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Post  Admin on Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:57 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

Why those Perch and Walleye this way are in by the numbers. Best to catch the fresh catch when it's running as it is!

Say that's a way to move some shadow inventory ( as there is more than enough to go around,


Jan. 2014 -

excerpt - Earlier this month, CoreLogic estimated that 1.7 million homes were in the shadow inventory as of January 2014, which is almost half of the 3 million homes that were in the shadows when the inventory peaked in January 2010. We have traditionally defined shadow inventory as the number of homes with mortgages that are 90 or more days delinquent and that we believe will move into foreclosure to ultimately become real-estate owned (REO) properties in the for-sale inventory, though they are not yet listed on multiple listing services.

and don't believe the number as it is 'far' beyond that in which is told. Why perhaps hit the county chopping auction block auctions and see who is buying. perhaps (tee-hee) somebody will talk a little with you while waiting on the bid. Gotta love the octopus and the many suction cups. Why you may think that these are separate entities however you would be wrong.

Oct. 21,2014 - Time to make it easier for people to get loans with lower credit and lower down payments: FHFA looking seriously at making it easier for cash strapped Americans to take on mortgages.

Maybe the plan is to develop a plan out of town and then apply that plan back here in the US? That's FUNNY!

Cause this is the United States and we are the folks that make it up that live here legal. The vast majority that live here in the US were born here. And we did have a look at keeping up the healthy home then comes outside of the home. The US home is not healthy to spite all of the rhetoric that is pre-scripted and thrown at the folks. For if say folks simply voted as to this and that (as they once did) we are most sure that the vast of what we SEE would certainly not have happened and continue to.

This way over 30 that were long termers (20 years plus) were called into the office to start the day and told they are no longer needed. Not laid off but good bye. This came over a week stretch with not even mention prior to. It was a last minute deal.
So homes bought and cars and trucks and the rest that goes hand in hand with DEBT CREDIT CHIPS needless to say time to trim down the jones as there is 'NOT' anywhere even close to near of so called wage scale earnings needed for those that are and those that have and those that it is coming to in this position. And this is one tiny spots. And as The POST has covered the ongoing spots that have only grown into large stains cross the map (without HONEST improvement) it's direction direction that can be SEEN if one is able to SEE. Sadly many believe they are able to SEE but are blind as a bat.


Must be a silent demand thing for puppets. As the puppet script lines are certainly not jiving with that in which has been followed closely,

Oct. 22,2014 - India Gold Demand Surges 450% and Bank of Russia Demand At 15 Year High

Gold & Silver Going WAY Higher! Smile Smile Smile

Here is a idea! How about puppets and the likes simply continue claiming fame to DEBT CREDIT CHIPS and stacking them up with the ongoing ponzi. That way when the hook sets and that devaluation comes in they can't say they have not been fed and have received what is coming to them.

Exciting times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:23 pm

Daily Double:  Very Happy

Say a few 'short' years back when The POST introduced the far fetched version of the up coming attraction of same sex The POST was slammed for such. Now as it is all coming out of the wash and the days grow shorter a few have opened their eyes?

We SEE one of the circus board of financials in another area is remarking as to the Texas ministers having to turn over their sermons before preaching.

Don't be confused or stuck there as this is a small taste of what has already been prepared has been going on and is ready to serve to everybody.

Yes they have the tax deal under control however what is 'trying' to be controlled is God. Have you ever heard of THE ALMIGHTY being defeated? That answer is simple and TRUE. The answer is NO and ALL FUTURE answers are NO. Why for ETERNITY that answer will be NO.

Now if you are a fortunate one that is a believer than you would understand as you are able to SEE. 50/50 pretenders with blah blah words have no understanding as they have been given none. But they are able to change (the 50/50 bunch that is) as they are blessed each and every breath they take while here on this plane.

Now perhaps if the vast would have been following along (instead of relying on the MAIN) they would understand what has and is transpiring.

mmhmm has a idea for those sticking with the TRUE path of God and we are happy to SEE that mmhmm

Now mmhmm (if you are reading today) years ago (at least 25 years) I had lived next to a couple that were lesbian. They were friendly and we would exchange small talk. One day I asked them what God and Jesus thought about this.

Well they went onto say that they were Christians and it was perfectly acceptable as that is what they understood.

I asked if I could show them what God had to say in the Bible and they welcomed such.

So I did from various books within the King James Bible.

Do you know what happened?

The neighbor deal did no longer worked out and I was thrown from their apt. with rage as TRUTH is something that many are willing to tackle but they are willing to attempt justification of 50/50.

Nobody is perfect. But if we seek then we will find. And we find we are to work and 'try to live' as the one who was sent (Jesus Christ) amongst us as a PERFECT EXAMPLE of a human being. Why you do that and Decoy 409 promises that the Lord will guide you.  Wink


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:07 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

Magic time for the perch and walleye with more than enough action!

Had to have a quick look and SEE the ponzi in play as jarhead pointed out just a short back and jarhead it works like a charm,

Oct. 23,2014 - This Is How Caterpillar Just Blew Away Q3 Earnings

excerpt - So far this year, we've returned value to our stockholders by repurchasing $4.2 billion of Caterpillar stock and raising our quarterly dividend by 17 percent,"

Now that is FUNNY!

or how about this trick,

Oct. 23,2014 - Initial Jobless Claims Rise Most In 3 Months, 4-Week Average Lowest Since 2000

and the mostest (new word) FUNNIEST is the question of just where would things be right now if it was not for clickity-click.

Guess while SUPER MILKER has been running strong we will soon SEE just how much it has and that should be pretty much in a BIG conflict with the puppets,

excerpt - The markets have a major problem.

That problem, simply put, is that QE ends this month.

QE has been the driving force for the stock market since 2008. This factor, more than anything else in the world, is responsible for stocks rallying to new all-time highs surpassing even the 2007 peak.

Oct. 22,2014 - The Fed's Hands Are Tied Unless the Market Crashes

Now only a 'short time' ago (4 months) we had the following to SEE and like the other recent examples nothing has changed,


May 10,2014 - Corporations can’t stop gobbling up their own stock

and nothing has changed since or before as the road is the same one.

Certainly is a whole lot of clickity-click that just some how has to be accounted for as it is not sound it is simply clickity-click.

FUNNY how companies call this buyback a reward. As The POST calls it the same way.... Or those that have helped to trash it out have already received their reward.

Why apple on the billions in bb is too FUNNY!!!

Well time is dwindling and the clickity-click will have some linger effects with a nice slab of fresh butter on the top when she goes. Oh that slab of nice butter should be a great serving of here is what happened.

Exciting Times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:15 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy

Quote: 'Top notch team and the gov doing everything possible.......'

Oct. 24,2014 -

excerpt - NEW YORK (AP) — A doctor who became New York City's first Ebola patient was praised for getting treatment immediately upon showing symptoms, and health officials stressed that the nation's most populous city need not fear his wide-ranging travel in the days before his illness began.

source/ Main

Doing everything.

Known worst breakout in WORLD HISTORY last March. Guess we all missed that in the Main.

Air flights simply continued.

FUNNY that the border down Mexico way is still in full swing with illegals coming in left and right. (and The POST discussed the very of just a few 'short' years back so WELCOME to the BIG show).

Or maybe it is even FUNNIER just where the old first case was discovered being 60 miles away from the gates biological complex for creation of such things. have to do that stuff out of town as it is illegal to do it on the US soil HA! HA! HA! HA! (sickening).

Or maybe it is even more FUNNY that while the casino is located new York way that the 'ALL CLEAR' signal is given to relax the crowd.

Or maybe it is even more FUNNYT that their is still no Main mention of the other states already reporting in on ebola with them.

Well lets hope that the old doc bowled a 300 while at the bowling alley for the evening prior to going to the hospital. Say will that be like trying to get those on that flight to turn themselves in for testing? HA! HA! HA! HA! (sickening).

Nicely put together,

Sept. 19,2014 - EBOLA | Inside the Deadly Outbreak [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Yep going to be a VERY BIG WHAMMY to CHANGE. Thank goodness it has been structural in set up and the majority of the sheep have no clue. That is what you called 'controlled chaos'.

Casino crowd may remember this lively and FUNNY show,

Press Your Luck - The Whammies

Exciting Times indeed!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:27 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy

Now hamburgers and franks and usa sunrnr helpers of those and all the rest that tried avidly to state that clickity-clcik has nothing to do with anything and the casino on all time highs.

Why puppet folks that can be found everywhere and yet every puppet there is you can identify as a puppet once you do one simple thing. And that was and is and always has been where would things be if the towers never went down and all those people that died needlessly. Just where would it be if not for clickity-click and unsurmountable DEBT CREATION?

If puppets are reading why be a puppet any longer? As you will SEE in the lovely chart from the horses mouth just where and when clickity-click has been applied and the old casino puppet player reaction as to is TRUE!

And without that clickity-click that STALLATED the inevitable?????

Hard to believe that some people are still asking why and others are comfortable as to the answer. That would translate to alot of folks have been sleeping for a very long time as the alarm clock was never set.

It is just about emabarressing one would think when caught up in discussion for some of these Rip Van Winkles.

So much watched and discussed yet a nation pretty much unaware of what goes on as a tailored media delights in wool sheering.

Yep going to take a BIG DETOUR this time around and The POST is very much aware that 'short time' is just as it was presented to be a few 'short' years back.

Tyler has some great NEWS going to keep those from the dark (as usual). Like qe and dreams of recovery by through creation of explosive IOU BEBT,

and as we reflect on that (once again) we SEE that others thought they may in too deep but never once thought of how to get out and when they attempt such a feat seems like a reoccurring pattern is most certainly in the mix,

Oct. 25,2014 - Another Deutsche Banker And Former SEC Enforcement Attorney Commits Suicide

Oct. 24,2014 - Banker Suicide: DSK's Hedge Fund Partner Jumps From 23rd Floor Apartment

Yes that has become a very crazy list over the past year or so with a extra large mute button attached to the Main as to.

The POST recalls when the old wxyz from the circus along with a few other puppets mocked and poked such things as the list. The only thing you can count on a puppet for is entertainment. Kinda like that arcade machine where you drop in the debt coins and win a china sweat shop toy of a cost of around a few debt pennies. But you are going to go out (or many will) and clam to the fame of such winnings yet they are nothing more than investment of personal demise. This is something that the stubborn puppets on that 50/50 tightrope will have to come to terms with. Our prayer for them is that they eventually wake up while still sucking air and alive here in the materialistic.

Well the official kept list has long disappeared from the internet (public files) but the story of remains ongoing as it rightfully should. So we look to,


For reference,

April 30,2014 - DEAD BANKERS UPDATES 4-30-2014: Dead Bankers Deaths Being Classified As Trade Secrets And The True Numbers Of Dead Bankers (VIDEO)

Of course all of this simply seems as though it is a long running story tale as it has been a short time in years now that The POST was started. But rest assured GODS plan is just swift and TRUE.

And the man made and the natural are crossing. So who do you think comes out in front? Infinite God or the man made from 50/50 half truth half lie?

Oct. 26,2014 - Christmas In October - Desperate Measures

Let's hope the doc had that 300 game at the bowling alley hey! WRONG. However 300 it was,

Oct. 25,2014 - NYC Ebola Patient's Condition Worsens As Fiancee Returns Home

Or how about that old Enquirer news and the one minute nineteen second mark,

Oct. 26,2014 - Ebola Bombshell! Dr Spencers 16 Year Old Neighbor is shown a Pic Of Dr. Spencer And Says It’s Not Him

Oct. 25,2014 - CDC Whistleblower: “Oh My God…What We Did”

Those that watch the PBS nightly news probably got a kick out of the latest when the interviewer asked the puppet speaker why they simply do not close down air travel into the US. That reply was people would simply come in through the underground via Canadian border and Mexico border.

The interviewer was stunned at such a stupid reply and asked again do to disbelief however the same answer was given.

It is TRUE that those that played the 50/50 have some serious catching up to do with self realization and final destiny. Amazing how many people will state that they will simply continue on as they have and when they die and go before judgment they simply think they will be questioning God as their self centered decision making route they took. But you know what? That won't work. Yes that's right that will not work.

And why? That answer is so very simple. And that answer is the road map was left for all to study yet few decided to and instead played 50/50.

Toot! TooT! (sorry for the use jarhead as we know you do not like that expression  Laughing ),

Oct. 25,2014 - N.Y. and N.J. say they will require Ebola quarantines

And perhaps you will see the same from the other states with the already ebola patients. Texas comes to mind. Say old Bruce the math banker is that way wonder what he has going for odds as he does like running numbers.

Which brings us to some odds that puppets just can't seem to figure no matter how hard they try,

Oct.,25,2014 -

excerpt - So on this Friday, October 24, 2014, after watching world markets since the close of September options on September 19th, I thought that it might be a good time to review a few pictures hanging in the current "gallery". Clearly, if the weeks and months ahead prove that September 19th was THE final top in US stocks in the latest and largest global financial bubble on record, then my comments will not have come within a few days of THE last "all time high" hyped headline.

As world markets come into the Federal Reserve's next scheduled press release on Wednesday, Oct 29th, we are all waiting for two issues to be resolved; will they continue their path since December 18, 2013 and announce that effective November 1st, QEIII funds go to zero, and will the Dow be able to break above 17,000 or will this line prove to be the final wall of resistance before starting the next phase of selling?

While we wait to learn the answer, let me share with you a few charts you may not have seen. I would encourage you to share these with family, friends, business associates....anyone. Ask yourself, "Does this look like sustainable long term behavior, or more like the Japanese stock markets ascent to the heavens before starting the longest bear market in modern history in January 1990, and the 83% collapse of the NASDAQ 100 when the bubble burst, comparable to the 89% collapse of the Dow between 1929 and 1932?"

Bulls become bears, and bears become bulls.

"Every boom must one day come to an end." - Ludwig von Mises (1928)

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and it fell--and great was its fall."

When Jesus had finished these words, the crowds were amazed at His teaching; for He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as their scribes." Matthew 7: 24-29

Exciting Times indeed!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:37 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy

Working out well the first puppet line out as the Magic takes the casino over 17. Of course that puppet line is one for the HISTORY books as there is plenty to play with for a few and others will have to decide if they take out the coin purse and keep those astronomical odd buy ups going.

Yes circus all star like a cockroach out from the dark to call some FALSE look that one of HONESTY.

Eventually whether folks ever hear from puppets or not puppets themselves can run but they certainly can not hide as goes for everybody. Many puppets will be hiding between the rocks and so forth (or thinking they are) but TRUTH will grab hold of them as it is writ and they will cry out to be crushed.

So while the puppet/s gather new story lines to tell tales of belief from (for those that so choose to believe them) we can only look to TRUTH by the many elements very much alive and in play and simply growing stronger and stronger while the puppets do their best to dismiss such in having any relevance much less even existing.

Michael Snyder always on the ball and always summing it up in the light for those that so choose to look HONESTLY in the mirror.

17 ya say and smooth sailing as the improving in HONEST fashion simply continues onward? Now that is FUNNY!

We turn to a old and familiar site of NEWS,

Oct. 27,2014 - Guess How Much Americans Plan To Spend On Christmas And Halloween This Year…

Excerpt - In fact, what Americans plan to spend on Christmas this year is greater than the yearly GDP of the entire nation of Sweden.  So isn't this good economic news? (end)

Oct. 26,2014 -

Excerpt - As you will see below, since 2008 stocks have risen dramatically throughout every stage of quantitative easing.  But when the various phases of quantitative easing have ended, stocks have always responded by declining substantially.

Oct. 28,2014 - Homeownership Rate 2014

Oct. 28,2014 - Does This Look Like A Housing Recovery To You?

And to spit old China supposed woes ya really think that the old monopoly is coming back to the US? If it does it does not happen until that Final Chapter is concluded.

Oct. 23,2014 - 50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 28,031 Dollars A Year

Don't have to worry about those folks living beyond their means as TooT! TooT! is Right on Schedule. Remember just a short back (a few years)

Sept. 2013 -

excerpt - In 2012, the median earnings of American women working full time year-round were $37,791. American men earned a median income of $49,398. The gender wage gap has hovered at about 77 cents on the dollar since 2007.

They call it the disconnect and that disconnect started long ago. Two paths and only two paths as there is NO tightrope walking playing 50/50. Puppets are aware of the very but can easily be identified when twisting and turning basic FACTS as above in order to show that the FACTS are not present and if they are and can not be covered that they simply have no negative bearing and our trivial in the problem.


Another great reply on the ebola front out east way. Reporter asks is it not better that returning ones from helping are not kept quarantined for 21 days and the reply was monitoring on them by checks twice a day will be just fine.

Meanwhile they can go to the bowling alley or school even shopping with out being a risk? Would seem a bit silly would it not to allow a possible to simply go about as long as somebody is checking them twice a day as they would be among the populace and it is a 21 day incubation period. So everythjing you are out and about with would be infected including the people you come across.

21 days is not a long stretch just ask Martha Stewart.

And must have been overlooked that God does not make mistakes,

Only one thing wrong here. And that is the so called age analyzer has been proven 'inaccurate' and that it is unable to identify beyond a certain amount time so in turn a scholar guess is assumed. may want to take a refresher in the 'Great Flood' ocean layers (and other) and re-evaluate that carbon look Wink.

Instead we have bring out the water stick along with the contradict stick as they are both considered accurate apparently by some,

Oct. 28,2014 - Pope Francis says Big Bang theory does not contradict role of God


Going to be weird when they start selling man is a woman and woman is a man and that is why some people need a operation. So don't be sad Johnny as we will just flip your name to Joan and everything will be just fine. Of course that will be after you find your soul sister mate and we marry you in Gods name.

Not to shocking what we find created out of Hollywood and the attempted sales of by the main. So many avenues to work through.

Exciting Times indeed.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:54 am

Daily Double:  Wink

BDI derivatives or a leader on the board on top of the hill? Takes a special play!

And the uptick is far from what is thought of or exploited being the old supply/demand but rather the worn out system in which has simply become in need of emergency assistance as that old last ditch effort,


May 23,2013 -


The entire FFA market has shrunk, furthermore, as the dry bulk shipping market has suffered one of its worst and longest ever downturns. Owners had ordered large numbers of new vessels between 2007 and 2009, just in time for the collapse of the global economy after the 2008 financial crisis.

The dry FFA market, which had grown to an estimated value of $150 billion in trades in 2008, fell to around $8 billion to $12 billion last year, according to market estimates.

"They (the exchange) have been caught by the overall lack of liquidity and volume in the market. Volumes have not really recovered (since 2008)," said Nikos Nomikos, a professor in shipping risk management at London's Cass Business School.

Baltex, which does not provide figures on trading volumes, posted a loss of 704,166 pounds ($1.1 million) in the year to end-March 2012.

Results for the year to March 2013, due shortly, will show n said that Baltex was "still running at a loss", Penn said.

Nevertheless, the London-based Baltic Exchange, the hub of the global shipping market since its founding in 1744, is pressing on with trying to expand Baltex.

and a chuckle,

July 2014 -

excerpt - Of course, we will hear the echo chamber of 'over-supply' of ships rather than any 'under-demand' of actual aggregate product argument but the circularity of this argument is entirely lost on status quo huggers who viewed rising dry bulk commodity prices as indicative of growth (and built more ships) as opposed to the ponzi-financing scheme it really was... mal-investment writ large once again in a manipulated (and mismanaged) world.

Yes the old surge in big ships for heavy junk cargo,

So here is some FUN!

Wally world at 76 (last Sept 2013),

Sept. 25,2013 - Wal-Mart Cutting Orders as Unsold Merchandise Piles Up

Now as of today we sit at 76.40 (current time). And in the mix is what has been discussed all along as just a ingredient or hot poker in the pit,

Sept. 13,2014 - Corporate cocaine

Oct. 18,2014 -

Looking to the overall and the behind scenes financial duress that has been administered yet unadored by puppet power reflection as to that 50% and greater as the TRUE backbone to a structured society with equal and just for all in the Lords eyes and ways is not there. But the very underline of mathmatical calculation is. So equal and just is measured to that man made tailored amount and closes the door to the rest.

Yes it would be more than TRUE as to the stacked and burned up shelf left overs would not have been shown as a positive with a melted BDI HISTORIC drop earlier,

excerpt - IT WAS EASY recommending buying volatility via equity and ETF options when the VIX was low and stock prices were high. Selling high-priced puts to buy blue-chip shares that pay dividends always makes sense for long-term investors. But investor sentiment—what Keynes called animal spirits—is now extremely unpredictable amid the U.S. dollar’s strength and the fear of a global economic slowdown.

Wal-Mart  (WMT), the world’s largest retailer, is warning of tough times. It lowered its sales growth forecast in the current fiscal year to 2% to 3%, down from 3% to 5%. Why? Lower food-stamp payments and a stronger dollar.

Oh say it is not so. Not the jpm snap cards and other as driving forces being relinquished.

Now for today we have #1 pick for who is where the most out of the selection and that is wally world,


May 10,2013 - America’s Most Popular Stores

Direction direction and lots of distraction as to. Why used to be that there at least seemed like some places that would last forever like their once tools,

Oct. 23,2014 - Sears disputes report of 116 store closures, nearly 6,100 layoffs

And that percentage and the divided number? Stephen tried to explain it to the men at the court but was stoned to death after they had listened. Divided is what is was then and today still is. How about the returning medical workers and the troops returning and the divided? Twice a days check up as to 21 day quarantine,

Hagel orders quarantine for troops returning from West Africa


Well  times are a current and all helps all. Yes people are still buying gasoline. And after such a long hike in prices the drop off most certainly helps a lot of folks. Good thing that although we are currently involved in more wars than ever today that this no longer affects the cost at the pump hey. Matter a FACT wonder just how low it can go when blended into the mix this and that it is very much alive and a soon to be released sequel coming out. Wonder what they will call it?


May 2013 - Is EVERY Market Rigged?

excerpt - Not only are petroleum products a multi-trillion dollar market on their own, but manipulation of petroleum prices would effect virtually every market in the world.

Well with just that added in to TRUE number equations (not to mention the bets on ones own horse) sure should be a time when we get to real price discovery of this whole deal hey!

Yes attention shoppers!

Oct. 29,2014 - Thousands with degenerative conditions classified as 'fit to work in future' – despite no possibility of improvement

And that US spokesman trying to tell us that 2015 she goes broke (disability that is) this way. Dident anybody tell them it is part of the revolving empty but one cookie jar crumb or crumb recovery ready for POOF!

Exciting Times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 31, 2014 11:30 am

Good brunch time folks! Very Happy

Well we got a humdinger going once again with more clickity-click to save the day of reckoning?


2007 -

Chevron's larger rival, Exxon Mobil Corp. , has also been buying boatloads of its own stock in recent years as the companies have ridden surging oil prices to record results and caused soaring cash flows.

Last year alone, Exxon distributed $32.6 billion to shareholders through dividends and share purchases, up 41% from 2005. In the first half of this year, Exxon spent $15.1 billion on buybacks.

Bearing that in mind by countless examples from A-Z that could be included during these times the bounce could never look or be more than ever alive and party on Garth could be the slogan for the campaign.

About 5 years back (short time) not to be ego headed but The POST called the massive upset as it would play and in FACT the point in which it would come to. Separation would seem to be the case or isolation in a divide between the brics and the other half. But to spite differences that are in the open behind the smoke and mirrors is a whole different look.

Yes 5 years about back we talked about the sidelines and letting the greed perform and eat each other. And of course in turn the roots would be seen and from such HONEST corrective measure would be taken and in turn the 'actual' would be evolving and not the continued 'Fantasy Island'.

When one looks to such class diversification must be kept in mind. And for that one would need to have a open and across the board 'look' as to the 'classes' in order to SEE that in which continues onward to erode the overall.

Of course this is very hard for many to SEE as the tightrope walk is much easier and self realization strays. Yes over all the endless 'look' is not endless but by STALLATION.

So if the greater is unable to do the upkeep do you think the less will be doing it for them? This is what is meant by the owner of the casino does not lose.

Good one here with a reference to those 'air pockets'. Certainly with more stimulus that was demonstrated today.

Comment sections are always interesting,

Sept. 21,2014 -

excerpt - Meanwhile, financial repression by the Federal Reserve has held interest rates at zero, discouraging savings while encouraging and enabling households to go more deeply into debt. Various forms of deficit-financed government assistance and unemployment compensation have also been used to make up the shortfall, allowing consumption, and by extension, corporate revenues and profits, to be sustained. As long-term economic prospects have deteriorated, the illusion of prosperity has been maintained through soaring indebtedness, coupled with yield-seeking speculation in risky assets that has repeatedly (albeit not always immediately) been followed by crashes throughout history

The U.S. Ponzi Economy is one where domestic workers are underemployed and consume beyond their means, household and government debt make up the shortfall, corporate profits expand to a record share of GDP as competitive pressures are reduced and cheap goods and labor are outsourced, corporations both accumulate the debt of other companies and issue new debt of their own, primarily to repurchase their own shares at escalating valuations, our trading partners (particularly China and Japan) become our largest creditors and accumulate trillions of dollars of claims that can effectively be traded for U.S. property and future output, Fed policy encourages the yield-seeking diversion of scarce savings toward speculation in risky securities, and as with every Ponzi scheme, everyone is happy as long as nobody seeks to be repaid.

Buybacks are not a return of capital to shareholders – they are partly a leveraged speculation on shareholder’s behalf, partly a strategy to enhance per-share earnings by reducing share count, and partly a way to reduce the dilution from stock-based compensation to corporate insiders. Moreover, repurchases move in tandem with corporate debt issuance, which is another way of saying that the history of stock buybacks is one of companies using debt to buy their stock at overvalued prices.

Keep in mind also that corporate share repurchases have no tendency to concentrate at points of depressed valuation, and but have instead been most aggressive at points that have historically represented severe overvaluation.

Yes what could possibly go wrong?

Oct. 30,2014 - Billionaire Tells Americans to Prepare For 'Financial Ruin'

and of course,

Oct. 31,2014 - Gold Falls, Stocks Record Highs as Japan Goes ‘Weimar’, “Here Be Dragons”

excerpt - Stocks globally surged, while gold fell sharply today despite renewed irrational exuberance on hopes that the Bank of Japan’s vastly increasing money printing will fill some of the gaps left by the apparent end of Federal Reserve bond buying.

excerpt - The BOJ sailed into deeper uncharted monetary territory with the announcement that they would triple annual purchases of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Japanese real-estate investment trusts (REITS) to 3 trillion yen and 90 billion yen respectively.

The Nikkei surged 5% in minutes to a seven year high after the Bank of Japan decision, while gold fell.

These unprecedented monetary events remind us of the old English mapmakers who used to write on uncharted territories on their maps – “Here be Dragons”.

The BOJ claimed the surprise action was due to concerns that a decline in oil prices would weigh on consumer prices and delay a shift in sentiment away from deflation.

It is all pretty amazing!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 31, 2014 11:45 am

And the,

Daily Double: Wink

Don't take long,

Currency News

Yen Declines to 7-Year Low on BOJ Monetary Easing
Updated 14 minutes ago

Yen Forecasters Rethink Pace of Drop as Kuroda Shocks Again
Updated 3 hours ago

Brazil’s Real Drops as Budget Deficit Widens to Surprise Record
Updated 40 minutes ago

Canada’s Dollar Falls Most Since 2011 as Economy Shrinks
Updated 41 minutes ago


That's the outside of the onion as we did get the go,,_Fed_To_Launch_Historic_QE-Infinity.html


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:56 pm

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy

Well as a week begins to start with a .........

It's good to know that all is proceeding just fine at the casino. Guess one will never be able to decipher just why some folks have become junkies. Anybody that has ever had to deal with a self abusive person is fully aware that when they are unable to do so it is everybody else's fault. Can't get that drink or shot of heroin the line up the nose etc. etc. etc. (for what it may be) then it becomes everybody else's fault but never their own until self realization that is.

So what exactly does it take to get to self realization?

For the greater this will be something they will never be able to do and for a less something they will be able to do. From a Biblical sense that pretty much sums that up. So where are you at in self realization?

Now you ever wonder why that is?

Many simply do not care what becomes but they certainly care about now or the 'short term'. Short term meaning those great qualities they seek from the materialistic side of things and being able to express to others in a jones vs jones never ending saga from jump street.

That's just plain nutty to be locked in a world where you have brainwashed your own self into believing that things simply go away and everything turns into roses with not a care in the world.

Very unfortunate is thoughts as such for one. By the numbers demonstration is quite easy by example and that in which becomes from such.

Yet unfortunate is that the salesman our out in full force to convince others to Buy! Buy! Buy! the FALSE hype being thrown about.

Today we look to that in which was already spoke of a 'short time' ago. Yet puppet mouths or salesmen would scoff and help the blind to remain blind,

Nov. 2,2014 - One-Third of American Children Now Live in Poverty

Sad that the children our always the first to suffer. Say that is not true?

Simply take the past 25 years of statistics and combine that with what you SEE out your window. Here is a older stat sheet from 4 years back as a example,

Marriage and divorce statistics

excerpt - 1.

There are two divorces every minute in the United States. In the time it took you to read to this point, several people got divorced.

Jan. 2014 - Breaking Up Is Hard to Count: The Rise of Divorce in the United States, 1980–2010

Now for anybody comfortable with TRUTH todays look is no different than 'The POST' and the look presented a 'short time' back. Of course a 'short time' back 'The POST' spoke as to in a 'short time' you would indeed not SEE improvement (for those able to SEE that is) but indeed a further disconnect from Truth and Reality.

Now this is not a uncommon thing the disconnect. The disconnect has been hard at work and although certainly some reporting has to be done to counter measure the actual Reality of the given subject being tended to. And although the mask is out Truth makes it possible for the various to be revealed to those that are able to SEE. And their certainly is a lot more folks that are able to SEE in the world other than Decoy 409 and The POST.

Parentless and a broken down world structure catering to the very further demise of. Is that to harsh?

July 23rd, 2014 - The US is currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis at the border, with over 50,000 children currently apprehended, and more coming. Families, mostly unaccompanied children, are migrating from Central American and Mexico to the Mexican/US border due to extreme violence, gang related activity, and deprivation. The White House and Congress are currently reviewing options for responding […]

When the structure is broken down and the order is reversed deterioration is what can be expected. Depending on that input of breakdown so defines the speed of the change. The lost and found department will not be one with anything of value coming up.

Take away the cornerstone and what you have is rejection of a solid foundation. Or a foundation that is very weak and unstable and as the floors are added to such is where the crumbling crumb party will come from.

Dec. 2013 - U.S. scores stagnant, other nations pass us by in latest international test

Your numbers our beyond astronomical for anything to support on the foundation on which they have been applied to.

Exciting Times indeed!

While everybody stayed busy busy busy others worked.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:11 pm

Good lunch time folks! Very Happy

Is it zoom zoom zoom just like the car commercial?

Better yet here is something The POST does not add to it much. The old school rocker. And what's up with the skin suit?

Aldo Nova - Fantasy

Cause it certainly look bleaker and bleaker for Fantasy Island.

Now we like the writes by the author but as far as that final place to run we do caution such near moves as the scrambler is closing down,

Nov. 3,2014 -

excerpt - It is not merely the market that is mirroring the 2007 top.

1. Corporate debt is back to 2007 PEAK levels.

2. Stock buybacks are back to 2007 PEAK levels.

3. Investor bullishness is back to 2007 PEAK levels.

4. Margin debt (money borrowed to buy stocks) is at 2007 PEAK levels.

5. The leveraged loan market is flashing major warnings.

6. Corporate insiders are dumping shares at a pace not seen since the TECH BUBBLE TOP

7. Numerous investment legends have warned of a coming crash.

8. Investor complacency is at a record LOW.

9. The Fed has confirmed QE is ending this week, so the juice is cut off for now.

The Fed has succeeded in recreating the same environment that existed in 2007. Once again we have rampant risk taking, excessive leverage, and a stock market bubble.

FUNNY is the out of bullets part and could not help to add the thought of Rewind when the line was read,


March 11,2014 - 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It's Time For A National Conversation

Have a peek at 'Wonderous Stories' as the excerpt choose gets quite evolved. Being on which end of the stick is a simple conclusion as you have only two ends being Reality and fantasy Island. So if you have choose Fantasy Island do be prepared so you are not bothering your neighbors with foolish jibber ahead,

Nov. 2,2014 -

excerpt - This buyback bid seems to be very much still in place; suggesting that the capex expansion cycle, which is supposed to kick in when this buyback wave ends, is still some way off. S&P announced that approximately $1 trillion, or 95% of company income, will be spent on buybacks and dividends[i]. The conclusion therefore is that there is still no economic growth in sight in the US and that companies are sweating aged capital assets harder; and massaging earnings per share ratios harder, through reducing the denominator with buybacks. The corporate bid for US equities is therefore still strong, despite the panic selling from speculators.

Yep clickity-click Fantasy Island and circus puppets now that's what The POST calls a recovery.

Oct. 14,2014 - Stock Buybacks Peaked With Stock Market in 2007: History About to Repeat?

excerpt - Revenues are closely linked to nominal GDP, and our US leading indicator sees this as lacklustre at best going forward. Margins we have discussed in previous reports. Our leading indicator for wages has turned up, and this tends to lead to lower profit margins. Finally, multiple expansion has been a big driver of equity returns in 2012 and 2013, accounting for about 75% of returns. However, already in 2014 it is slipping, down from 67% in May to under 50% today (chart below). In short, the pillars of equity performance are crumbling, making it difficult to see how equities can remain supported between now and into early next year.

This collaborated HISTORICAL event is truly amazing. And least not less is the latest out and about as to that last Dec. meeting as to that old devaluation by many countries. As in a -re-value or what we have referred to as 'actual worth' from time to time.

Yeah yeah the way things are becoming we need to create even more new words to use as sure is a lot of places and folks that have caught on to the choices to use,

Nov. 3,2014 - Bank of Japan Buying Over 100% of Japanese Bond Issuance; Steen Jakobsen Expects "FantasyLand Will Give Way to RealityLand"

Sorry jarhead but TooT! TooT! right on schedule! Enjoy it while you have it. Meek and happy is really not bad at all as understanding makes it all the easier.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:17 pm

Good lunch time folks!  Very Happy

Nov. 4,2014 -

excerpt - This suggests the 3.5 percent annual growth pace it estimated will probably be trimmed when the government publishes its revisions later this month. Trade was reported to have contributed 1.32 percentage points to GDP growth


So Halloween is over and Trick or Treating has lived up to it's creation of. Why thanks japan as that is some brotherly love.

Avid reader of The POST? Then you should be well aware of what comes from the digestion tract next. Kinda weird that they call it a 5 month low when the low in REALITY TIME is greater than 14 months.

Or perhaps even more of a comedy is since the delay is greater that the surging prices from represent even a more astounding number. To the less of course just ain't showing on the fluff of the numbers quite yet.

It's exciting times as after the clickity-click that puppets are still convincing themselves and attempting to convince others that clickity-click has had nothing to do with the rising casino the past few years or short time.

Created positions have titles but the official title for them is shoe shine boys and shoe shine boys are part of the sacrifice of pieces like registered pawns. They lie well and many will believe those lies in which they tell. And they will believe as the reward for their own jones is satisfied by doing so. Crazy because many of those that believe as such do know better yet they play the 50/50 tightrope.

And simply because of how fast people forget,

July 23,2014 - The Baltic Dry Index Collapses To 18-Month Lows; Worst July Since 1986

Good old Mike,

Nov. 4,2014 - It’s Currency War! – And Japan Has Fired The First Shot

Keep stackin' those DEBT CREDIT CHIPS as the value is worthless in Reality time.


Simply blend into a further look of what happened and continues to in order to create a false creation or better yet selective one,

Nov. 4,2014 - Obama’s Mental Health Mandate

And these are all simple things added along as time goes along. For it was said Rome was not built in a day,

May 27,2014 - DHS Labels Veterans "Violent" "Extremists" Who Are "'Disgruntled' About the Takeover of the US."

excerpt - You may recall the military indoctrination manual that came out, which specified evangelical Christians at the top of the list, ahead of the Muslim Brotherhood as "religious extremists." Of course, we recall that when that was exposed, the Obama administration shuffled that off as some lone person who constructed the manual and they knew nothing about it. Now, under the direction of the Obama administration, the Defense Department, FBI, DHS and other federal agencies are scrubbing references to Islam and jihad in their counter-terrorist indoctrination. Even the terrorist linked Hamas-CAIR is flexing its Islamic supremacist muscles on the local level and intimidating local sheriffs who were intending on hosting counter terrorism training by those that believe Islam is terrorism.

of course that list that the old wztx at puppetville mocked and poked fun about you would have to say that for being the so called long term investor that they would have already known about such. However if they did they played puppet as to. And if they did not then for all of the materialistic thought gain they have they are really quite lost. And no disrespect to the long term investor wxya but how about a HONEST reply as to it all from them now? Now that it is out in the open for those who care to SEE that is.

Things of such can be seen all around from cheering on homeless and poking fun at them while they are radiated out to die japan way to well... too many events that have been mocked and poked by the very in order to justify their very own 50/50 tightrope walk for their personal 'now' jones.

Say if any of these so called are reading today Decoy 409 and The POST can HONESTLY say that we love you all as brother and sister. Why Decoy 40-9 is not perfect as like anybody living on this plane of life. And Decoy 409 is forgiving as others should be in the same sense.

Yes what has happened and is showing that magnificent LIGHT through the cracks is that of TRUTH. And each day this TRUTH grows brighter and brighter for all to SEE. However sadly many are destined to stay blind. And many that do not stay blind but stay destined for the jones will have to come to terms with TRUTH.

Now when she all comes crashing down and as was said don't be yelling and babbling to the neighbors simply get a grip.

And for FUN we Rewind the list discussed prior to release of and think of those long term investors and the brilliance of in,

The Complexity of Violent Extremism

July 2012 - Homeland Security-Funded Study Lists People ‘Reverent of Individual Liberty’ as ‘Extreme Right-Wing’ Terrorists

Michael Snyder has been a very good and open reporter for quite some years. Presented before for the look and once again to mix with the more latest as above,

Take 72 and scroll down to 72 click on and check pg.24 in,


Now if you have reviewed and if you are a avid believer of God and Jesus Christ and follow to be as one with by living as Jesus did than how are we to be as such as defined. We simply would not be as so defined as we would be Honest and Truthful with one another as well as Loving and Kind to one another. Accept each others mistakes and through constructive meaningful talk we would put aside differences and live as was instructed to do.

The POST is not a political or activist place. The POST is simply a place where the NEWS is watched. Thinking television news? Think again. And for thought the NEWS is just that and can be SEEN for those able to SEE.

And if associated press is not in the main but is still there just why can it not be or not supposed to be viewed by the vast? Oh that must be because there is greater news as in greater vs less like who one the dancing of the stars gig?

So ya think that will be a yes/no question form sent out or do ya think that separation of the classes spoke of has already been sorted through and out?

Nobody likes the idea of re-value on the paper and if that's the case just think what the masses will think. And The POST is sure that they have.

Exciting Times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:44 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy

Walley and perch are running yet! So we keep the entry short and sweet.

Not to distant back we took a look at the alarming amount of ftz's that have been created and the call for double up on the number that exists plus earlier in the year.

And they have a good point as to just make the garbage here and let the people run out and buy their plastic trinkets. A convergence of all into one. A new order to things. and how ugly will it need to getprior to?

Well things are on a great path to and the mad cheering is coming in.

Gold & Silver Going Higher! WAY Higher!

Nov. 4,2014 - The LAST Move Before Checkmate…

Of course we get the 'we win' or 'terminal decline doubtful'. That comes from puppetville.

Not to long back the same garbage was being spewed as to the big job come back and lists of places cross the town hiring like mad to prove the point.

Needless to say this took nothing but a few calls to the various to find no hiring as reported or less hiring than reported or have now decided to simply wait. The POST never stated they were not hiring at all but rather doing so in a 50/50.

So looking to the manipulated BDI and the recent (yesterday) as to the spew on the manufacturing with the ISM we SEE that the puppetvilles that continue to report on such things most certainly do pick and choose and perform 50/50.

That's gotta be tough that self convincing thing and then trying to convince others to simply follow along and believe the hype.

Well it's a heck of a story and the TRUTH in?

Look at it like this. Some puppets are pretty good at taking religion and making it look as though they understand. But due to lack of understanding (understanding but using as a defense) they simply are unable to understand. Playing 50/50 and pick and choose what suits them first and the latter second is their downfall. Yet they have decided to test the very in which they so believe using 50/50 in conjunction with. And that my friends is and always has been through out recorded HISTORY their demise.

Nov. 5,2014 - Global Commodity Prices Are Collapsing At The Fastest Pace Since Lehman

Yes do keep up that 'free enterprise we win' garbage as their is no winners in a materialistic fight of jones vs jones. Only thing you will find at the jones is Ponzi and Greed.

FUNNY that ballistic dummy fired off by China on the deepest seaport out Ca. way hey!

And OPPS! but needs applying here today,

Sept. 20,2014 - Caution Alert, Currencies May Get Wild!

excerpt - The country most vulnerable to a currency collapse is Japan which faces a wall of debt that can only be addressed by printing more money and debasing their currency. This means paying off their debt with worthless yen where possible and in many cases defaulting on promises made. Japan's public debt, which stands at around 230% of its gross domestic product (GDP), is the highest in the industrialized world. When Japan crumbles it will be felt across the world. Often because of its size people forget that little Japan is the worlds third largest economy making it a huge economic power with a big shadow. The recent multi-year lows in the yen are very important. When Japan crumbles it will be felt across the world.

Now that is FUUNY as we reflect only a few weeks after the write.

Back to the fish! Wink


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:08 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

Say have we caught up yet? Cause by these so called creations we are yet to SEE and solid TRUTH to them. But the 50/50 is growing stronger and stronger (half truth half lie that is).


Oct. 3,2014 - (PDF) The Employment Situation - Bureau of Labor Statistics

That is a great read and the household Survey part is a real charm.

So do you think we have come even close to catching up?


Jan. 2014 - People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels

Yes puppet cheer squads justifying the look in the mirror they have to give to their self each time they do with praises on the ISM (and the likes).

Adults colaborating like children over a bag of candy that rots the teeth.

Why in May that 91 plus had expressed to over 100. Yet little if at all is shown for the vast of to SEE.

Gains of 200-300 that are not even close to what is happening but far less and not that greater most hope for. Imaginary clickity-click has certainly helped the look of such productivity on the rise.

Why how can you have,


March 2013 - NYC Smashes Homelessness Record

excerpt - Some on Wall Street may be celebrating the Dow hitting a record high on Tuesday, but a new report says New York City now has a record 50,000 people a night sleeping in the city’s homeless shelters.

And the puppets will cheer this on as they do because REALITY is just not their deal. Their deal is jones vs jones and how all should follow on the path of destruction helping it along. The puppets even attempt to sacrifice God and Jesus in their looks in a veiled sick attempt to once again justify their sickness.

Yes you just don't hear puppets talk about ACTUAL numbers (or closer to the actual) but in FACT they speak further and further away from the ACTUAL.

But the ACTUAL or REALITY of it all is there and it is in the open. However by the help of sick puppets and their Fantasy Island 'Follow me!' expect as The POST has WARNED to grow just as fast as it is and the breakdown it is all simply part of.

'Follow me' is what Jesus said. And Jesus is certainly worth following! Very Happy Half baked puppet truth is simply not worth following.

TooT! TooT!

Oct. 25,2014 - Number of homeless children set to outpace last year

excerpt - They traded the metal bunk beds and windowless rooms downtown to sleep on pads on the floor of a friend's apartment, all six of them sharing two beds in a one-bedroom apartment occupied by another family of three.

Each night they lay down two sets of blankets and sheets on the hardwood floors, Tiana and Lavar sharing one set with baby Lavar and the three oldest, ages 3 to 8, sharing the other.

The family no longer qualifies as "homeless" under federal housing guidelines, because they are living "doubled up" in a residence fit for human habitation. The school system defines them as homeless, but the federal programs that might move them to the front of housing assistance lists do not.

Those that missed the 'look' of the fast changing times by the numbers in structured family life and what has become to the other day should be easy to relate in one sense as to this. Great old encouragement to simply go against the grain and after so many years (for those that watch these things) it is easy to SEE!

Go casino go!

Yes puppets spout the job creation and where. The spout got clogged one day as a few simple phone calls to the very revealed no hiring or hiring less than or simply decided to wait. But all reported at first were hiring.

Can ya blame a puppet for such spouting?

One would think that if you are avid you would do your homework before spouting.

Exciting Times!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:11 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

Yes it is quite easy to make calls when working from the inside the puppet box. Why one might even think that the smarts are so great that credit must be given.

However sad it is that puppets are pretty much unable to do things on their own as their string pullers only allow the movement in which the puppet is given.

Take this Funny jibber from one puppet,

'New record highs on the S&P and DOW...again!
Gold Down
Oil Down
Euro Down
Dollar Up!'

Of course with out the cape and mask the puppet is pretty much worthless.

Gold and Silver as even main street folks know by now is nothing more than manipulation coming to a BIG stomper and 900 Gold and 7 Silver that puppets have called well good luck with following such puppet tales,

Nov. 2014 -

excerpt -

US Mint caught completely off guard by EPIC physical demand, SOLD OUT of Silver Eagles after burning through over 2 million oz in less than 2 hours Wednesday morning!
Primary Dealer of Silver Eagles CAUGHT OVERSOLD- reportedly cancels previously placed contracts for Silver Eagles- a completely unprecedented development!
Silver tests $15- are we staring at a 2008 Deja Vu collapse to support at $9?
Not just the US Mint- Canadian Mint may be sold out of Maples as soon as Thursday, and one of the US’ largest  private mint HALTS SILVER ROUND SALES!

We don't ever SEE the puppets speak of or even hint about the happenings as such NEVER!

Oil down ya say. That's pretty FUNNY!!!

Oil has been down US way for quite sometime. Why better than the past 2 years. Now it is no shock as well as the manipulated price has been ongoing. Gee Wally what do you think the US uses the most of? And gee Wally just look at all of the price zones that can be used for manipulative price gains by. Why gee Wally with such manipulation and only a few in charge of the Greed that makes producing Trick Horse numbers to go by a breeze.

How much do puppets get for spewing?

Euro down? Really? Euro has been down like the vast majority of cake round the world. Hey! How about just printing some more clickity-click! Now that's a idea!

Here is a Rewind look of partial that is TooT! TooT! and repercussions from are not if but inevitable. And how much more is needed to continue? Well Japan has certainly risen to the special occasion of helping.

Feb. 2013 - World GDP versus Total Value of Financial Asset Market Exchanges

Puppet spew will keep the Fantasy Island player playing along as long as the puppets string puller can pull strings. Then what? Are we to feel sorry for the puppets? Well Decoy 409 and The POST feels very sorry for them and can only pray and keep faith that many will awake from the Fantasy Island that has trapped them and has helped them to sell out family and friends and folks over.

One need not look far to who and where and when and the Magic POOF! button of clickity-click applied and the before and after results. So to spite the so called and what may seem as sound thinking and play calling the puppets of such are just that puppets.

Have a great day folks!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:02 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy

Why look at the casino go.

As we reflect upon the so called news we SEE more and more just how disturbing the gag orders and isolation of the news becomes as mum is the Magic.

Why living in a country where suppression has become a king of it's own. And for great cause is such as with a open and just one TRUTH most certainly prevails. But unfortunate is that of the veil over such.

Down Ferguson,Mo. way today that verdict will come in by the grand jury. Schools are on standby and the city has been warned prior to by the alderman and mayor to seek cover and go home or get out till it's over should that verdict be that of the opposite in which the people our expecting.

Expected to SEE this in the main but lightly touched upon and swept into that scattered pile is what has become. A city in a nation yet isolation of. Folks that thought their cries would be heard throughout the nation and in turn the people of or folks would be avidly aware all over. But this is suppression and this all goes hand in hand with the civil unrest bill we have looked at a short time back.

excerpt - USA Today is pointing out the obvious – that anxiety over the grand jury’s yet-to-be released decision over the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown is growing. A response is mounting to the potentially explosive news:

Nov. 9,2014 - Ferguson Cops Expect Riots Whether Grand Jury Indicts or Not: “Preparing For All Worst-Case Scenarios”

So following along in the man made demise has been easy to do as being able to SEE is what delivers TRUTH. FUNNY as on the local this way a special is being aired as to this build up that they say has begun over the past few months. Past few months?

This build up started long long ago. And as far as this so called excess of tax payer funded build up in the weapons go well this is what has to be as it was all in that house of cards and readied just as it should be far in advance prior to the vast amount of folks knowing. As in all things we SEE they are called in advance. And POOF! just like Magic out of the wash for all to SEE comes about. Of course by the time most folks SEE things have already happened and the next move on the chess board is ready to go. And every fine chess player has moves well thought out in advance of the previous.

June 2014 - Across America, Police Departments Are Quietly Preparing For War

June 2014 -

excerpt - The equipment has been added to the armories of police departments that already look and act like military units. Police SWAT teams are now deployed tens of thousands of times each year, increasingly for routine jobs. Masked, heavily armed police officers in Louisiana raided a nightclub in 2006 as part of a liquor inspection. In Florida in 2010, officers in SWAT gear and with guns drawn carried out raids on barbershops that mostly led only to charges of “barbering without a license.”

source/New York Times

(the following Rewind is a graphic so choose wisely to watch or not watch as it is just the news)

Rewind - The awful police execution of Milton Hall: a homeless, mentally ill, African-American man

Well what we have been shown to SEE certainly has revealed itself as we go along.

Today we pray for a  Honest and Peaceful resolution in Ferguson and that is what we must do for violence does no good but create further havoc.

So make no mistake about self pride and greed of puppets and the likes. If you choose to follow such be aware that the downfall is very great by doing so.

So called investors of their own demise for personal satisfaction of the now starring in, 'me me me in my prideful greedy state regardless of the consequences from outcome for me my family friends or anybody for that matter'.

A Self Centered Greed and Prideful Example - 'silver at $15.62.  Go baby go down that is.  I need to buy 60 ounces in December and need that price down even more.
I need ten 20 coin sleeves to fill a green mint box and would like to buy three at the end of this year.
No this is NOT an investment, or anything else.  Simply a compulsion to fill that box.  
I am NOT in any way recommending that anyone purchase silver.'(end)

Why we understand 100% what some people our made of and sad and pathetic as it is. Yet we will still pray for such with hope and faith that they may be able to snap out of their state of being.  Very Happy

Exciting times folks!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 10, 2014 2:34 pm

Daily Double:

Why turning twords 'last moment STALLATION'.

Careful with the mix as rest assured the verdict is coming stallation or not,

Nov. 10,2014 - St. Louis on edge with looming grand jury verdict in Michael Brown case

excerpt - “If you show up in tanks, you’re preparing for a war zone and so you’re going to get a war zone.”

Attorney Denise Lieberman

It's just the news folks.

Nov. 10,2014 - More St. Louis Churches to Offer Prayer Vigils, Shelter After Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:05 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

Say was it not less than 15 min. after clickity-click last Fri. when Japan announced OPPS! 7 year low of the cake.

Of course it was. But the FX needs to have some reruns as well kinda like good old cable and rerunning the same shows over and over and over.

This way we are keeping tabs on all kinds of things in the BIG mix,

Nov. 11,2014 - Ferguson braces for grand jury decision, new protests

excerpt - "I told them if there is no indictment, please only come through neighborhoods when called. Please do not continue to traumatize our community," said Russell. But "they don't want to meet with the youth. I honestly believe they are planning to kill us in the streets."


Let's make some cake off of gene splicing and sell it to the public as a good thing!

Then again those comment sections say quite a bit at times. But who cares what the people think as if ya can't sell them on the idea simply run the Trick Horse numbers. That seems to work out pretty darn good.

Nov. 8,2014 - Chief McDonald’s fries supplier gets USDA nod for ‘cancer-reducing’ GMO-potato


Well as all of that comcast entertainment just keeps on a flowing we take a moment to reflect on that in which was discussed about 5 years back or 'short time' as we call it here at The POST. And it does not seem but has been for quite sometime being made for all to enjoy. Of course the devaluation has to come along with such greatness. Why one could say POOF! just like Magic out of the wash it keeps on a coming yet the puppetville puppet players keep on with hopes that folks will keep on listening to their broke and skipping record that keeps playing the same zombie message as to free enterprise we win and other pretty FUNNY attempts to wash.

Say you think that if you were not a puppet than you would not keep barking the same old free enterprise dollar is king and we win stuff. Because that as The POST stated a short ways back as said is simply not the case.

Nov. 11,2014 - Petrodollar Panic? China Signs Currency Swap Deal With Qatar & Canada

excerpt - And as Black notes, everyone is in on the trend. All across the world, the renminbi is quickly becoming THE currency for trade, investment, and even savings.

So nobody ever said that the investments (gambling bets made) will have zero worth. Why look at it as a one BIG Poof and after the revaluation that's what you have. So when climbing out on the limb with a crazy sack of overweight (135/1) and higher would most certainly strongly suggest that some real pumping will be needed to hold that tune.

Oct. 2014 - The 'big ease' by Japan stokes global stock rally

So how about some weird stuff to get our minds off of the daily grind as we browse around.

Art at BoA–Bank of America

excerpt - What Is The Meaning of the Frescoes?

Like most elitist art, the frescoes on display at the headquarters of Bank of America, the largest bank in America, tell a story intended to be decoded by those in the know. The frescoes seem to depict three stages of world transformation – planning, chaos and achievement – and are color-coded to be analogous to the three stages of hermetic alchemy: Nigredo (blackness), Albedo (whiteness) and Rubedo (redness). The frescoes beare many resemblances to the murals of the Denver International Airport, which also depict progressive phases of a profound transformation of society after a period of intense turmoil.

Of course that is from wordpress and we were scolded by puppets for reading from such. Guess puppets are not suppose to have fun with some things,

Quote: James Baker made his keynote speech in 1987, he stated that, "No longer will the World Bank carry this debt unsecured. The only assets we have to collateralize are federal lands and national parks."(end)

The word is purchases,

Oct. 6,2014 - Waldorf to Be Biggest Chinese Property Purchase in U.S.


In 2009 we presented some more entertainment with strong opposition to. Heck nothing like having a break in the action for some fun but puppets really did not like the humor of it,

Feb. 2009 -

Eminent Domain

Claim: The U.S. government has agreed to allow China to exercise "eminent domain" as collateral for American debt.


The real estate hey and that home sales dept. we look to so many times yet puppetville is jumping for joy? When you have those strings attached that you believe you so need it is understandable why. For that is a puppets life directed by the string puller. A puppet has a very unsecured life and future.

excerpt - A buyout is already underway. In 2013, Chinese buyers snapped up $11 billion worth of properties in the United States, capturing second place (at 12 percent of all foreign buying) behind Canadians for the first time, according to the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of International Home Buying Activity. In the first quarter of 2014, Reuters reported that Chinese investors had even overtaken the first-place Russian expatriates in the purchase of Manhattan condos. Now with Zillow, they will have an even easier time prowling for properties anywhere in the United States.

Willkie notes a spike in terms of interest in the past 18 months: “In New York, we’ve noticed Chinese buying very large, very expensive apartments, homes. But there are also many buying smaller apartments, $1.5 to $3 million, for their children going to school here. The parents are buying them.”

Interesting times as both the main and the not main as stated prepare to meet. This would be the same as the gambling patrons of wall street and main coming together.

Exciting times indeed.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:44 pm

Good afternoon folks!  Very Happy

Why it takes a whole lot of clickity-click (and then some) to hold things together!

Or how about that old cbo report on 'Hold The Markets At All Costs' coming home to roost.

We bring in Rewind (as we call it),

Rewind: Jan. 2011 The DECOY 409 POST


Good Morning Folks! Smile

I am reconstructing The DECOY 409 POST as there is a technical issue with the other. Since day one that the post was brought over from MT there has been no 'Modify' button to modify the headliner.
Although several attempts by Moonbeam were unsuccessful (outside of Moonbeam manually making the changes). Virgil was contacted but has never replied.
So out with the old and in with the new as they say. Smile

I will hold this post to the top and refer to the one already there when one wants to question substance as the DECOY 409 Post has a whole lot to offer in the coming times ahead.

Without further a due I will proceed. The following is taken from the previous DECOY 409 Post, entry #1 & #2, July 29,2010,

- The Decoy409 Post offers a refreshing look into what I call 'It's all financial.' No matter who you are or what you do one common trait all share is 'investing.'

Now without further due lets have a look at how FINANCIAL it is. Let me initiate that the winter this year will be very hard for many this time around and in turn energy stocks will be very questionable in the months ahead. Read the article and you will see what I am talking about. Funny as it is the same scenario I brought to you already (sometime ago that would and not if play) and now the game has begun.

Quote: Congressional Budget Office: “Growing Budget Deficits Will Cause Debt to Rise to Unsupportable Levels”
Unless policymakers restrain the growth of spending, increase revenues significantly as a share of GDP, or adopt some combination of those two approaches, growing budget deficits will cause debt to rise to unsupportable levels.
Beyond those gradual consequences, a growing level of federal debt would also increase the probability of a sudden fiscal crisis, during which investors would lose confidence in the government’s ability to manage its budget, and the government would thereby lose its ability to borrow at affordable rates. It is possible that interest rates would rise gradually as investors’ confidence declined, giving legislators advance warning of the worsening situation and sufficient time to make policy choices that could avert a crisis. But as other countries’ experiences show, it is also possible that investors would lose confidence abruptly and interest rates on government debt would rise sharply. The exact point at which such a crisis might occur for the United States is unknown, in part because the ratio of federal debt to GDP is climbing into unfamiliar territory and in part because the risk of a crisis is influenced by a number of other factors, including the government’s long-term budget outlook, its near-term borrowing needs, and the health of the economy.

shelters are full now food pantries are empty and 50 million plus are now on Food Stamps. If you are not seeing the ripples that are on their way than you really are not looking or care not to look (that will do you no good),

Quote: Requests for help paying utility bills surge upward
(excerpt) “What it comes down to is, people simply can’t pay their utility bills, rent or groceries,” Johnson-Simmons said.
Read more:

Well that was then ( and this is now,

Nov. 13,2014 - AP/ Time to ditch rising stocks, or stick with them?

excerpt - BUYBACK BOOM
One of the biggest forces in the stock rally so far is companies buying back their own shares.
Companies in the S&P 500 have spent $1.9 trillion on buybacks since the bull market began in March 2009, according to Howard Silverblatt, a senior index analyst at S&P Dow Jones Indices.
By creating more demand for stocks, buybacks have kept prices rising even as other big investors sell.

SEE the flop going on? If you are a gambler and checking it it's the old Peter from Paul move as cookie jar rally swoops about.

excerpt - "Nonetheless, further QE in Japan should help to support equity prices worldwide and especially in the euro-zone if expectations build that the ECB will follow with full-blown QE of its own."

That's pretty good stuff and who will do what and based on what?

Nov. 13,2014 - Even chance of ECB sovereign quantitative easing on weak economic, inflation outlook - Reuters Poll

No growth ya say?

Over priced I.O.U.'s now that is REALLY FUNNY as 'short time' should certainly be calling out as this is all what has been looked at moves back ago.

And POOF! just like Magic here we are!

This is the part as to how far does the casino continue to pay out of pocket to keep things humming along further? Simply dumping toxic debt around and nobody collecting their DEBT FREE cake?

Yeah that top of the hill deal and where are you on the side of. Then it was are you struggling along to get to the top? Cause if you are or were then hopefully you are figuring out that space is tight and people have been moving in together sort to speak to keep a spot. Meaning you ain't getting there unless you are extra special but your service fees for the try are always accepted!

Exciting times indeed.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:16 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy

Talking heads and the $ just going to get stronger take a look at the fx blah blah blah.........

It has become simply a word the $ and as far as getting stronger we have TRILIONS no a QUADRILLION PLUS reasons why it is nonsense.

Why just think of the word 'stronger' in a opposite effect and that in which the brain is used to applying in a automatic representation of a positive sense. Illusion is what is seen but not the actual.

Your right wnptz Gold & Silver is Going Higher! and will reflect higher (as it already beyond 'higher' than the current reflection you see) as the illusionary look is what is reflecting.

Well Ho! Ho! Ho! as the Santa new ratings will be going down a tad we shall say and that look should become clearer for those long term investors that have blog posts but don't have time for such as they are too busy to do such. What a scrambler.


The casino and the arena and the acts waiting to perform or have been keeping warm while waiting.

Like this delightful news coming round again and has been in the mix for quite sometime. Why with the outcry of incidents in the past year alone it's a good thing that plenty has been put together in case people start seeing this as such been called 'gun grab'.

Many a folk have so much going on that they have a hard enough time keeping up with their own investments ya know. Then again when they are so busy busy busy kinda weird how they always seem to overlook (although many say they are stout) just what goes into and out of their investments.

Nov. 12,2015 - Gun Grab U.N. Arms Treaty To Take Effect Dec. 24

Yes that has been in the BIG mix for quite a few years as the wind has blown. For in order for change to come about some real issues have to be confronted and dealt with.

This is spoke about in a easy sense as you had the milk and now it is time for the meat and potatoes or solid food. But do keep in mind that nobody knows when but the signs are all around us that things have been a preparing avidly for change.

Yes eventually you have to face up to the crowded piles of paper and side bet papepr on the betting table. Cause if you don't after time goes by the players become restless. And you do one of two things as looked at in the Dominoe rule book.

As we turn the page we let RT take a look at a event that looks to be a real head turner as the world looks on,

Nov. 14,2014 - Ben Swann Live in Ferguson Missouri on “eve” of Grand Jury Decision

Yes it's Busy Busy Busy.

Exciting times indeed.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:16 pm

Daily Double: Very Happy

Yes it all is quite staggering.

While the very are being picky and time consumed wrapped in their so called today's times security.... well it would be apparent that is just what is going on.

As meanwhile,

(What’s Left of) Our Economy: Where’s the Renaissance?

excerpt - Real Manufacturing Value Added as Share of GDP

So what recovery as we asked the year before and the year before and the year before? Well you get the idea while I.O.U.'s and crowded paper filled desks being dealt with like the public defenders desk.

That comes out from good old Snyder keeping tabs as they do,

Nov. 4,2014 - National Economic Suicide: The U.S. Trade Deficit With China Just Hit A New Record High

To think that the very of job creation is being spiraled around as it is just keeps getting more FUNNY. As the numbers would represent no such but just enough as the steady go shows.

Back to the fish!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 19, 2014 3:37 pm

Why Good Afternoon folks! Very Happy

Seems to be some stupidity (once again) as to chatting about the news. And in turn The POST vanished from the search engines of Google Yahoo and Bing. They say somewhere else that it is due to the Google up keeper and what is popular by standing on the search result for.

So for now The POST is contained to Yahoo and Bing until we find the bug.


The action is certainly heating up at the table as we take a look and oh no not good old ZH hauled into the mix? ,

Nov. 19,2014 - PM Fund Manager Calls Bullsh*t on ZH Explanation for Today’s Gold Smash

excerpt - Gold was up over $1200 overnight until just after London a.m. “price fix.” Have a look:(chart)

excerpt - The price of gold never rallied on the possibility that the Swiss referendum would pass. I have maintained all along that it will not pass because, regardless of the actual popular vote, the U.S. will work with the Swiss authorities – who openly oppose the referendum – to make sure the vote fails.

Gold was smashed because the sector began to gather momentum over the past 3 trading days and that momentum had to be crushed. The western paper gold manipulators are getting squeezed by the physical market right now, per the highly negative LBMA GOFO rate:

The GOFO rate is the cost for a gold/cash swap. When it’s negative, it means that someone needs to borrow physical gold and will use cash to collateralize the loan. A negative GOFO rate indicates extreme tightness in the physical gold bar market. Not surprisingly, the LBMA has announced that it will stop publishing the GOFO rate in January. Gee, I wonder why..

and this is where the train stops as to the old warehouse full of nike shoes as a side collateral special no longer working out.

And those comment sections are always fun,

Nov. 19,2014 - making it Real or Not. Insanity Illustrated.

And we refer to it as Super Milker as without the generous support of say places like,

Oct. 2014 - Illinois' Pension Debt Soars to $111,000,000,000

excerpt - CHICAGO - According to the Illinois Policy Institute, Illinonis' pension debt is now so big that it would take three years of a complete government shutdown, during which the entire general fund went toward pensions, just to break even.

Or better yet that $220 TRILLION shortfall and some change that is.

Yep cards are all but spent and the double deck ain't allowed.

Multiple cities under scrutiny due to the verdict coming about should be a rouster. And not another executive order with a possible shut down due to.

Why if ya add in a few other goodies to the mix ya may be thinking about that torch passing and one of the last orders made for going forth. Well guess we will just have to wait and see like,

Grand jury decision on Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson could come Friday

Exciting times.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:48 am

Good morning folks!  Very Happy

Nov. 20,2014 - U.S. Flash PMI Falls To 54.7 In November

Nov. 20,2014 - Empire State manufacturing survey is a joke

Nov. 20,2014 - UPDATE: U.S. consumer price index flat in October on lower energy costs

Yes it certainly is ENTERTAINMENT with great script writers!

May 2014 -

excerpt - “While the new orders index has printed in contractionary territory in four of the past six months, the headline index has averaged 4.5 over that time, and we expect a pickup in activity in the coming months, in line with overall GDP growth,” said Barclays economists who forecast a 4.0 level.

So what did you SEE? Or thought you saw? Or made believe you saw keeping faith in a back corner while looking.

Let's take a look at 'protection'. That comes in many various forms and has many tools to work with. And protection is used in honesty and in no so honest. There are 2 different paths and only one is able to show TRUTH as that is all it does and nothing else. Honesty lives by TRUTH.

Most of these things are the knowns for those following along. In a few months it was said.

Aug. 26,2014 - Must-know: Why the all-important Baltic Dry Index is on a run-up

July 23,2014 - The Baltic Dry Index Collapses To 18-Month Lows; Worst July Since 1986

What you are being a witness to is 'change'. And 'change' can not happen in a semi-organized ordeal. As a matter of FACT this 'change' will be a pit. It will in FACT part people from one another in the BIGGEST way ever conceived.

Presented a few days back was that past 10 yrs. of Gdp supposed growth in the US. Tell us how you pay your bills and keep things functioning without such Gdp. Certainly 80% to keep this show running has been needed and where has it come from?

We can give answer as to the TRILLIONS that has been clickity-clicked up this way in town and we can look to others out of town that have done the same. And without such actions of yes it was already a wash and out with the old and in with the new. Then again FINAL preparations do take a little time and 'short time' it has been.

We recall going round and round with another from Illinois as to their out of control and sky rocketing to infinity DEBT their way. And that reply was a 'short time' ago that The POST and Decoy 409 did not know what they were talking about. REALLY? Because if one looks to yesterdays entry they would have to say that the so called investor from Ill. certainly has no idea what they talk about as far as that issue. And that issue has created a $220 TRILLION Black Hole vortex that is sucking the life out of what looks to remain.

And don't get alarmed folks as this is EXACTLY what The POST spoke about some few 'short years' back.

So while 'short time' has simply gone along once again we can relate to that Cbo calling of 'Hold The Markets At All Costs' as when that is no longer needed to do then that is what is called check mate. And the king has been on the run for quite a few moves and do recall that only so many are allowed. Stalemate and Checkmate are the only two outcomes. Yes hold the markets at all costs and watch what happens is and was a main key,

Nov. 19,2014 - Dependence On The Government Is Out Of Control In America


Yet another for the list. Cutting your own throat,

Nov. 19,2014 - Senior Citi Banker Found Dead In Bathtub With Slashed Throat

excerpt - Suicides occurring from cut throat injuries are rarely reported in the medical field.

Excerpt taken from "Suicidal Cut Throat Injuries Management Modalities".

Well with that we can't help to SEE just what has been called long before the main does but it is assured when calls are made that yes 'out of the wash' it will be. That's when you wonder even more about how far greed takes others as they spew about Fantasy Island tales.

This way it is called and named DEBT CREDIT CHIPS and how greed has puppets spewing there is no such thing when it is in plain sight for all to SEE.

Nov. 18,2014 - Old foreclosure debt coming back to haunt former homeowners / How debt rules the banking system

Just about time to mix those Dominoes up and start a 'new' game as continuance of the old one has routed the planet.

Exciting Times as Gold & Silver are not if Going Higher!!!  Wink  Laughing

Exciting Times and FUNNY ones to!

Nov. 18,2014 - The Baltic Dry Index breaches the 1,500 mark



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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:59 am

Daily Double:  Very Happy


Nov. 20,2014 - Existing home sales gain year-over-year and was expecting but beat that and BLAH BLAH BLAH......


All you can say is WoW!!!

As you just don't hear in the daily local or on the main driving forces that make sense.

Nov. 20,2014 - Global Slowdown Confirmed By PMIs Missing From Japan To China To Europe; USDJPY Nears 119 Then Slides

Yes scrap zillow and put it into puppet town news. as puppet fed news is all it is. And yes suppress drivers of importance which is so easy to do with so called long term investors. Simply quiet the books and try not to feed the folks that stuff that makes Reality,


2013 - The majority of home purchases are now being done by cash buyers: Destroying the myth that cash buyers are a small portion of the market. 60 percent of homes sold in 2013 came from the all cash crowd.

And for this year thus far those so called sales in this country America that is one would like to SEE the common folks of their country the ones doing this buying up and keeping that ranch style picket fence home being bought up by them and that good old american dream alive.

Sadly as we looked at just the other day again (for those that find it hard to believe or understand) this is not the case.


July 2014 - $22 Billion in California Homes Sold to Chinese All-Cash Buyers; "Beginning of Tidal Wave" says NAR Chief Economist

And most have no idea just how far out of control that has gone in just the past few months alone (and the past 3 years oh my). Why as a matter of FACT why deal with the smog and simply bring it over here to be made. Do you doubt that?

Yes this reconstruction phase has lots to show puppet theatre and sure is sad having to watch many of grown adults still clinging to their candy bag while their teeth are rotting away. Careful as they do like to offer some to lost sheep that is.

Clear it is that the so called DEBT CREDITS being so avidly gathered has Greed right where it wants it. Maybe those can buy another excuse with the credits since they still have no answer to clickity-click and their rising DEBT CREDIT earnings.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 21, 2014 8:55 am

Good morning folks!



And some good stuff out of today as well.

Now what you will SEE is that in which has been spoke of.

Of course the opposite is that it is worth nothing and is just metal. This is what makes things interesting as we watch the tightrope walkers and pick and choose.

Many of the very that stand with Gold going to 900 and Silver to 7 well these our the tightrope walkers. Many of these profess Jesus Christ as King however they play the 50/50 while doing so.

To the tightrope walkers we say best to do a bit of study and start with the temple on the mount and what JC had to say. And that is there is only two paths. And he nor God ever declared a third or 50/50 or tightrope walking as a way to live or to justify ones actions.

Well as things are coming together quietly and quite well we do wonder about those tightrope walkers and their banking and bragging of DEBT CREDITS acquired. Good luck with that!

Interesting times indeed.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter' - Page 2 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up 'The Final Chapter'

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