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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

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Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:41 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy

"Most of the companies in the index are solid mid cap or large cap corporations. Like the Nasdaq Composite Index, the S&P 500 is a market-weighted index. Most experts consider the S&P 500 one of the best benchmarks available to judge overall U.S. market performance.
Use S&P 500 in a sentence

“ The S&P 500 is one of the major stock indices traded in New York City and is considered one of the top resources used to judge U.S. market performance. ”

Greetings to,

the Disinfranchised Investor,

At the old house REALITY is most certainly like a fast train and 50/50 'still' abundant. A day in the life of a investor hey.

Lot's spoke of however the main core left aside. Disfranchised Investor when one lives beyond their means and expects others to continue to supply the jones fix for....  Simply expect the inevitable in which you can SEE far in advance. Why in REALITY time that would be before the splendor even begins for such.

In turn things of nature really never were or had to be as they are quite useless when applying the pattern of everybody simply getting along in HONESTY.

Now here at 'The POST' things are quite real and there is no pretending needed to make for eventful days. Fantasy Island has a disturbing lure to it and attracts the greater rather than the less as 'The POST' has looked upon in the past. And on more than one occasion. And that was a look of prior to it happening and the what those results from would be. Disinfranchise Investor the stakes are down quite a bit further than that in which is mentioned. Then again who's counting hey! Why in a how can I continue to receive while the astronomical probabilities of doing so are against?

So how many are even able to fanthom say 500 trillion cash at hand vs 225 trillion plus of DEBT CURRENCY created in the past several years? Why you could say the casino is almost half way in as servicing such a obscure number is beyond reason. And that very short tale of the tape by the exampled number is a fine look at the multiplier.

It is called conclusion to a history of epic events leading to. How much are the jones toy's worth in trade in or cash out value? Unfortunate but TRUE nothing for the price paid.

Jan. 31,2016 - Former Reagan White House Official Warns: 'We Are Nearing The End' - The War On Cash And The Coming Global Bank Runs


For our old BDIY scoffer 'guest' that we do invite back as,


: The dry bulk shipping market will remain in recession due to contracting demand for iron ore and coal, and any recovery is not expected until 2017, according to the Dry Bulk Forecaster report published by global shipping consultancy Drewry.

: Falling demand and oversupply has severely impacted commodity values, with iron ore and coal prices in virtual free fall.

: Less than 60 bulker's were contracted in the first seven months of 2015, a drop of 91% YoY, and down from more than 1,200 in full year 2013. Combined with the firm pace of deliveries, this has led to a 20% decline in the bulk carrier order book since the start of 2015.


: Barrons: Baltic Dry: Not Washed Up -- News that the Baltic Dry Index is sunk as an economic indicator is much exaggerated.
The index—which measures the cost to haul dry freight over the world's oceans—has merely run aground after getting hit with a shipping-market tsunami. Don't worry. It will right itself soon enough–and should once again become a useful forecasting tool, as early as the end of the year.

: The cost of shipping dry commodities, such as coal, iron ore and grains, forms the basis for the BDI. When more raw materials are shipped, it is because they are needed to be made into ...

As the rail is? Well? ......

excerpt - U.S. Rail Freight Traffic (supposedly one of Warren Buffet's favorite indicators) :

With a recent spike cut haircut to road transport all looks TooT! TooT!

What did they say.... oh yeah! sell on the highs! But but but the highs are3ox's over jacked so where is the stop?

Yep 30x's over in DEBT just for what's mentioned.

Jan. 25,2016 -


Just a few days ago in the news is discussion and a few days later,


So commander and chief will be stepping up to plate and congress is going to be suspended for 6 months due to not being able to come to terms?

A Lehman moment to straighten everything out... again? No this is the new game of dominoes getting ready to begin. But first SUPER MILKER should play out.

Well has the Disinfranchised Investor or other ever played 7 card? This is a very long and drawn out game between the flops. Kinda like congress as to the long and drawn out with no real resolve of thus far. And as the flops run down the remainder of those cards that can possibly turn is what should be reflected upon.

And those that were supposed off???? Why not at all as that praising was going on at so called investment area boards that simply wavered on 50/50 instead of focus. It would only seem proper to say that those as such hate REALITY and when you brought clickity-click up (or mass debt printing to satisfy the jones and collected now but banked into the future of for repayment?). Well that would be outlined above the results of such. And pretty much through 'The POST'.

Yes good old clickity-click and where do you live on the side of the hill?

So when this guy called the party over along with others,how many ya think knew of the vast amount of clickity-clicks would be used of debt to hold up....  well.... debt,

Feb. 2,2016 - Gerald Celente: Get Prepped For Global Systemic Collapse

And that BDIY today? More than ugly as a dial of TRUTH falling now below 300 at 297. Why just think of it as in about 3 months at this rate.... why all the manufacturing that this country needs will be done right back here in the good old USA as nothing coming in and nothing going out of the country except squat. Given that timeline by the horses mouth and your holly wood scripted election show well people may want to brace for the runaway zombies that have Busy Busy Busy as others worked.

But here is a idea! Go read the kash is king comic as apparent some figure to convince that it's safe haven. Sorry but no safe havens in 300 trillion in debt plus borrowed out from way beyond any future to satisfy the jones. And boy there has been trillions borrowed far in advance to satisfy today's jones fix.

Exciting times!


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