything as far as soundness goes. So when you may say for instance in God we trust. Well depends on what god that is as trusting in a god that offers a ponzi scheme for destruction and helping it along certainly is not GOD the Alpha Omega. So TRUTH when speaking as you SEE can easily be identified when put up against 50/50 half truth and half lie. Lord does state to choose the path when the fork comes in. And this is how The POST states those playing the 50/50 tightrope scheme.... well good luck with that as you are well aware.

And to the old financial expert gang back at that last circus we were booted from for discussing things they are unable to defend....

Do recall James Bond in 'Bonds,Bonds' as The POST spoke of. Why it's POOF! just like Magic! don't ya think,

June 28,2015 - Six Days Until Bond Market Crash Begins

And what's the line? Going to offer what with a match of and some extra slips for free hey.

BOY that sounds like a bargain Wally!

Sure does Beaver!

Hey that's not what Bloom says,

June 8,2015 - US States of Emergency

Volcker warns on US state finances

Well ya know whatt hey say! When the states can't fend for themselves any longer.....

And what is that thrown out number? Was that $25 Trillion or $600 Trillion whack a mole to the the derivatives. Why with a hoard reported of $500 trillion The POST wonders what happened to the laughing and questioning kman as to the casino does not lose.

SUPER MILKER is primed tested and running! Great machine ya know!

Exciting times.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:44 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy

Remember! The Euro is worth more and way better off now.... Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz

What generation are they fooling?

This is why you get those helping puppet wood mouths with strings working so hard to discredit others that speak the TRUTH.

And what comes next?

Well things as we said have amplified and that started long before this morning and the global sell off? Can't wait to SEE how good those DEBT CREDITS earned payoff for folks that are at circus boards distributing and protecting lie upon lie.

Let's get this straight. Praise JC and put in God we trust but you rape and pilfer and expect a reward for doing so hey. Tell ya what,you can keep the dishonest ponzi career along with the reward. As you reap what you sow and sometimes you reap more than you sow. And your reward for dishonesty in the fashion that has and is performed is not a good one at all.

And when you rape and pilfer and invite others to join along with such?
Use God's name in blasphemy for personal gain by fooling who you can. Well tell ya what. TRUTH has it that a very very miserable and dismal time is upon you for doing just the very.

NOPE! Nobody is perfect. When we are aware of how to live properly according to GOD and try to do so we are on the correct course. Those that know the course yet decide that they can alter such for personal gain for me me me. That is a very tough time they have set in motion for their very own self and all they have fooled and hauled along the way as well.

Exciting times and we wonder how many men with soft hands from not knowing a days work have done just the very. Or cheated the way if you will.

Yes 15,000 was the call to watch prior to cash out. However that number has been advanced to the positive before cash out. Wonder if those pension fund managers can sell off their clients a bit more before she tumbles over? That's not true? Yes unfortunate but true as I am sure you won't see them at the break rooms throughout the US work sites letting them know they invested their so called earnings to fail. But as it goes the old money managers get paid whether they win or lose other peoples so called money. That is what puppets do and it took the past few generations to dumb down to keep on a going.

And that so called euro better off?

Maybe the puppets from financial circus can explain the very. After all they call it sound and it is just waiting on the sidelines.

Razz You mean they believe that under the end of the rainbow in the sky there is a gold pot waiting for them? As that is what they would be saying. But people that live in a REAL world not a Fantasy Island one do know a little better. And that better the actual worker knows is SOUND MONEY. Not DEBT CREDITS.

And the euro? Same for the world over,

Feb. 2013 - Our Monetary System is a PONZI SCHEME


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:29 am

Good morning folks!

And with a middle finger pointed as the answer,

June 30,2015 - Varoufakis Confirms Greece Will Default To IMF Today


Ready... Set... Go Casino Go!

Well it's a first for a triple but the funnies are .... FUNNY!

PBS News hour on the fly and the talking head states no bond trouble yet!

Must not have heard about James Bond or is just running the scripted alphabet made up words. As during the Q & A the anchor cuts in on him saying we are just getting word (OPPS!) that the old US state is seeking chap. 9 due to the James Bond.

Now is that not FUNNY!

Well in scripted jargon (is what it is) many things that seemed to be things but all the while were simply DISTRACTION. Many a good folks (older and the wiser) do rightly SEE. And they is just good folks that at one time look forward to that Wife and family and ranch style home and 40 hr. work week at a decent job with good pay. For that 'was' the american dream for a many.

Silly how senseless greed could wipe that thought and dream away and leave a foul taste in the mouth. But it is what is and it did not just start. Why it took many many years to accomplish. That's something to be proud about and for hey!

Yeah The POST jumps on the puppets and the treatment they give simply becouse why would adults not be able to handle TRUTH? Stout investors (supposed) that is.

Now they say it is The POST and it's perception of things that is all wrong. Well The POST and it's perception come from GOD in Knowledge,Wisdom,Peaceful Understanding from. That's why The POST is not a activist spot or political spot. The POST watches the news and affairs from. Direction from can be seen and dressing up a pig and calling it something else and believing it is.... well that is not direction but serious misinterpretation.

US States of Emergency

And of course a little something The POST calls,


2011 - Municipal bonds have been issued by US local government since 1812


And we are currently in a $4 Trillion Debt range now on these pretty pieces of paper. Heck just combine it with,

May 2015 - Almost Half Of US States Are Officially Broke

Yes the old BBC flic back there does have it pegged. Time for change and time for a one payee to system. Just can't have all these quirks as the food chain is already scrambled eggs and you can't unscramble eggs can you?

Michael Snyder always has a good line on things,

June 3,2015 - Investors Start To Panic As A Global Bond Market Crash Begins

excerpt - So why is this happening

And do recall,

May 2015 - Last Wednesday – Globally the Credit Markets Began to Melt Down!

Why are bond yields going crazy?


June 29,2015 - 16 Facts About The Tremendous Financial Devastation That We Are Seeing All Over The World

Yes they ran some of those investors that is when mbs disease hit and many said they were dumb to do so as the FREE MONEY was to be pouring in now! And clickity-click did just that.

But the so called pros forgot to say that it was all DEBT CREDIT being added to shine the shoes and STALLATE the show. And they even had the great scam as to we will match you just invest!

Yes the Gold & Silver thread as stated with in had to be joined into The POST as they wee and always have been two peas in a pod. Those following that have kept up to speed are aware.

June 29,2015 - Jim Willie: US Dollar Will Not Survive 2015!

excerpt -


With the acceleration of events in progress and in view, the pressures will grow against the entire King Dollar Court, the corrupt fortresses in Wall Street and London Centre, the crime syndicate hive. The USDollar will not survive the year. It might not vanish this year, but will surely show its eventual destination in the dustbin of  history.
The four legs of the Petro-Dollar might be described as being the banking system, the FOREX currencies, the sovereign bonds, and crude oil.

1. a) After the Lehman killjob crisis failure, the banking system turned insolvent. Thanks to the FASB accounting rules that were bent, the banks have continued as hollow reed pillars. They have been on the one side been settling law suits and investor claims, while on the other side been kept liquid by means of narco money laundering (confirmed by the United Nations). If one big Western bank enters failure, the entire set of big banks will risk failure simultaneously in direct contagion.

1. b) The major currencies are in a grand disruption right here right now. The rush into the USD for settling derivatives and as safe haven has rattled the FOREX worse than at any time in recent history, perhaps including the 1995 Asian Meltdown. The emerging market debt involves several $trillion in volume, all of which rose on the balance for the debt burden. Defaults lie directly ahead. The USEconomy will be greatly victimized by the higher USD valuation, with respect to stock and property investments, in addition to export trade.

2. c) The sovereign bonds are being supported by Quantitative Easing, the highly corrosive monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve. Other central banks had been well coordinated at the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan. If not direct money printing, it is their usage of Dollar Swap Facilities. In the last couple months, evidence has grown that the major central banks are on their own, acting to preserve their economies, and taking action with local motive. The USGovt raided the Japanese $1.2 trillion pension fund. The Swiss ensured that all nations will break the coordinated monetary policy with the USFed.

2. d) The connection between the USDollar and Crude Oil price has been broken, in ways not described or reported in the press. A vast system of FOREX derivatives are being dissolved that connect to the Crude Oil price, resulting on lost control. The rising USD and falling oil price is evidence of the breakdown. The relationship between the USGovt and the Saudis has deteriorated to alarming levels, despite the photo ops on display to deceive. The Saudis have been working on monthly conferences with the Beijing leaders, in what could be called a lovefest for economic cooperation and financial joining at the oil hip. The Saudis and other Gulf Emirate nations will be working to convert their combined $2.2 trillion in sovereign wealth funds into diversified assets, led by Gold. These Arabs will work to replace their Gold bullion stolen in Swiss banks.

Well let us all hope that live in the land that the very does not happen. Unfortunate but TRUE this is today's times.

And to think this is just the financial side of things going down. Say can we sell you a fool proof investment plan to maximize your retirement!

Exciting times indeed!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:54 pm

Daily Double:

Nothing like good jokes and empty promise to fil voids,

June 30,2015 - Economy nearing full employment, bounced back in Q2: Fed's Fischer

The U.S. economy probably bounced back to an annual growth rate of around 2.5 percent in the second quarter, and the labor market is approaching full employment, Federal Reserve vice chairman Stanley Fischer said on Tuesday.

source/puppetville times

Nothing like catch 22 hey,

June 5,2015 - US economy adds 280,000 jobs as slight rise in jobless rate signals optimism

Slight is not full sorry. Why not even close when you add up the numbers. But ya gotta try to sell the line and hope it works.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:49 am

Good morning folks!

Look at that PUFF of wind this morning! Why it made the BALLOON float high. But when the wind stops well down comes the balloon. Unless they just pop it while in the air?



How about a nice tasty breakfast. You just have to love those comment sections!

Why we certainly do SEE quite a bit of the Decoy 409 lingo kicking in and all over for that matter. Why jarhead commented as to this not long back.

June 30,2015 - And So The Dominoes Start To Fall: Expect Spain, Italy, France, Germany And Finally The United States Itself To Follow

June 30,2015 - The Care And Feeding Of A Financial Black Hole

excerpt - "...anyone who knows mathematics can see that the United States is on the verge of collapse because its debt has gone exponential, but no European (never mind American) politician can state the obvious, no matter how obvious it is. American officials and politicians are definitely puppets, controlled by corporate lobbyists and shady oligarchs. But here's a shocker: these are also puppets - controlled by the simple imperatives of profitability and wealth preservation, respectively. In fact, it's puppets all the way down. And what's at the bottom is a giant, ever-expanding, financial black hole."

Say is that hamburgler still raving about Middle East so called war and outcome and blah blah? As blah blah is about correct as the real war zone getting ready to errupt would seem like the US according to the following,

June 30,2015 - Survey of 382 U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies Shows Far Greater Concern about Anti-Government Extremists than about Islamic Terrorists

As while that old war story in the Middle East has been going on forever (since the beggining of time darn near) the moves on the chess board have been heating up for just a few years. Might do the hamburgler some good to forget about puppet town so called news and start talking about REALITY. Like the over 500 new FTZ's (Free Trade Zones) created in town over the past couple of years. Chinas war you say hamburgler? That is funny! As China has been traveling quite a bit with a recent stop,

June 29,2015 - Australia and China sign free trade agreement


Can wxzpt that long term investor come on over from their circus talk and back their mouth? Probebly not as puppets are puppets!

Not to long back (about a year or so) the old investor stated 'nothing to see here except for the clean up'. Anybody that listened to that and thought it was TRUTH.... well we do feel quite sorry for you. As The POST did discuss just what was up and coming yet the prideful greed of sick minds want you to be sick to. How else can you look at puppets and their uncaring selfish disgust. why they even went on to say it was a good thing that Japan was using the homeless for the clean up.

Come on over to The POST wxpt long term and give us your old take on things. Why that's a open invitatation for you to clear up your sickness with the folks.

But odds have it you will never SEE a puppet change their script. And if they do thank GOD!

Yep all over but the clean up hey,

June 29,2015 - es, an area covering 1/3 of globe — US: “States in region understandably concerned for safety”… “Urgent need” to assess impact on food, water — IAEA begins testing around Pacific

Hope lots of these puppet all stars don't have kids. As their children will be seriously considering the mental state of those such as. And how do you tell your kid it was all for prideful greed gain and now that it is ruined I am sorry for telling you lies. That probely goes over real well with the old HONESTY and TRUST deal.

After all you still have time,

'Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists'


June 27,2015 - JPMorgan Chase Quits 5 1/2 Year Foreclosure Battle 90 Minutes Before Trial To Avoid Castration By The Court

Yes this kick the can and create by clickity-click out of thin air works great don't ya think! Why there has been DEBT CREDIT CHIPS available for all to win at the casino. Why it really has not been a long term or stout investor game for the vast majority of bets to choose from as long as you have clickity-click!

2012 - Young and Homeless: The Recession’s Impact on Young Americans

Nov. 2014 - Number Of Homeless Children In America Surges To All-Time High: Report

Now BILLIONS have been spent in the past 2 years alone to help these people yet the number continues to increase not decrease.

Somebody have 1 MILION out there that they would like to charity off for a VERY good cause? If so the cause and helping cure plan is designed and ready to go for the homeless folks from kids to vets! And it even has a return on the $ paid for by the very homeless it would help. So speak up and lets help them out and set a NEW STANDARD BY EXAMPLE!

And that is just a small recent tad wrapped up. Look spretty promising puppets does it not. Perhaps this is why puppets speak as they do as they simply are unable to handle reality with out the silver spoon in their mouth.
Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 04, 2015 10:35 am

Good Morning Folks! Very Happy

Greece has Missteps? It's Called SHAM WoW

The thinking of stout investors hey. Simply protecting with garbled garbage (called story lies). These people that speak with their head up their butt have done it since day 1. And day 1 was long,long,long ago.

Funny thing is that the story tellers have this uncanny way of hauling around God as a tool to show that they are innocent of actions they perform in order to sheer sheep through backdoor insider information. And that back door? Simply call it hell.

If The POST told you where the laundering was going to show up as supposed gain although it was just no more than clickity-click each time or DEBT being added to a crushed and overburden DEBT SYSTEM that in turn would simply help it to fail all the quicker would you invest in the demise and carnage brought forth from?

Unfortunate but TRUE this is the operation,has been the operation,and does not cease until 'change' is forced from it.

Missteps? That's puppet lingo!

June 5,2015 - Global Business

Yes while the puppets come up with excuses and stories all the while they are nothing more than sink scum rings. Oh sure they will help you to make correct decisions and gain on your DEBT CREDIT CHIPS after all,


Feb. 9,2015 - US Senator Demands A Federal Reserve Bailout Of Greece

And that is not the first as it has been going on now for more than several years. and who is on the hook? Why the common folks that are supposed to be working and paying it all back. But there are more than enough catch 22's from that in which BOLDLY express it is a impossibility to do so in the fashion so designed and implemented. But these puppets have been making plenty of DEBT CREDIT CHIPS from as described. You can smell puppet crap from miles and miles and miles away.

Did they say ask the common folk of the United States for instance as to a vote or anything of the sort what they would like to do? Why that's weird they did nothing of the sort. Why they did not even tell the folks until way later down the line after it was already done. You would think that the stout investor puppets would have brought that into the equation? However if they did cold feet syndrome would develop quickly and a market run would be on to the downside. And in turn the bragging rights of puppetville would be foiled early. And all that so called knowledge and stoutness they so Magicly have? Well Magic is Magic and it is certainly not Honest Truth but fooling of others minds that fall into such a trap of belief.

SEE you can't release what is not there but you can mask it as though it was being released. Example: casino goes over 18 when the actual the whole time only became worse since 9/11. Good thing for the SNAP food cards and the rest of the show. Why if you were not injecting the amount of credit to the underscore of folks receiving it millions upon millions in the US would certainly already been in a up roar. But thanks to pg.1 of the first chap. of The POST,

Pg. 1 July 9,2013 - The POST (chap. 1)

Great cal it was from the CBO as to 'HOLD THE MARKETS (casino) AT ALL COSTS!' as it was put. Because when she goes,she goes!

Why the puppet heads stated these were HONEST gains from stout knowledge they had. To bad their puppet knowledge is not HONEST knowledge. And that is how you SEE that when you SEE the puppets praise God for such fortune that all they are doing is showing complete disrespect for God. Then again their god may very well be old baal or the likes of such.

Yes The POST would love for the puppet squad to come up with some credible and factual that the common folks through demand and supply (as looked at) were the ones responsible for a (18+ now falling) casino. But they can not and every indicator available is against their very tries of doing so.

Good luck to the puppets!

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 04, 2015 7:00 pm

Daily Double:

Dominoes? Really?

Need we say more but stay away from the puppets at puppetville!

And the road lead ed to? Well just as called or short time that is. Game theory had it as and so be it. Should all make clear sense to the avid reader as let the DOMINOES begin to fall. So how many stuck to puppet road?

July 4,2015 - The Greek Bluff In All Its Glory: Presenting The Grexit "Falling Dominoes"

And now that the James Bond world is to be FULLY EXPOSED has anybody heard about derivatives?

Buckle up DEBT CREDIT CHIP earners as your pretend Uncle Scrooge pride is about to be revealed to you. Razz


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:07 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

Here is a FUNNY story!

July 5,2015 - 'Hillary 'rope off' of reporters at parade'

Or a book!

July 6,2015 - 'Euro zone countries tried in vain to stop the IMF publishing a gloomy analysis of Greece's debt burden which the leftist government says vindicates its call to voters to reject bailout terms, sources familiar with the situation said on Friday.'

In vain ya say?

July 5,2015 - Greece — The One Biggest Lie You Are Being Told By The Media

Like grains of sand on the beach.... yet some think that if they actually cling to one that they will take over the beach? Why? Cause the grain next to you told you so?

Yep the water mixes those grains up on a constant and the best math in the world won't help the naive.

Now anybody can read about this in God's word. This is 'latter times' and all is to get caught up in it's very own making.

Are you a 50/50 player or have you picked your road?

Exciting times indeed!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:53 pm

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy

All kinds of comedy going on,

July 4,2015- BREAKING: Russian Warplanes Sighted Off US Coast TWICE on 4th of July (VIDEO

Must be a common thing,

Jun3 2014 - Russian bombers fly near California


Bond liquidity?

June 7,2015 - Insider Warns Credit Market is SHUTTING DOWN, $75 Trillion Implosion Looms

April 15,2015 - IMF tells regulators to brace for global 'liquidity shock'

Ouch hey. Or is it just more story tales? How about a 'Tale of the Tape' in multi looks,

July 1,2015 - Now’s really not the time for a liquidity crisis

And when we combine that with today's consumer spending (just reviewed) we do indeed SEE a 'Tale of the Tape'. So short time has caught up quite quickly.

And the fed has been barking as to,

July 1,2015 -

Well it certainly does all make for great HISTORICAL story telling,

July 8,2015 -

excerpt - "We've had some technical malfunctions."

source/ main

Technical difficulties ya say? Lets look to a little something 'The POST' calls rewind,


March 2012 - Welcome To Sub-Nanosecond Markets

2010 Flash Crash

Kinda like a overload and perhaps deciphering could be a issue since it has been proven to be a issue,

July 2013 - Be afraid: DARPA unveils Terminator-like Atlas robot

excerpt - Atlas looks like the prototype for a future robot infantryman, and it can tackle rough terrain and carry human tools. Can you say "Skynet"?

Rough terrain? Oct. 2013 -

June 30,2015 - Artificial Intelligence robot gets philosophical in Google test

July 1,2015 - Robot kills worker at Volkswagen plant in Germany

Why there are better things to do than sit at the desk.

The Wolf Of Wall Street

'The Wolf Of Wall Street is the first Neural and the most advanced, intelligent self-updating forex robot. The robot automatically adapts to the current market condition.'

Forex robot opens positions 24/5 with no time limits.
The robot is an entirely automatic forex system developed by team of professional full-time traders.!tab=comments&page=1

Oct. 2012 - Wall Street Robots Have Taken Over The Market, Horrifying GIF Shows

SEE you can simply for get about PUPPET TALK as being anything relevant as to HONESTY. This is and has not not been anything of so called HONEST VALUE. It is a casino with participants taking their chances while at work on nothing more than luck. And that luck is produced by the house and the dealers for. Why money managers and the rest of puppet clubs that follow around with supporting the very thievery of.

SEE you are in the know or not in the know and that leaves plenty of room for story telling and helping stories along to distract from the very realm of TRUE demand and supply of for that demand.

When you SEE the math heads at work presenting the math simply keep in mind that they know or they do not know. And odds our the vast majority have no clue as to what the numbers are as they simply forgot about ethics.

Do recall the white house employs a few game theory math heads to configure those odds. However their figure will not even be correct as nothing sustains itself based on falsehood.

Yes how silly it really does sound. So if you are converging to 'change' and that 'change' shrinks and debases the current overall,then there is really no need for the robotic nano speed structure outside of eliminating the ants attempting to reach the top of the hill is there. As there is only so much room on the top of the hill as 'The POST' pointed out sometime ago. However that was scoffed upon by so called circus puppets as a story. And indeed a story it is. why just how much that top of the hill has grown!,

July 6,2015 - The robots are coming for Wall Street’s jobs

'The POST' named it SUPER MILKER as 'all' will have to adjust eventually. That's what they call the Wall Street meets Main Street.

Here is a FUNNY,

Jan. 19,2015 - Dire Warning: Richest 1% Will Soon Control Half of World's Wealth

excerpt - by next year, 1% of the world’s population will own more wealth than the other 99%.

The punchline is the 'Zombie Puppet Circus'. Don't need to be deceased to be a zombie in today's age. And when the house of cards collapses well those many zombies are certainly going to be after some brains to wake up and smell the coffee.

Going to figure out equality they say. That is a good one. Along with the ants that feel they have the lucky scratch off to be on top of that hill and they are determined to try hell or high water.

Yes the best thing to do probably and to understand is that this show is based on credit now. And as long as that credit can hold everybody will just be fine. And if it does not.... well some will be just fine and many will not. Live wise be meek and happy.

Exciting 'story' times indeed!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:35 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

So how many get sick of seeing the same old fat pig smiles day in and day out at the casino. It frankly is very hard to believe just how stupid these folks are. Sure they wear a suit or a dress but you can put lipstick on a pig all day long and it is still a pig. Yes the farm animal version of pig has more senses then story telling and believing in those stories pigs.

The POST gives it 90 days as stated a week back and others 6 months or less.

July 9,2015 - The Wait Will Soon Be Over: European Leaders Promise The Greek Debt Crisis Will Be Resolved One Way Or Another On Sunday

You might also enjoy this extensive piece of fine artwork,

June 25,2015 - The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015

excerpt - I have never done anything like this before. Ever since I started The Economic Collapse Blog in late 2009, I have never issued any kind of “red alert” for any specific period of time. As an attorney, I was trained to be level-headed and to only come to conclusions that were warranted by the evidence. So this is not something that I am doing lightly. Based on information that I have received, things that I have been told, and thousands of hours of research that have gone into the publication of more than 1,300 articles about our ongoing economic collapse, I have come to the conclusion that a major financial collapse is imminent. Therefore, I am issuing a RED ALERT for the last six months of 2015.

If you are going to prove Snyder wrong you certainly have your work cut out for you.

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 12, 2015 3:07 pm

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy

Who's all in?

And the drama builds in the movie script.

A timeout ya say? Why a timeout as in a timeout for a game injury?

SEE three games played at once 'Chess,Monopoly,Dominoes' and my oh my years and years in play at that.

A timeout ya say? Why a timeout for a game changer plan advance?

How about a little of both timeouts combined into one in which it TRULY is.

SEE initial injury is long ago and continued as the player never has had 'any' rest. Ice bandages wraps and casts could not heal what was is and has been.

SEE plan advance was is and has been a relentless course as 'all' is revealed. And one may add to that the realization of what is. And for the so stout and so called knowing that math has been based on crooked paths but shows promise through gain? One will TRULY need to refine their very own so called knowledge and put that aside. For what is has and always will be has directed a sunlight of rays in order to SEE. And amazingly it is available for the stout and prideful. Unfortunate for many of the such that blindness will continue to be the way of their very own sight. And clear path can ever be found in such a way.

Yes 'The POST' has taken various looks and all had great potential as all are of very TRUE circumstances. Balance of the print most valuable with a casino does not lose until the final moment . And by that time the stock market casino will no longer matter for anybody. But for now it does.

And looking to so easily deciphered by 'greater vs less' and service of for being basically none existent certainly Main Street would be the vulnerable link between REALITY and FANTASY ISLAND.

REWIND (Short Time):

The Decoy 409 POST - July 5,2011 - The QUADRILLION (Plus!) Ticking Time Bomb,Derivatives

excerpt - And now twords the end here on this 'SHAM WoW' let's have a look over in Athens,Greece where Attendees included: Mr. George Sourlas, Ex-President of Greek Parliament; Mr. Ioannis Adamopoulous, President of Athens Lawyers Association; Mr. Ioannis Sakas, Prosecutor General at Athens Court; Mr. Ioannis Athanasiou, President of Prosecutors and Judges Association; Mr. Nikos Xidiroglou Giournalist, Panel Coordinator

What transpired (recently) and 'is' continuing is a certainty of right and a left. One being a conglomerate or octopus,and the other (as exampled above in Athens) being for the simple 'common folk.' Both evolving from early history. Both carrying the torch of time with one still very much,in control. Where the opposite has merely reflected throughout my timely threads,giving a realistic view of the overall or nucleus from all angles.

Maybe part of the multi-faceted aspirations (as though it would seem) is to keep the common folk but further entrenched from the daily happenings as even the BBC has been suppressing all the more as well as Bloomberg. Making detailed and critical information for others to be made aware of,all the more unaware.

To me this is all just part of the vast re-structure to change. As it is blatant and obvious that in which is laid out in regards to derivative world above.

When the bell tolls,there will be a major piper to pay,and 'at all costs',as that CBO report stated,'hold the markets at all cost and don't lose investor confidence.'

And once again,at what cost? And how many casualties at the expense others will that be? As 'all cost' certainly should be a 'Major' or 'Priority 1' issue. And thus we have seen no change in the ongoing practices of that in such discussed to be considered in 'real terms',meaningful.

And as I used that word 'faceted' above,I did so for it's performance where so applied. The possibilities are endless when combining for faceted and taxonomy of various and collective recipes. And in derivatives world,just such has been combined.

July 4,2011 European Stocks Advance for Sixth Day as EU Approves Aid Funds for Greece

excerpt (and we only need the first paragraph!) - European stocks climbed for a sixth day, extending the biggest weekly advance for the Stoxx Europe 600 Index in a year, as finance ministers approved an aid payment to Greece. html

Aid,mighty BIG sick word being applied.

"Greek lawmakers passed a five-year austerity package, qualifying the country for further aid."

How they make those two words fit together,'aid' and 'austerity' is really something.

And the cheering squad for all of this? Puppets would be the answer. The disinfo club that simply can not bear TRUTH as TRUTH does not exist on Fantasy Island.

Timeout ya say?

June 16,2015 -

excerpt - Are overvalued stock markets heading for another crash, the third such meltdown so far this century, and if so, what in the immediate future might trigger such an event?

There are four parallel threats to the present buoyancy in share prices: a messy resolution to the eurozone crisis, with Greece defaulting on its debts and tumbling out of the euro; a further abrupt reversal in bond markets; a renewed rebound in the oil price, prompted by growing geopolitical chaos in the Middle East; and a hard landing in China, a still very real possibility which everyone in Europe seems to have forgotten about amid the ongoing standoff over Greece.

Are we? What a question as it has already happened and some time ago at that. What is perceived by stout and so called self prideful knowledge is nothing more than (as demonstrated time over) 'holding the markets at all costs'. Poof! it's Magic if you will.

So when 'short time' was discussed/noted just a about 7 years ago and brought to the attention time over since. Well nothing has changed but kick the can in STALLATION while SUPER MILKER simply played on and puppets sing to the melody of it as though it was progress. Nothing was and has been of any sort.

Well don't read from those fld/slv sites as they are just trying to sell you something 'The POST' was barked by puppets.

Did anybody force you or make you buy something by reading from the very?

Yes signs are all around,

July 7,2015 - Marshall Swing: $1.4 Quadrillion Derivatives Market Will ERUPT in a Little Over 2 Months!

excerpt - I am speaking of the red hot magma of the paper bond and derivatives market and multitude of naked no substance bets that the entire financial world rests upon and how fragile it is. It is going to fail in about 60 minutes…

Multi national working together or the professed kings are going to have war with one another? Not much materialistic profit left in that if any at all. But as old George Carlin put it,


Oct. 2007 - George Carlin - We Like War

Well whatever is to transpire has been long in the making as this off the wall Hodge news demonstrates,

June 2015 -

May 2015 -

excerpt - Warning: The following may contain images and messages which are troublesome to those who suffer from cognitive dissonance and corporate media group think.

Yep it's all quite a story! And do any further drills need to actually be conducted? After all there was and has been a great depression in the not so far distance past. And in today's time since it was and has only been known to happen once again (as looked at previously). And for good measure as this time has progressed onward and to it is good to know that safeguards and a plan to 'change' has been worked upon by others while the vast stayed busy,busy,busy. A one payee world system as it was stated in the BBC short looked at and told but once again.

So is there a prevention as to all this? Why yes there is! However that is not how it turns out to be. For told it was and written down for all to SEE and understand it is.

One thing is for certain folks. That is the global melt started long ago and short time moved in months ago. And that 'hold the markets at all costs'? That time is about up now. Resolve will not be in a honest and loving truthful way for all and POOF! just like Magic is all performed. The greatest Magic has been performing and that is and has been the Magic trick of 'kick the can down the road'.

My that's a lot of land and such a short ago. Now the 'owed' has pretty much gathered what the remaining was. And puppets mock clickity-click as having no bearing? I guess is would not when living on Fantasy Island as one would let REALITY slip out of their life.

Strange Maps
How the West Is Owned

Exciting times.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:22 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

Another BIG CREDIT CHIP DEAL? Not really it was already a known to be.

The article is good but the comment section is even better! Most of the comments have no idea that such has already happened back this way when it comes to that OWED DEBT and silent payments made on. Just call it all part of STALLATION with SUPER MILKER.

Yes the DEBT CREDIT payout machine has been working great!

July 13,2015 - What Assets Did Greece Just Hand Over To Europe: "Airports, Airplanes, Infrastructure And Most Certainly Banks"


Views from the same stagnated water as it is all part of that fine meal,

April 8,2015 -

excerpt - 16:25 - 18:23 mark/ 'noisy in the city something is really wrong'

Well.... guess something really went wrong as at the 2:20 mark of this one.... well..... something must have gone wrong? Then again it did not start yet so it must just be something else.

June 7,2015 - 50 Cal LIVE FIRE In Flint Michigan - Troops Practicing 20 Story Extracts For Afghanistan?

Or perhaps this must of had to be something else well. As he did say it does not start until later,

March 28,2015 -

And at 27:20 it is what?

Hodges as well,

1. FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals were delivered to Region III by October 1st, 2013.

2. FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water were delivered to Region III by October 1st, 2013.

3. FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals were delivered to Austin, TX. by October 1st, 2013.

4. $11 million in antibiotics were delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC
5, Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning in late July 2013 for 386,000 troops and the “drill” was wrapped up by October 1, 2013

6. Great Shakeout Drill conducted on October 17, 2013

7. More Than 1,000 Banks participated in the National Cyber-Attack Drill Oct. 16-17, Oct. 23-24

8. Quantum Dawn’ was a Cyber-Attack Bank Drill –

9. GridEx2 Nov. 13-14, 2013, which was a simulated EMP attack upon the American power grid. Both the Russians and the Chinese were allowed to participate.

Exciting stuff!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:38 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

(Consumer spending crashes worse than just prior to Great Recession. Charts a few entries back)

Let's look at 'cover'.

You asked,"what happened to the BDIY and the going lower and lower and lower". And that Magic turn around showing gain instead of a further drop.

Main says 'after 7 months of fallout on the consumer spending...."

Well POOF! it's Magic is all that happened.

July 12,2015 - The "Real Time" Decision to Scrap

And in turn when the bookwork is done it is still TooT! TooT! Right on Schedule. Now grab the helm and navigate to Fantasy island as there is always plenty of stories to be found for the avid participant of to read and actually swallow the hook line and sinker on,

July 14,2015 -

excerpt - Despite the disappointing retail sales result, which followed a robust 1 percent gain in May, analysts said they are still hopeful that consumers will ramp up their spending in coming months based on rising incomes from strong job gains over the past year.


And yes those old scrap prices are most certainly dropping. Why the news is world wide as to the no longer needed at this time which in turn says quite a bit from A-Z as far as structured societies go. But that is just one indicator of so many as to telling the time.


This is going great for the puppets living off their children and friends and well.... Or simply the DEBT CREDIT CHIP earners. Why these DEBT CREDIT CHIP earners at the casino might want to have a few more kids or start having some. After all every new out of the womb comes attached with

great DEBT CREDIT CHIPS attached. Heck these DEBT CREDIT CHIP earners brag like they are really something and that their brain is beyond everybody. And ya can't say they our not right as when you live on Fantasy Island and don't mind the greedy pilfer for me me me they are right as that is what they are earning. DEBT place on everybody including their own self.

So their is nothing special about a puppet that has the traits. They are simply nothing more than a tool or vessel in which is used. But the puppet actually believes it is real and the puppet thinks that it is above all and everybody else (or the vast majority) due to it's thought that it has been given.

Yep going great for those that are not puppets. As this example expresses as to what non puppets think as they can actually think for they are human beings and not a wasted example of such or puppets,

July 14,2015 - Police and protesters hurling petrol bombs clash in Athens as strike turns violent

85 ya say. Well that should be good to hold the casino for what? About a week? Maybe two?

Now is that hamburgler or wxyp (long term investor) or maybe some other puppets reading as they keep stating how sound all of this DEBT is and they keep on a stating how free enterprise we win and blah blah blah over at a circus financial tent.

I don't think I would be poking sticks if I was one of these clowns as to observation. Then again the clowns are puppets and it is not all to hard to decipher a puppet.

45 mins. ago,

July 14,2015 - Greece debt crisis: Tsipras faces eurozone deal battle

excerpt - With the deal done, Greece is now racing to meet its first deadline: to pass four pieces of legislation by the end of Wednesday.

But the cracks are emerging in Alexis Tsipras' coalition.

Trying to sell the vote to the voters? Is that the voters above that the police are having cake and ice cream with?

Exciting times indeed!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:59 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

'The POST' calls it '90 Day's Till Meltdown' and the comedy keeps getting better!

We love the 'Giant stocks lead a rally, as investors cry 'Get me in' with the money falling from sky and the zombie relishing it as though it were Magical.

SEE there is not a TRUE actual 'demand for endless supply' and some how they got everybody believing that it works 'supply' and then 'demand'. Why there has always been a endless supply as God stated in 'self sustaining' meaning that most of what is out and about and that in which we SEE is nothing more than worthless.

Take say a first home that consisted of nothing but a loft or bedroom (perhaps 2 or 3 bedrooms if you had children). Why it was small quaint and simple. Your demand was for food from the garden and a few animals for meat. People actually got along a whole lot better with one another and bartering was always open.

But LIFE was simply not good enough for many and in turn senseless prideful greed was established. Many have no idea that this is how they operate as they have become so used to taking the way for granted as special. Or better than others. Before ya know it after running some generations you come to the lost society part. Don't think we have reached that point? Then you most certainly are lost as you have allowed yourself to move to and become lost on Fantasy Island.

Things have spun out of control in a one sense yet this is just one of the 'red hot pokers' that has been long passed discussed in chapter one of 'The POST' and indeed short time has passed,

July 17,2015 -

And no sense to swallowing the story hook line and sinker however careful consideration should always be looked at between the lines. Puppets simply sell the 50/50 as 100% truth when nothing further from the truth could 50/50 be.


Remember (as looked at the other day) it was stated that just the US is involved with NO when asked to the following,

July 16,2015 -

Exciting times during meltdown!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:50 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

90 days from the clickity-clcik handout we gave it.

When push comes the shove ya know what comes next,

July 19,2015 - Greece debt crisis news: Alexis Tsipras shows his Machiavellian streak in a purge of Syriza rebels

Why it TRULY is TooT! TooT!

This is the part where the folks try to take back but it is far to late for that. Why around the globe it is pretty much equaled out now and ready for implementation of 'change'.

So it's time to play guess the catalyst! What will be the flag as those red hot pokers discussed at the circus board of financials..... several are ready to go.

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:24 am

Good brunch time folks!  Very Happy

So how long do you think the POOF! it's Magic floater can float with out a stopper?

Well it can't. When there is not a catch to hold the line.... well the hook line and sinker (along with the bait) hit the bottom. Yes granted there are some weeds where it will get caught 'up' or appearance of,but the REALITY is that the Titanic is the Titanic.

Yes this is why the old gld and slv has to be combined and mixed into 'The POST' as they are very relevant to one another.

Well with that simply mix in the BORROWING (as submitted in a thread) of and by and Magic is performed quite well.

We take a look at what is in something we call,


Dec. 18,2014 - The Biggest Economic Story Going Into 2015 Is Not Oil

excerpt - This is not primarily government debt, it’s corporate debt. But it’s still huge, and it has not just kept emerging economies alive since 2008, it’s given them the aura of growth. Which was temporary, and illusionary all along. Just like in the rest of the world, Japan, EU, US. And, since countries can’t – or won’t – let their major companies fail, down the line it becomes public debt.

Virgil once said 'Decoy investors don't like to know about that kind of stuff or look at it as they are worried in these times'.

Did the investor ever give thought as to investing in demise or no demise? No the vast are simply after MORE from POOF! it's Magic gains and who cares where they come from. Now that's a winner attitude hey!

Well eventually all come to realize that Fantasy Island was no place to be at all. And unfortunate but TRUE yes their landing will be a severe one.


2012 is the entry,

'U.S. Government In Debt To Itself'

excerpt - Today’s episode: “The 10 Biggest Holders Of  U.S. Debt”.

Listed as the #1 holder of government debt, just as Walter Burien of has been proclaiming for 20 years… The U.S. Government! Here listed as:

1. Federal Reserve and Intragovernmental Holdings

Total U.S. debt holdings: $6.328 trillion

(From the article)

“That’s right, the biggest single holder of U.S. government debt is the Federal Reserve system. The Fed’s system of banks and other U.S. intragovernmental holdings accounted for a stunning $6.328 trillion in U.S. Treasury debt in Spetember 2011 (the most recent number available). The amount is an all-time high as the Federal Reserve continues to expand its balance sheet, partially to purchase U.S. government debt securities.

“About a decade ago, the total government holdings were “only” $2.5 trillion.”

So, the U.S. Government is in debt primarily to… itself? (end of excerpt)

excerpt - Note here that this group includes “government -sponsored enterprises”. Of course, this report doesn’t tell you that the vast majority of investment wealth that sits in these other funds like “individuals (corporate persons), brokers and dealers, bank personal trusts, and corporate and noncorporate businesses” is funded by government taxpayer money.

And the corporations/businesses that are listed here, when we understand that collectively the over 230,000 governments hold together majority stock ownership in all major corporations in the world through pension and other trust fund investment and are the main investors in savings bonds and other debt, this “category” is a very deceiving look into who actually holds and more importantly controls these savings bonds and investors through “corporate governance”. (end of excerpt)

Yes the so informed puppetell will tell you that this source and many that discuss the following are not reliable. That's FUNNY as sifting through the madness there is not a single one that is and this is why sifting is just part of the mix.

Yes you are in a heavy spin cycle coming to a abrupt halt as the triple system motor has been smoking away for the past 8 months on the machine. Yes one huge RESET will be needed and credit chips will need to be retracted,

Calculate My Share of the National Debt

Good article on part of the 'mix' with hidden ingredients,


Who Owns the U.S. National Debt?
The Biggest Owner Is You!

You need lot's of port holes in order to keep illusion strong.


Some still think that the rise is due to productivity in supply and demand for the folks round the globe. Yet the signs could not be stronger that anything but is and has been happening.

Same story with some 'weeds' under it,

2015 - China's COSCO Dis-Assembles 8 Ships Amid Glut As Baltic Dry Hits Another Record Low

2015 - The Baltic Dry Index Will Remain Depressed

And as 'The POST' has reflected on time over being 'supply vs demand',

July 21,2015 - Is the Current Dry Bulk Shipping Recovery Sustainable?

excerpt - Though the BDI has improved in the last two months, industry experts still believe that oversupply and weak demand growth will keep the BDI down for another year or so.

And as looked upon and the warehouses full and stagnation all around outside the doors of them demand has no choice but to drop.

This signs are more than strong all around as to the condition. And that condition has so many props supporting the props along side each other that it truly is amazing that SHAM-WoW can be held up yet.

And good to know that the old flour and water trick has been brought out as the Elmers can no longer be afforded to work with.

Exciting times indeed!

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:29 pm

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy

Don Merideth around to sing for us?

'The POST' gave it 90 days about 2 weeks ago. What's in your wallet?

Days of the future ahead,

excerpt - "It's over for Greece," said Pradinoudis. "We won't recover for another 50 years."

Forget the 50 years.

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:03 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

Well it was ugly and puppets have said over and over for the past few years that clcikity-click is not needed to make the casino run. Really!

Out and about was a fairly large sign in front of a home it read 'America Bless God'. At first I thought they screwed that one up whoever had made the sign and put it out for all driving by to read. within a few seconds (not minutes) it reflected/dawned that this is TRUTH and that no mistake was made. Why at one time it did read 'God Bless America' but due to the kick the can down the road mentality this is the position on the playing board.

When the FREE CREDIT CHIPS from the casino run out for 'all' patrons outside of a selected few (which is currently in progress) then the likes of many will be a changing. Yes a FAILURE in what they have supported falling and crumbled in ruin as based upon bs and lie is the very in which is so hailed as TRUTH (knowing it is a con and anything but close to TRUTH).

And that question that 'The POST' asked over and over to a few of those (at just one spot) is reflective of many so called financial boards. That is when asked what happens when FREE CREDIT CHIPS are no longer handed out and earnings can no longer be masked?

The POST (and any place for that matter) with HONESTY,TRUTHFULNESS can answer that. Why anybody can answer that SEEING through the smoke and mirrors of it all.

But this is just mussings among but a few and silence is golden for places like financial circus houses who do their own pulling. Why the next door circus financials or 'your money' quite frankly is not a place to go to chat if you ask hard core questions or deliver TRUTH. Why 'the weeds' at such places pull flowers and throw them to the burn pile. Many such places have done the same. It has been nothing short of entertainment and falsehood brought about and how to capitalize in your portfolio from by being deceived. That's all you have to do is listen to some puppets pretend they are real and coming to you LIVE on Fantasy Island and do as they do. Simply mix things up all the more and turn your eyes and mind opposite as to REALITY. Why you become your very own paper hat king with your very own Fantasy Island to live upon and story tell how good or bad things are while profiting on the very demise of each.

Yes twisted reality based upon 50/50 half truth half lie and as that CBO report put it 'helping markets to hold together at all costs,as when it goes it goes'. Amazing the capitol it took in order to sustain illusion.

And how to define a illusion? Well the CBO Jan. 2015 and the revision to (June 2015) should be more than enough to SEE.

But at some genius circus houses they will not deal with such debate as to and as a matter of FACT they will flat out black ball you for bringing TRUTH out. At the last stop or the financial circus supported your money the very it was. When puppets no longer are able to discredit they black ball and pull out the flowers. The POST attempted to debate the very from 'clogged inventory' from 'needless production' but the puppets can cry and cry they did. Why they cried to total strength and recovery on and 'The POST' has no idea what it speaks of.

Well that backing up problem was discussed a year ago already and since that year a couple of highlights,

April 29,2015 - Biggest Inventory Build In History Prevents Total Collapse Of The US Economy

Yes make sure ya buy the line of,

July 26,2015 -

excerpt - Monday brings an update on orders for US durable goods and earnings from Baidu, Ryanair Holdings, Hartford Financial Services Group and Deutsche Boerse among others.

As far as 'growth' to 'debt' there certainly is a lot of sources and looks as to. The charts are representative as to today,

Oh it's growing alright. Perhaps that so called growing is the stagnant recession of actual HONEST productivity lost as a nation,

June 3,2015 - Margin Debt to GDP at NYSE More Than the Dot-Com Bubble High! The Final Stock Market Crash Signal is Here

excerpt - Currently the margin debt of the NYSE expressed as a percentage of US GDP is 1.85 times higher than the median for the past 292 months of 1.55%. A debt/GDP ratio margin of 2.38% equate to a 90 percentile – A debt/GDP ratio of 2.38% is considered by NIA to be “really dangerous”,

And Tyler with others that are able to SEE have been providing all along horse droppings from the very horses mouth all along as to this illusion,

May 29,2015 - "Welcome To The Contraction": Q1 GDP Drops By 0.7%, Corporate Profits Crash

excerpt - What is disturbing is that as noted before, inventories contributed the biggest component of Q1 GDP growth, adding $106 billion in nominal "growth." Without that contribution, annualized GDP would have been worse than -3%!

The party has been going on for a short time now as we present in this rewind. Why ironic but TRUE we brought this very look into things when it first came out,


April 26,2013 - Total US Debt To GDP: 105%

Yes it certainly is TooT! TooT! So based upon DEBT CREDITS it is so if only 2% of all this DEBT is in paper form or currency and the rest in clicks on a computer then how the heck do the DEBT CREDIT CHIP EARNERS expect to supposedly cash out in order to have,

Yes they do say it is still spending from their wallet these earned DEBT CREDIT CHIPS and certainly it is. However that time has now drawn near for the Magic of clickity-clcik has ran it's course and the borrowing from Peter to pay Paul has already been performed. And the DEBT CREDIT CHIP earners? The 82 to 87 loss on the 1 odds scale says many will no longer be puppets.

May 13,2015 -

excerpt - The Facts

And Ben has been quite outspoken.

Illusion is in many forms and one can not decipher TRUTH unless they SEE.

Disturbing video,

July 26,2015 - GOP leader: 'Shut down Planned Parenthood, arrest doctors'
For Republicans, it's 'time to make a stand'

July 25,2015 - Carson: Hillary's 'awe' of Sanger a 'ticking bomb'

excerpt - President Barack Obama’s advocacy for abortion has been unparalleled by any American president in history – he’s on record, while he was a state senator, of even opposing instructing doctors to try to save an infant who survives an abortion procedure.

But the “awe” possible Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has for the woman who is credited with launching Planned Parenthood is nothing less than a “ticking time bomb,” according to surgeon and GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

Planned Parenthood has been in the headlines over the last two weeks because of undercover videos that revealed two executives discussing the prices for the body parts of unborn babies.

One of those executives even said that while prices didn’t really matter much, “I want a Lamborghini.”

Pres. election hopeful?

Why the dirt is flying from all angles for this world HISTORIC pres. race. Good thing for that last minute name sign on the clause of the upholding of just in case of..... till it's all settled that is.

So wonder who will come up with the next big injection from clickity-click? Best hope you ended up with one of those top Willy Wonka chocolate bar wrappers. And by the way their is only a very few that have.

Exciting times indeed!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:38 am

Daily Double: Very Happy

Funnies! Smile

excerpt -

NEW YORK, July 27 (Reuters) - The biggest rout in Chinese shares in eight years stoked concerns on Monday over the worldwide impact of slowing growth in the world's No. 2 economy,(end of excerpt)


China surpasses U.S. to become largest world...

Dec 05, 2014 · For the first time in decades, the U.S. is no longer the largest economy in the world, and China has become number one, the International Monetary Fund says.
China surpasses US as world's largest economy...

China has surpassed the US in terms of GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP), becoming the largest in the world by this measure, International Monetary Fund ...
China Surpasses Us News

Queen will mark day she surpasses Victoria's reign, SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE writes
Daily Mail3 days ago
Morning MoneyBeat Europe: Tech Takes a Bite Out of Sentiment
The Wall Street Journal via Yahoo UK & Ireland Finance5 days ago
Stocks plunge more than 2% for week on earnings, global growth concerns
CNBC via Yahoo! Finance3 days ago

China surpasses U.S. as world’s largest economy -...

Oct 08, 2014 · International Monetary Fund says China’s surging economic power has made it No. 1; Anthony Mason reports.
China surpasses US as world's largest trading... › Business › International trade

China became the world's largest trading nation in 2013, overtaking the US in what Beijing described as "a landmark milestone" for the country.
China Just Overtook The US As The World's Largest...

Sorry, America. China just overtook the US to become the world's largest economy, according to the International Monetary Fund. Chris Giles at the Financial Times ...
It’s official: America is now No. 2 - MarketWatch

The Chinese economy just overtook the United States economy to become the largest in the world. ... A Bank of China branch under construction early this year in ...
Will China's Economy Really Surpass the U.S. This...

May 01, 2014 · A new report says China will end the United States' 142-year reign as global economic top dog in 2014, but economists -- and China itself -- have doubts.
China surpasses US GDP, is now no. 1 in world...

Jan 06, 2015 · As we commence 2015, China’s GDP (gross domestic product), the measure of an economy’s total output in equivalent purchasing power, was valued at $17.6 ...
China Economy Surpasses US In Purchasing Power,... › Markets / Finance

The International Monetary Fund announced Wednesday that China's economy, when measured by purchasing power parity (PPP), surpassed that of the United States to ...
China to surpass US economy in 5 years — RT USA

Apr 24, 2011 · The IMF has announced that China will surpass the US economically in real terms in 2016 – a mere five years from now. The report brings new light to US .

That is some FUNNY stuff!

Why puppets have the ears that are trained to SCREWED!

This folks is what you call CHANGE kicking in. And it won't take to long now as we did give our guess of 90 days 2 weeks ago yet the acceleration of has been astounding!

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:02 pm

Good lunch time folks! Very Happy

It's like counting points on the BDIY or for that matter anywhere. You simply can not count what is not there.

But somehow in today's crazed schemes world of finance the very TRUTH of the matter is that most of these crazed puppet helpers still choose to say that you can borrow into and against the machine for eternity and it does not matter. That folks is a disconnect from REALITY.

Yes while puppets chime in as spread the FALSE gossip of production in the US the FACT of the matter is chocolate smudges covering numbers on paper does not relieve the numbers but merely MASKS them.

Aug. 4,2015 -

excerpt - Here's hoping to the absolutely astronomical growth that these privately priced to perfection companies will need in order to justify their ridiculous valuations... just as the Fed prepares to hike rates and lead to what many know, but won't admit, will be a recession in a few years (if one hasn't started already).

Oh 'The POST' certainly does encourage the puppet financial/news club to debate their past stories told and the opposition as to.

After all 'The POST' was just getting going with all these observations and unfoldings of the REALITY of clickity-click just before it was tossed from the puppet box of financials. Some puppets claim it is a vendetta against the puppets. And it is nothing at all like that. It is simply REALITY that the long term investors are unable to handle and it is called TRUTH. Why TRUTH affects everybody where lie only affects those that want to believe lie as TRUTH.

Aug. 2,2015 - Canada's economy is shrinking — here's what's going on

And to think of the audacity of the prideful braggers that have scored the clickity-click debt credits chips at the expense of the general world populace.

July 28,2015 - 15 Charts For All Investors Creating Serious Tension For August

Why it's PARTY TIME coming up! Can you say hello to QE via Canada Express! Whatcha ya think hamburglers and Virgils. Say maybe 4-5 Trillion or so to hold the STALLATION and help old SUPER MILKER out some more! Why that would be a sling shot for the old gld and slv price rise as well. And if you think not then the old pinocchio nose is really growing (and it has become quite long already over the past 2 years alone).

Yes all the world's a stage and with no CLICKITY-CLICK the goose is cooked.

Those puppets for a couple of years denied the very thought of CLICKITY-CLICK when they should have been expressing their gratitude for such. Why with out the puppet simply could not profess Magic gains (based upon debt credit chips that is). And this is the reason that the puppets at various so called financial spots are unable to answer the QUADRILLION PLUS DEBT QUESTION. Which was and is yet today 'just where would we be with out clickity-click'.


Good old Jason A. will bring some speed to your thinking in reading the map directions if you will. And if you have not heard of this Jason A. they have done a incredible job with bringing home the bacon if you will. SEE nothing has slowed down but intensity has increased.

Aug. 2,2015 - 'UNPRECEDENTED' Events on Earth 2015: Unusual Weather & Prophetic Events...

'The POST' is not and never has been a activist political or anything else spot. 'The POST' has been nothing more than a place following along with the times and presenting the look seen coming from. Pretty much something anybody that lives with TRUTH is able to do.

And the 'uptick' leading to as covered 3 years back yet puppets were allowed to run a muck and mock away at such observations and that in which would come from? Say any puppets reading today from that circus board? Well go and mock 'Frackenquake' as that is what 'The POST' spoke of coming shortly ahead and POOF! just like Magic so it is (yet again).

Can't be giving thanks to JC for false impression expressed as TRUTH. Unless of course you like false impression and like to steer others away from TRUTH by presenting false impression as the TRUTH. Why even if you mix 50/50 half TRUTH half lie it is still deceiving which is lie.

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:26 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

...and earnings to growth for the year to this percentage to that percentage and then if and oh and the......

Listen barking about the prosper gain is really dumb. There is NO GAIN from the deficit until the deficit is cleared. The PUPPET WAGON is not a vehicle in which you want to ride in or take directions from.

Not so fast on that yen now....... SUPER MILKER in play.

WHOOPS! Velocity of Money is another topic? Not really but part of the same.

From Jim Sinclair's site,

July 31,2015 - In The News Today

“No. 739: Second-Quarter GDP and Benchmark Revision, Velocity of Money”

- U.S. Economic Activity Was Just Downgraded; Historical GDP Numbers Were Revised Meaningfully Lower; Second-Half 2012 Now Is Shown at Near-Recession
- Post-2007 Economic History Slowly Is Taking on a Revised Pattern of a Multiple-Dip Economic Collapse
- Unfolding “New” Recession Remains Very Much in Play
- Despite Below-Consensus 2.3% Second-Quarter Growth, Benchmarked GDP Level Was Below Prior Reporting for First-Quarter GDP
- First-Quarter GDP Revised to Small Gain from Minor Decline, but Broader First-Quarter GNP Remained in Headline Contraction


July 31,2015 - Zerohedge

excerpt - Earnings Shocker: Quarterly Increase In Wages Is Smallest On Record
Submitted by Tyler Durden

The quarterly increase in US wages was just 0.2% – a third of the 0.6% rise expected – and a meager 2% increase Y/Y in line with all the other depressed BLS data, which dashes the “wage growth is looming” meme and crushed the 0.7% rise in Q1 that had so many hopeful of escape velocity any day now.

Because the ECI tracks the same job over time, it removes shifts in the mix of workers across industries, which is a shortcoming of the hourly earnings figures, which makes this number even more of a disaster. This is the weakest US wage growth since records begain in 1982 and half as slow as the weakest of 57 economist estimates.

As Bloomberg notes,

So then we can turn to a pretty good formal breakdown from old 'Washingtonsblog'

June 5, 2015 - An Important Economic Indicator – Money Velocity – Crashes Far Worse than During the Great Depression

Of course depending on which side of the coin you look the view has 2 opposites.

The % is on the upside with puppet math for earnings. SEE puppets can not decipher DEBT from SOUND money.

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:05 pm

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy

Well the downside to things after the ice cream has melted and the cake is dried up?

Just a few short years back 'The POST' presented a list of callers as to the train wreck. and none were right although considered the world's best. Then again none of them knew that the endless supply of clickity-clcik was about to take play?

Well regardless of all that the vast do understand sound money. And the vast also understand borrowing something. In this case so said money. Now somehow a whole bunch of folks got confused as to borrowing and sound. Simply put helping to float bets for the larger table of players and increase or decrease your odds of winning depending on what bluff is best. And bluff as the old Lionel train set went out years ago simply due to it's amazing hold up time. Why most today could simply still been handed down over the years with out ever having to buy another. Amazing.

We call that the top of the hill. Lot's of puppets do not like that as they never see the top of the hill as they will always be climbing a imaginary top on Fantasy Island. It's comical but not in a literal funny type sense with the hee-hee and ho-ho. DEE the transportation reading for the past 60 clearly reflects REALITY.

One of those callers that predicted the collapse states they did not think clickity-click would happen to save the day. And he openly admits that as well as,

Celente says it's cooked only a few months to go,

Aug. 6,2014 -

You might also enjoy (as very relevant to),

Aug. 8,2015 -

How in the heck can you mix up credit with sound? And why would ya take the deal? There is only so much room on the top of the hill and it is currently full.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:33 am

Good brunch time folks folks! Very Happy

Good old SUPER MILKER hey. That old hamburgerler used to just hate that call and the name given to it. But it is what it is and shall be which is a advanced drain.

So the TRILLIONS of clickity-click pecks on the keys has the question that is,what is there to devalue if your currency is already what.... 200% DEBT to Gdp,


August 2013 - With a quadrillion in debt, there’s only one way out for Japan

Dec. 2014 - We all know Japan's National debt is bad, at +200% of GDP, but most of that debt is domestic/public and not owed to foreign nations. What are the negative implications of a default to Japan and the world economy?

Spin to so call win when playing the numbers but the odds are that in which matter.

Odds of Magicaly paying off QUADRILLIONS inflicted by various tools and measures? Odds need not be calculated nor do they matter. What matters is good spin!

Yes the mini Titanic's have sunk and the last of the large Titanic's have formed for change with a broad new view for 'change' it is at times hard to fathom how so many have missed the boat as they say. Why Rewind is a good thing as many have simply got lost and have forgotten their own roots.

Aug. 11,2015 - Oil brings market back?

is how that one should have read.

World wide transportation index meter states your last to drifts caused harsh weather. July 8the and 27th say it all in reflection as to the harsh Fantasy Island disturbance in weather. The puppet box really needs to get a grip as you name the chart and you name the time zone clickity-click and magical market surges ahead and rainbows and puppies like the puppets would use to blow off the REALITY check with is and has been.

Why scrap loads in the water (BDIY) won't keep up with that is a real good bet.

And Gold & Silver? They will position HIGHER as the wreck grows closer and stronger. Hard to put a positive on a DEBT number not sound say the clickity-click meter of velocity as the paper circulation goes lower. And how much lower can that go at under 2% in circulation. Guess no more is needed to be running out and about to the general world public as clickity-click is working great! So who has 4 or 5 trillion clicks to add?


Say if somebody cares to ask.... ask Frank about 'The POST' and the call just a short time back as to,

now that was a clash in outlook scenarios at the other your money board. But as 'The POST' had stated it would come out in the wash to spite the sour response as to so it is. Yet just a grain of sand on the shore amongst a beach line.

Oh well. How about we just write up some contracts and cancel them at the last moment. meanwhile that will drive price!

Aug. 9,2015 - Chesapeake putting Ohio production "on hold"; US refineries refining at a record pace...

The POST is just a spot follow the NEWS at and not a political or activist spot.

Exciting Times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 7 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

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