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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Thu May 23, 2013 12:58 pm

Good morning folks!   Very Happy

Well here we are sitting back and watching today's times. Why those times of spoken just a short time back. Back as in about 4 years ago when that print press really started going wild.

And while the wild escalated and the pass around pack of ink and tablets of paper from once trees,was simply ignored in a sense.

Why was it not just the other day when that massive so called QE on the yen was just inked and papered in? Now there is a squeeze on the fiat this way? What some rules at the table of play hey! Why when the debt and burden get to heavy to hold,simply run a side bet.

Well the side bet,or musical chairs on the Titanic. Why the old ship has not only got overloaded to one side,but rather the entirety.

So who's going to spout the next wave of so called,productivity? As what was once holding mumm for a few months,in this ongoing example has re-reared it's ugly head and ongoing wave for the past few weeks,and grows more so by the day,

We spoke of the wash and how those talent failed self proclaimed "I live on the top of the hill" would find that monkey shines have no place or meaning. Only for the self centered that is.

So the cover has been real good,and the busy,busy,busy while others worked has advanced dramatically over just this short time. Now the draw down would have to be expected.

Yes those busy little math experts and there figure this and figure that. Just how do you figure without the correct spreads? We like the self proclaimed ones that are doing the math. However they keep leaving out that the debt round the block is incurable. That the greater vs less when mixed along with servicing productivity for. Well it has escalated beyond the point of being able to be serviced. Or is it that there was no longer a need for natural foods and meats say. The examples are bountiful.

Which brings us back to the casino and that the casino may pay out for attraction as Super Milker is and has been,in play.

What's that in Dominoes? When the players keep coming up with the same results as the Dominoes run out. Instead of a ongoing continuance of the same game.... they simply mix them all up and start a new one.

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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Easy to Watch,Hard to Accept

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:44 pm

Why good afternoon folks! Very Happy 

TooT! TooT! Right on schedule.

However as we SEE the sick are still sick and in disillusion. To much time being spent on Fantasy Island and a me,me,me attitude never has very good results.

Easy to watch and hard to accept is just the case in 3 examples. Why 3 examples coupled with that of a look at the dealer vaults and the oncoming shall be a refresher course for many,for few cared to pay attention.

1) July 3,2013 - More layoffs take effect today at Caterpillar

2) July 5,2013 - Part-Time Jobs Surge To All Time High; Full-Time Jobs Plunge By 240,000

3) And number 3 is the past week in the old health care industry.

What was discussed 2 years back and has been coming on strong as we dig deeper into the abyss is that of the once was,to be replaced. That's more than 1500 in the old industry for the past week alone with walking papers.
The replacements? Do you really want to know.

So Fantasy Island participants for all of that suppressing of your so called truth in the jobs for example why keep the imaginary tale of creation up you sputter? As HISTORY in employment world has revealed stark numbers. Yet assumption of fantasy Island participants boasts that deficits are being being brought down and debt will magically be cured? Housing rebounds on due to high ticket prices in select areas showing such.

Yes we SEE where this explosion in Part Time jobs has in store for not so distant days ahead.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty July 8,2013 - Biggest Monthly Loss In Bank Securities Portfolios Since Lehman

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:01 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

Say,if the gamblers on Fantasy Island were to cash out ya think there would be enough to go around? Why perhaps they simply added some clicks to come up with the big 'D' payment?

Fridays number was given as 2 trillion needed now but Sat. morning that swelled to more than 4 TRILLION!!! Yes get a kick out of the gamblers that have helped to destruct and then claim that they have earnings. Shocked 

These people that feed off of demise consider themselves to be smart adults. Sadly they are no more than crooks helping demise.

So ya think there would be enough to go around on a cash in?

July 8,2013 - Chart Of The Day: Taper Fears Lead To Biggest Monthly Loss In Bank Securities Portfolios Since Lehman

We thank Tyler once again for the ongoing informative and actual. Slop talk is what you get when you deal with pigs. Swindlers work the same in a 50/50 half truth life.

July 8,2013 - Japan's Portfolio Flows: Liquidation of US Assets Dominate

Are they buying GOLD and who will purchase debt with tapering of the Fed?

July 8,2013 - Japan ‘Insurance’ Gold Buying Doubles On Yen Concerns

Why anybody in their 'right' mind that has stayed away from the 50/50 can SEE clearly.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty What? Unsustanable Debt!

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:24 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

Back in a not to far past we had a look at a few things. WE have to give thought to those that have been lost on Fantasy Island due to the string puppet quartet and the Circus with wannabe ring leaders.

We give thought to the over creation and the many so lost due to that fine tuning of staying busy,busy,busy while others worked. The Jones vs the Jones all for that inner satisfaction of I belong. And belong to what do you if you are one of the many in that state of confusion.

Job numbers and HISTORY set! Why a explosive part time workers number game. And full time dwindle away as we looked at the other day.

The playing field has been set well in this 3 game ongoing of Chess,Monopoly,Dominoes format. And the TRUTH in all of that? Why that can be easily identified for those walking a good and earnest path.

Why when that old interest and these worthless over pumped casino paper numbers come to roost in that uncontrollable scenario of sell off,wonder just what these jones and hooters of 50/50 will be saying? But after all,it's just paper.

And about that 'not to far past'.................,

excerpt - Dec. 27,2010 The Decoy409 POST


Good Morning Folks! Smile

I am reconstructing The DECOY 409 POST as there is a technical issue with the other. Since day one that the post was brought over from MT there has been no 'Modify' button to modify the headliner.
Although several attempts by Moonbeam were unsuccessful (outside of Moonbeam manually making the changes). Virgil was contacted but has never replied.
So out with the old and in with the new as they say. Smile

I will hold this post to the top and refer to the one already there when one wants to question substance as the DECOY 409 Post has a whole lot to offer in the coming times ahead.

Without further adue I will proceed. The following is taken from the previous DECOY 409 Post, entry #1 & #2, July 29,2010,

The Decoy409 Post offers a refreshing look into what I call 'It's all financial.' No matter who you are or what you do,one common trait all share is 'investing.'

Now without further due lets have a look at how FINANCIAL it is. Let me initiate that the winter this year will be very hard for many this time around and in turn energy stocks will be very questionable in the months ahead. Read the article and you will see what I am talking about. Funny as it is the same scenario I brought to you already (sometime ago that would,not if play) and now the game has begun.

Quote: Congressional Budget Office: “Growing Budget Deficits Will Cause Debt to Rise to Unsupportable Levels”
Unless policymakers restrain the growth of spending, increase revenues significantly as a share of GDP, or adopt some combination of those two approaches, growing budget deficits will cause debt to rise to unsupportable levels.
Beyond those gradual consequences, a growing level of federal debt would also increase the probability of a sudden fiscal crisis, during which investors would lose confidence in the government’s ability to manage its budget, and the government would thereby lose its ability to borrow at affordable rates. It is possible that interest rates would rise gradually as investors’ confidence declined, giving legislators advance warning of the worsening situation and sufficient time to make policy choices that could avert a crisis. But as other countries’ experiences show, it is also possible that investors would lose confidence abruptly and interest rates on government debt would rise sharply. The exact point at which such a crisis might occur for the United States is unknown, in part because the ratio of federal debt to GDP is climbing into unfamiliar territory and in part because the risk of a crisis is influenced by a number of other factors, including the government’s long-term budget outlook, its near-term borrowing needs, and the health of the economy.

shelters are full now,food pantries are empty,and 50 million plus are now on Food Stamps. If you are not seeing the ripples that are on their way than you really are not looking or care not to look (that will do you no good),

Quote: Requests for help paying utility bills surge upward
(excerpt) “What it comes down to is, people simply can’t pay their utility bills, rent or groceries,” Johnson-Simmons said.
Read more:

I introduced to some of you here and others already knew about the K Wave. I wish to share with you a piece from only a few years ago.

Many of you know I follow as much as I can,and in turn I decipher and try to distinguish between true or not true.

There was 25 of the worlds best that weighed in that I shared here on MT in one of my posts. Why the same people spoke for years of what was becoming and do to what. But the leaders have squawked and ridiculed them saying they do not know what they are talking about. Oh really!

Mon, May 26, 2003
The K-Wave And The Coming Credit Collapse
(excerpt) Concludes Russell, "I take these deflationary trends very seriously. A trend in deflation will [hurt] the debt-laden U.S. economy, in that deflation renders debt much more difficult to service."
Back to the K-wave. I asked friend and fellow market analyst Samuel "Bud" Kress recently his take on the K-wave and how we'll know when the current economic K-wave has finally bottomed. Since we obviously can't predict in advance exactly when the K-wave will bottom (the bottom is only known in retrospect), I wondered what his criteria was for discerning the bottom. You will remember that the K-wave (named after Nikolai Kondratief, who first posited the idea of a 50-60 year economic long wave). The K-wave also closely corresponds to the biblical "Jubilee Cycle" of 50 years, although technically the K-wave isn't really a cycle -- as its name suggests, it's a "wave." An economic long wave is distinguished from a cycle in that its duration from trough to trough is not precise and can be extended or contracted via manipulative efforts on the part of governments or central banks.
Bud and I discussed the possibility that the U.S. government will attempt to extend the K-wave as long as possible to keep it from collapsing the economic system. K-wave expert Ian Gordon also subscribes to this theory and points out that K-waves can sometimes last as long as 70 years when serious government/banking efforts are made at manipulating it. According to Bud's understanding of the K-wave, the previous one bottomed in 1949-1950 and the current one should theoretically bottom in 2004-2005. So here's what Bud had to say: "Keeping in mind that we don't actually know in advance when the K-wave will bottom, we'll know the bottom has come when we see an increase in month-over-month monetary growth as measured by M-3, and an increase in inflation as well as an increase in corporate earnings for at least two back-to-back quarters."

I call it old news already discussed. Similar to planting seeds,how you care for them is how they grow, or don't grow.

Well that was then! And this is NOW. Jan.21,2011 to be exact. Sure glad to see the 'Changes' we have been under since just that time ago to now are a step in the right direction because 'Remember!' We are the super power!
The following States PENSIONS. However it is way deeper than just those! But many as already noted are on the Bandwagon as to it is all due to those nasty pensions! No it's not! It's due to greed and cookie jar after cookie jar pilfered,raped, and left with nothing but a few crumbs.
You say, come, come now, things are on the right track! Why jobs will be back this year!
I will say it again, a structured society comes by and through productivity on a constant basis and all wanting that structure work together to keep it as such. I need not remind that 60 Million here at home are no longer even counted except on the census that 'were' part of the working force. Why if you do not have jobs, and collect revenue than you fall apart as the numbers otherwise are not supportive.
You have roughly 350 million people in this country the US. This is a game of numbers. And a game of Greater or Less. The less you have, the greater the problems become, plain and simple.
So you certainly do not want to burn bridges as those bridges are life lines in time of need, if need be.
$120 QUADRILLION in DERIVATIVES is not the way to go as it would catch up. Running the Press 24/24 and creating a massive over abundance of FIAT DEBT RIDDEN NOTES was certainly not the way to go. Stripping FINANCIAL REGULATION LAWS from the books was CERTAINLY not the thing to do. But it allowed freedom at will for the crooks to play.

And as I harped initially almost 3 years ago when MSN MT was around where I came into the picture of what is and what is to be, well guess what? We have almost arrived. Yet many say they do not care because it has nothing to do with them and investing??? I get that same kind of response from those on Main Street that I ask, 'what do you think of the stock market?' And they say, 'I don't invest, so I could care less.' Wow! Talk about lost societies, people.
So it shall be TRUE that Wall Street and Main Street will finally meet. Two different classes of people but all the while of the same nature as all were created equal none of us being better than the other.

Quote: Jan.21,2011 6:12pm U.S. states must be allowed to declare bankruptcy to reduce pension bills, say Republicans

(excerpt) Republican politicians are fighting to win U.S. states the right to declare bankruptcy in a bid to free them crippling pension bills and other punishing debts.
Read more:

And 'OTHER' punishing debts. Other as in 'EMPTY' cookie jars from A-Z.


Quote: Bank Failure #7 for 2011: United Western Bank, Denver, Colorado
“That makes four today – and this one with two billion in assets.”

by the way, there is a little something more to the bank closings than what it is showing. Some made out to be nut stated what was up here and how these would go down. Why they even offered a timeline. So I have just been watching them go down as they were presented to for about the past 2 years or better.

But it is BONUS TIME all the same! They took tax payer money, paid themselves huge bonuses, then flushed it; setting themselves up for another bailout. Hey, it beats working for a living.

Quote: Bank of America posts heavy losses

And how about this one! Lots of Americans forced into poverty for this one,

Quote: JPMorgan Awards Dimon's Top 15 Executives More Than $73 Million in Shares

When I look out the window to see where I am on the hill, I use binoculars and I look over all of the land. Why one should! You do live there don't you?

And in that 'not to far past' ..........


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:48 am

Good Morning Folks! Very Happy 

What do you get when you look to REALITY? Well the TRUTH!

Some brisk morning humour. Start where SELL OFF comes in,

July 11,2013 - (edited the previous which was here as they Moved the Article as to this Sell Off.) Decoy409

Yes we know we know. Don't look to the daily double but the long term projection as they tell you. But when you do don't forget to keep REALITY involved.

Running those slack numbers and taking a real look at claims and employment as we have done certainly has nowhere in the equation TRUTH being reported by the Main and the supporters of.

Meanwhile as the TooT! TooT! Right on Schedule continues on we turn our sights to the following,

July 11,2013 - Iris scans are the new school IDs

Let's have a chuckle as to the preaching in which we discussed 'several years ago' already. And appeared just recently (a year ago)

Jan. 12,2013 excerpt - New technologies which are being introduced inside the United States, the UK, and Australia such as vein scanners, biometric employee time and attendance systems, voice recognition devices, and behavior analysis systems are all geared toward Total Information Awareness of every human being on the planet.

Not so you say? We let the reader discover and decide all on their own,

Jan. 2012 - It Begins! India Is First Country To Start Nationwide Biometric ID Program For Every Citizen

A cashless society. Have we not already entered into that stage as 25x's over what should exist or be in the world now is due to clickity-click credits and derivatives.

Well The POST has always been quite controversial. And much of what has been spoken about has come to be. String puppets and circus clowns don't like wake up calls and will try their might to get you to SEE other.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:06 pm

Good Afternoon Folks! Very Happy 

Another Executive Order signed in,

July 6,2013 - Executive Order -- Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions

Silly ya say? Well get a kick out of the reason as it is not the first,

Nov. 2012 - Russian military to conduct surveillance flight over US

Why TooT! TooT! Right on Schedule and moving along rapidly and with ease. Why old 'Foot in The Door' has worked out very well and running Foot in The Door by stealth,why who should care as all are busy,busy,busy while others worked.

Emergency prepardness is a great idea! Why does the main and the string puppets of keep all this great news supressed from the masses?

So once again we leave it up to the reader like to say,'Read-Watch-Listen-Ask and form your own conclusion.

July 2013 - Russia to fly inspection missions over the United States

June 2013 - Several documents signed during joint work of Russian Emergency Ministry and FEMA

and how much further do you need to SEE? That of the latest 'cut off' when asked about such and 'NOT TO BE DISCUSSED' is stated when asked at the live conference between p and o. And that's when the meet ends.

Not to far back over at that old board where we listened to the string puppets and monkeys,circus clowns and ringleaders of. We discussed the on goings and up and comings on how to train and tame these Fantasy Island players. My how time fly's! Short Time that is as we say.

2010 -

May 30,2011 -

and for a fresh up try,

July 9,2013 - Scanning your kid's eyeballs at school

Like we say it all comes out in the wash. With the past few days alone that we will not go into,the tales will clear and we shall SEE heads from tales.

June 2009 -

Yes those paper scavengers and that of Reality colliding should be something of a comedy when listening to what comes out of Fantasy Island mentality.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Drill Baby Drill Not Such A Good Idea

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:05 pm

Good lunch time folks! Very Happy 

Drill Baby Drill Not Such A Good Idea

Why the excitement just keeps on a happening and drill baby drill in a area we have had a ongoing look at from the gulf of mexico floor all the way up to it.

Have a look for yourself at this not so great mix that has been evolving as of late. Just bring up the first two maps and the storyline is... well..... just like we stated would come together as the pockets collapse onward. And they call the recent a landlide but that open mine out west way was a sesmic shift. Funy stuff hey!

1) assumption parish google map

2) Landslide in USA on Tuesday, 09 July, 2013 at 03:32 (03:32 AM) UTC.

3) July 10,2013 - La. Sinkhole Area Landslide! Worst Fears Coming True

Now back at the fantasy Island spot we were writing at we discussed in detail at the the repercussions that not if but would evolve from all of this. And when this merge comes together there will be nothing standing in the way of far and way more than a bad mixed lake as in the article. The ground saturation we are thinking through the surrounding area will have a great impact on the many domes already in existence and how mother nature reacts to such man made events.

From 'Sink Holes & Nuclear Plants 'or' Science Gone Bad' see:

May 6,2013 - Scientists Worried: Fears methane “could be continually fed” from below giant sinkhole — May be at least 8 sources of gas — Texas Brine: It’s “played out”

May 10,2013 - Footage of large breach at giant Louisiana sinkhole (VIDEO)

May 10,2013 - Officials: Five breaches overnight at giant Louisiana sinkhole — Water levels not stabilized — Continues to fill sinkhole and containment area


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Sound Money Turned Temporary Credit

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:53 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

It's quite shameful of so many to allow oneself to think with such laxed and unconcern and to play the table of demise insuring others or all that will listen that it is a positive thing happening and not a BIG negative.

Oct. 2012 we heard the story and a story it was. That would be the bond buying by old reliable. Most of the so called general public had no clue (and the vast) still have none as to what this has meant and done. We were crushing numbers then and before watching the mix being added together and then the baking of.

85 bil. per month ya say. Well upon discovery months back we looked at that 85 that turned into a Magic number of 150 bil. for Oct. 2012 alone. And one wondered why we would state 'Will the REAL number please stand up' as in a game show format.

Here is a little excerpt out today from a article,

July 16,2013 - The Fed purchases $85 billion of Treasuries and mortgage debt each month as part of its quantitative-easing program to cap borrowing costs.
(courtesy yahoo)

Well we have kept a good track of the so called overbearing weight upon the roof and did state long back upon conformation from the William Black,Paul Craig Roberts,Max Keiser and many others that were eager to share the matrix and that in which would insue while under the wraps.

Debt results from Treasury Direct finds,

Jan. 2,2001 - $5,662,216,013,697.37 DEBT

And like they say... you have come a long way baby! To bad it was in the wrong direction,

July 12,2013 - $16,738,220,086,104.57 DEBT

Of course as we say this is a numbers game and those numbers above are really quite trivial when one looks to the BIG picture. And that would be the BIG picture of the overall and the events that have and will continue to shape and mold to break the nucleus and in turn this transformation away from for 'change' will seem to have been accomplished. many of the string puppet supporters have become so lost that they are in actual belief that this overabundance of creation from nothing is a good thing.

The Decoy 409 POST - July 5,2011 - The QUADRILLION (Plus!) Ticking Time Bomb... Derivatives

Sadly those are the ones that have trapped their very own self centered self's into belief that you can write all the checks out in the checkbook regardless if their is insufficient funds and not enough coming in to make them sufficient. The lost are those in praise of Sham WoW. Why by default a certain entity now has the majority of say so due to injection after injection into the faltered. Control or say so leans to better than 67% in the creditors favor and shooting for 74%.

Creditor Definition | Investopedia‎
Definition of 'Creditor'. An entity (person or institution) that extends credit by giving another entity permission to borrow money if it is paid back at a later date.

Interesting times indeed folks.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:48 am

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy 

Why check it out,

July 16,2013 - Clarification of William Kaye re: German / US gold in Hong Kong refineries?

TooT! TooT!

Yes and what would it be like in a world where lies and culprits of for personal gain was suddenly exposed to TRUTH?

Funny thing is folks is that is EXACTLY where we have and our headed. Actually we are there however through additional lies and distortion from circus clowns and ringleaders of... well STALLATION has been able to linger. If one is a tad confused SEE todays metals entry as to the neatly crafted gone bonkers and ready to 360 on that pedestal it sits.

July 16,2013 - RT NEWS / Keiser Report: The Great Gold Eastward Migration (E471)

Yes you have been in a Rape-Ponzi-Pilfer stage with disinformationalists or Fantasy Island string puppets helping to lead the way for so long that of course the vast majority states it does not concern them. Sad as those that have fallen into the camp of will certainly have the hardest time snapping out of it and waking up to REALITY.

REALITY one may ask. Here is a large taste of that REALITY that so many are clueless to,

July 15,2013 excerpt - So what happens when the big corporations that dominate our economy are able to automate everything?

What will the rest of us do?

How will the middle class survive if they don't need us to work for them?

Over the past couple of centuries, we have witnessed several fundamental shifts in our economy.

Once upon a time, a very high percentage of Americans worked for themselves.  There were millions of farmers, ranchers, small store owners, etc.

But then the industrial revolution kicked in to high gear and big corporations started to gain more power.  Millions of Americans went to work for these big corporations, but it was okay because they paid us good wages to work in their factories and the middle class thrived.

Unfortunately, the big corporations have realized that things have changed and that they don't really need us anymore.  They can replace us with technology or with super cheap labor overseas.

So that leaves the rest of us in quite a quagmire.  Very few of us own our own businesses.  In fact, the percentage of self-employed workers in the United States is at an all-time record low.  And the number of us that are needed by the monolithic corporations that dominate our system is dropping by the day.

All of this is very bad news for the middle class.  The only thing that most of us have to offer is our labor, and the value of our labor is continually declining.

Unless something dramatic happens, the future of the middle class looks very bleak.

And the ongoing is and has been picking up speed with THOUSANDS for the past week alone saying "I sure hope I can land one or two maybe even three of those PART TIME jobs".

Funny is it not? back at the disinformation board we were at we would call those jobs being pronounced by a spewer of disinfo ahamburger. And we would call the incoming places so reported by them as to the so called jobs stated being ofered. FUNNY as we know they did not before reporting of such. And FUNNY becouse all of the ones they so reported had decided to not hire as many as reported,decided not to hire at all and to wait for conditions ahead to dictate the course. But the ahamburgers and those that supported the jibberish were apalled to our idea and considered it worthless?

A idea in which could actually show a POSITIVE from the start. No instead they were more interested and still are as being disinformants and presenting useless dribble in support of SHAM WoW and those lost sheep that would follow their lead.

So what was this idea we had? INFRASTRUCTURE in the US. Simply click up 2 TRILLION and apply it to US infrastructure in every state there is in this nation.ALL materials/goods needed would be created solely here in the US for such. Why you would have JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! and the ripple effects from...MORE JOBS! Why besides improving the old country why DEBT could be paid down in a meaningful fashion.

July 16,2013 - Thousands to lose water for days in southern Md. amid heat wave

excerpt - America's aging infrastructure -- much of which was built earlier last century -- has raised many alarm bells among those monitoring it. The water main break in Prince George's country could be just a small sign of a much larger problem facing the country in years to come. As so many local and state governments struggle with shrinking budgets due to the recession, improving sewers and roads is often low among their priorities. The American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave the country's infrastructure system a grade of "D+."

Unfortunate that as the charade has gone on there has been much accomplished. Sorry to state that the majority will not find anything in the so called accomplished positive direction as the new chapter is ready to begin for all to SEE. We named it SHAM WoW.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:03 am

Good Morning Folks! Very Happy 

Just keeping time with TooT! TooT! Right on Schedule,

July 2013 - Farm Futures & The BDI

excerpt - 2/12/2012 Barrons: Baltic Dry: Not Washed Up -- News that the Baltic Dry Index is sunk as an economic indicator is much exaggerated.

The index—which measures the cost to haul dry freight over the world's oceans—has merely run aground after getting hit with a shipping-market tsunami. Don't worry. It will right itself soon enough–and should once again become a useful forecasting tool, as early as the end of the year.

July 5,2013 - Baltic Dry Index Sees Biggest Weekly Decline Since December 2012

July 24,2012 - On July 23, 2013, the Baltic Dry Index fell to 1,127 points, down 8 points (0.7%) against the level of July 22.

Believe it or don't believe it. And what is there to believe? Let's start with that recap of the 455k part time and the 150k full time in the employed sector. Then of course you have to run with the death/birth rate those no longer counted and those that simply have given up looking.

Once we compute that (as we have been for past several years),we SEE the big JOKER card in the house of cards readied to be flopped.

Then retrace and have a great morning laugh at the barrons excerpt again. End of the year hey. Don't hold your breath!

And of course be ready to count those so called paper slips with all those manipulated so called earnings!

TooT! TooT! Right on Schedule.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:21 pm

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy 

So let's have a look as to a not so distant past and the evaluation we looked at shaping up.

That look of course was a main shaper. A cross look between Elliot and K-wave that is.

Back at Msn under Jubak we went into detail as to this amazing trick by sleight of hand. let's keep in mind the latest figure now out as to UNEMPLOYED amongst G7 countries.

First 2 min. of this and look for the heck of it from the under of,

March 8,2012 - Fed 101: Explaining the Bond Buying Program!17BC9A03-BF2F-47C6-A526-C54D209D3853

So what's the saving again with,

File:Kondratiev-waves IT and Health with phase shift acc to Goldschmidt-AJW 2004.jpg

excerpt - Kondratiev identified three phases in the cycle: expansion, stagnation, recession.

Mimicking that of the Elliot until it's time to mix the dominoes up as it's game over.


Looks like things are shaping up quite quickly in various spots round the globe. In and out of town silence is golden and the Magic is in the house of cards,

July 25,2013 - BIG day today, The North Pole webcam is floating in the open Arctic Ocean at 86 degrees north! Scientists warn on $60 trillion Arctic ‘economic time bomb’…. NASA: Arctic Ocean Could be Mostly Ice Free in 2013!!!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:10 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

Have ya seen this chuckler?

July 29,2013 - Your Debt, Not the Government’s, is Hurting the Economy

That's a real LAUGH!!!

Why the injections have ran wild and the recievers of have been buying up at HISTORICAL HIGHS. And just where would the Imaginary Fantasy Island casino known to some as the stock market or wall street be if it had not been for the over clicked DEBT PAPER CREDITS spewed about?

July 26,2013 - Indictment could be fatal to SAC Capital, but then what?

Of course the examples are abundant. From those so called top pension funds and their misfit trio of so called workers who are no more than scavengers robbing others for their own personnal gain. Why these lowleys have a hard time speaking of losses. back at that circus bragging was going on at one point as to I am one of the top 10 pension contollers! Why of course you are. And when we brought that HUGE LOSS that you produce into play by the numbers,why hush was the word.

And what about that look from just the other day as to and now it is,

July 28,2013 - Now the Bankers Will Steal 47.5% from Cyprus Savers

Take the stem of the plant. There you will find all kinds of hair stems coming off of the main helping to soak up the water and help the plant to grown. Why bigger and Bigger and BIGGER it has grown. And it is suppose to. From the sickness above and that in which the POST covers. How long does it grow? How long does it continue? How long before justice is served upon the spin artists and the Rape-Ponzi-Pilfer system is opened up for all to SEE.

That folks is a tall order of biz that has been brewing for years and years. And as the angel stated to Gabriel,all shall be revealed for what it is. And what it has been and is,is that of Rape-Ponzi-Pilfer. A new HISTORIC high in so called comsumer setiment? Hold on! Not so fast! As we ran a small poll finding 10 out of 10 people laughing at the disgust of the last report. So all time HISTORICAL high as to what? A positive result?

It would of been best if they would have included those that were polled which HISTORICAL high of confidence comes from that 11% in favor of Rape-Ponzi-Pilfer and Sham WoW.

Yes folks time is a winding down.


The other day we caught the following and will follow it up with the one under it. We thank the following MEDIA sources for their efforts.

July 28,2013 - Fox News: “Something Is Up… Obama Is Trying To Run Out The Clock”

July 28,2013 - Government Promises to Stop Lying Because of Drudge Report Spotlight

excerpt - In a groveling public display earlier this week, the Department of Defense announced plans to increase its public affairs efforts due to the devastating effect independent media is having on the Pentagon’s ability to control its news, more specifically, its ability to quash negative news stories before they go viral.

On Thursday, the DoD bemoaned and the fact that, because of citizen journalists, social media and other online platforms reporting news in real time, the public is more quickly becoming aware of the constant patterns of contradictions and habitual lying by a government long ago captured by a group of corrupt interests.

And for the record rarely do we use Alex.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:20 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

Why comical it is! Sadly comical that is.

You have to wonder at times just what it is that keeps players lost sheep and on Fantasy Island. Heck we have wondered that for years and years.

July 30,2013 - Economic Times

excerpt - Investors are focusing on major events later this week for clues to the market's direction, including the US Federal Reserve's two-day policy meeting that starts later on Tuesday.

The dollar has retreated over the past few weeks after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke stressed in a series of comments that a highly accommodative monetary policy is needed for the foreseeable future and that any reduction in the Fed's bond purchases is not set in stone.

The greenback also came under pressure after a Wall Street Journal report last week said the Fed may debate changing its forward guidance to help hammer home the message it will keep interest rates low for a long time to come.

Sim Moh Siong, FX strategist for Bank of Singapore, played down the chances of the Fed announcing such changes at this week's policy meeting, which will not be followed by a post-meeting news conference by Bernanke.

"The likelihood of that may not be high, since there is no press conference," Sim said. The next Fed meeting with a scheduled news conference by the Fed chairman takes place in September.

In addition to the Fed, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England also hold policy reviews this week.

Investors are also waiting for second quarter US growth data due on Wednesday and the influential US jobs report for July on Friday.

Growth data? US Jobs report?

And this is called financial NEWS? Things to look forward to?

Here is some Financial NEWS worth noting as we have been watching and noting on it for the past several years. Funny as we just looked a week back and we are still dropping (as noted earlier),

July 31,2013 -

Then what's the skinny? Oh that's right! Ina few years the Baltic Dry will show it's useful function from the log. Must be when they hit the reset switch because the only way to play currently at the casino is to short by day and keep string puppets and their circus noise of clickity-click in credits land out of the portfolio.

Why? Well you certainly do not want to Rape-Pilfer-Ponzi your neighbor do you? why you certainly do not want to help to destroy and add to demise do you? Personal gain is not in the worldly and your neighbor may be somebody halfway cross the world that you never met. Let those that have ears listen and those that have eyes SEE.

Why we are still chuckling at the Part Time/Full Time unprecedented mismatch numbers. Yet there is reason to yet believe that recovery is on?

Maybe it's time to buy up some ADP as that is certainly helping the loser sheep in belief of imaginary clickity-click and the subtle rise in lost sheep accts.

Baaa,Baaaaa should be pretty funny watching the lost sheep attempt to cash in the ink and paper chips created from illusion and spending yet to keep unrest quelled for now.

Baaa,baaaa Shocked 

Yes thousands of more jobs gone for the past week along with,

July 29,2013 - Food Stamp Cuts Set To Kick In, Congress Not Paying Attention

Detroit Receives Less US Aid than Colombia

Things are certainly looking up hey!


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:34 am

Good Brunch Time Folks! Very Happy 

Is this the Center Ring Under the BIG Top CIRCUS this so called math numbers and stacking odds of them and so called pay off from?

Aug. 1,2013 - Job Cuts On Pace to Fall Below 1997 Levels

That would seem to be really great NEWS for the sheeple along with the string puppet workers of.

July 1, 1997 267,743,595

July 4, 2012 313,933,954

Those numbers above are the US population for respective years dated.

Let's add another or 11,500,000 (courtesy of

And let's total that,

= 325,433,954

Then we can have a look at,

This statistic shows the unadjusted number of full-time employees in the United States. In line with the definition of the BLS, full-time workers are persons who usually work 35 hours or more per week. In June 2013, about 117.4 million people were employed on a full-time basis.

Monthly percentage of change in real average hourly earnings for all employees June 2012 to June 2013

Why we were just beaming over the 455,000 in part-time creation reported and previous to,

July 5,2013 - The Government's Numbers Are A Complete Farce - Part Time Jobs +322k, Full-time down 240k

[Please note: the S&P 500 futures have plunged 26 pts from their intra-day high, the Dow briefly went red after opening up over 100 points. This fact confirms my analysis below]

Well dr. Paul Craig Roberts is calling for a 11 MILLION on the see ya later list in a few short months ahead and that will be a nice party coinciding with the snap cuts to the food stampers that has materialized into almost 53 MILLION now. And what's this,

July 25,2013 - Under Obamacare, "75 percent of small businesses now say they are going to be forced to either fire workers or cut their hours."

This is the greatest Sham WoW in HISTORY currently being performed.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:45 pm

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy 

Negative Sentiment is Rising On Emerging Markets is the latest spin ride.

Say the tail spinners from the story book are quite entertaining!

This latest puppet theatre of oxy moron numbers laid out is yet another swell of 50/50 half truth garbage. But in order to keep the sheeple (Opps! players we meant) in the casino house such must be.

Why think of it in terms from that not so distant CBO meeting when stated to the supply houses and manufacturers for when spouted was 'HOLD THE MARKETS AT ALL COSTS!' Last thing needed is to lose that investor confidence!

Yes that House of cards being pasted together by DEBT,DEBT,DEBT! from all of that clicity-click action of false creation never to be repaid but merely to hold STALLATION in play until CHANGE. And that is one heck of a look that CHANGE for those that want to keep up with TRUTH and REALITY in which will be not if to be inflicted from the long overdue nonsense in which has prevailed behind the magicians curtain.

Here is a great piece to be reflected upon,

July 31,2013 - Today's GDP report was a complete Orwellian farce.  The annualized number for Q2 was reported to be 1.7%.  Of course, lost in the shuffle was the second massive downward revision for Q1 GDP, which was revised down again from 1.8% to 1.1%  What that means is that on an inflation-adjusted basis the first quarter GDP was negative - i.e. the economy is in a recession.

However today the Government rolled out its massive "revision" in the overall GDP level going all the way back to 1929.  In sparing you the ugly details, essentially the net affect of this was to raise the overall GDP level by $551 billion. How, you might ask?  The Government went all the way back to 1929 and reclassified all the money spent on "intellectual property products" and reclassified them as "investments" rather than expenses as incurred.  So, if you figure out a new way to remove the wrapper from a Hershey bar, the Government decided that 20% of the cost of that Hershey bar was an "investment" in making your life easier, so 20 cents of the dollar spent becomes an "investment" and added to the GDP.  While that may seem like an absurd analogy, it really isn't.  Here's the BEA's nice marketing flyer on this Orwellian change:  

Of today's 1.7% annualized GDP estimate, .15 is attributed to the new "intellectual property products" and .41 is attributed to inventory build.  Why are businesses building inventory when consumer demand for everything except basic necessities is declining?  If you strip out the unneeded inventory build and erase the intellectual property garbage, the GDP is 1.2%.  

Recall that Q1 GDP was originally reported at 2.4%, revised the first time around to 1.8% and now has been taken down 1.1%.  Expect the same thing to happen to today's farce of a number.  As for the half-trillion dollars added to the overall level of GDP, there's only one reason this was conjured up:  it makes the Debt to GDP ratio look not quite as bad.  It goes from 105% of GDP to 101%.   Brace yourself for a big increase to the debt limit ceiling...

Orwell is laughing his a*s off and Atlas just shrugs.

(Source The Golden Truth)

Not so ya say? We have been watching. And you?

The following (thank you Washingtons Blog) has some nice links to credibility attached that do not show up on the copy/paste. Visit Washingtons way to SEE in Full.

May 25,2013 - The 3 Reasons Why Stocks Have Skyrocketed Over the Past Couple of Years

The Big Buyers … Unmasked

Stocks have soared since 2009 because the Fed’s quantitative easing has – intentionally – pumped them up.

They’ve also skyrocketed because central banks are directly buying stocks.

NBC News reports on a third major reason that stocks took off … corporate buybacks:

It’s the narcissist rally.


You may want to spare a thought, and a healthy dose of worry, for what is one of the biggest, and least appreciated, reasons for the rally: buybacks.

Flush with cash and a world of opportunity at their doorstep, companies have decided there’s nothing more attractive than themselves. So, they’re offering big money to buy back their own stock. This year, big U.S. companies have given the go-ahead for $286 billion of buybacks, up 88 percent from the same period last year, according to Birinyi Associates, a market research firm. If the pace continues for the rest of the year, the tally will exceed the record set in 2007.

Every manner of company is caught up in the buying binge, including home-improvement chains, makers of farm equipment and jet engines, airlines, sellers of soft drinks and of hard liquor alike. Not one to miss a hot trend, Apple recently authorized as much as $50 billion of buybacks.

Investors like buybacks because they suggest companies think their stock is cheap. They also help reduce the number of shares outstanding, which automatically increases earnings per share. And higher earnings per share often, though not always, lead to rising stock prices.

But buybacks are also crucial to the rally for a reason that’s not widely known. Companies are one of the few big stock purchasers nowadays. Nearly every other big player in the stock market has been selling more than they’ve been buying.

Pension funds have been selling. Local and state governments have been selling. Investment brokerages have been selling. And, yes, until recently, even Main Street investors.

You can see this in the data released by the Federal Reserve each quarter, and it’s a sea of red — save for corporate buying, that is, buybacks plus purchases of other companies. In total, U.S. companies, not counting banks and other financial firms, have bought more than $1 trillion of stock in the five years through 2012, net of stocks they’ve issued.


However much they spend, each dollar of buybacks appears to be having a greater effect on raising the prices of certain stocks. That’s because fewer shares are changing hands each day. On Wall Street, it’s referred to as a “drying up” of liquidity. And like in any market, a purchase or sale when fewer people are trading can push prices up and down much more.

DirecTV bought $1.4 billion of its own shares in the first quarter, or 7.8 percent of all trades in the company’s stock, according to data from Birinyi Associates. DirecTV rose 12.8 percent in the same period, two points more than the Standard and Poor’s 500. IBM bought $2.6 billion of its shares in the first quarter, or 5.6 percent of what was traded. It rose 11.8 percent.


Companies that do buy back their own stock are seeing prices soar, and almost immediately.

On Friday, Northrup Grumman jumped 4 percent after announcing it had authorized $4 billion of buybacks. The military contractor said it expects buybacks will cut its shares outstanding by 25 percent by the end of 2015.

Another big share buyer, Home Depot, rose 5.7 percent on Feb. 26 after it announced a $17 billion buyback program. The S&P 500 rose 0.6 percent that day. If the retailer spends all the authorized in its plan, it will remove 18 percent of the shares outstanding at current prices, which will make the impact of a next round of purchases even more powerful.

Stocks of companies that have authorized the 10 biggest buybacks so far this year have risen 2.2 points more than the S&P 500 in the week after their announcements….

Gregory Milano, CEO of consultancy Fortuna Advisors, has run studies showing that companies that spend the most on buying back their own stock tend to underperform because they don’t spend enough on opening new factories, research or otherwise building their business for the long term.

Andrew Smithers, who runs a London-based investment consultancy, thinks buybacks have pushed stocks more than 40 percent higher than they’re worth. In his book “The Great Deformation,” former U.S. budget director David Stockman says Corporate America is drunk on buybacks and that they’ve helped push stocks up too far, too.


Forty percent of the increase in the earnings per share of S&P 500 companies in the past 12 months came from reducing the number of shares through buybacks, estimates Barry Knapp, chief U.S. stock strategist at Barclays Capital.

Postscript: Max Keiser points out that quantitative easing and corporate buybacks are related.

Specifically, the Fed’s easy monetary policy means that big corporations can borrow cheaply … and then use the money to buy back their own stock.

The bailouts and easy money aren’t going into helping Main Street or stabilizing the economy.

Of course, most of the trading is done by high frequency computers these days.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:19 pm

Good afternoon folks! Very Happy 

"In Europe we've seen basically a very flat economy it went down," said Seaman. "Unemployment is over double digits in
Europe. In China they have good growth over seven percent.  On the other hand, China was doing 12,13,15 percent."

Breaking down the spin,

First you have some real nonsense with,

excerpt - after separate data showed Italy’s recession eased in the second quarter.

excerpt - “Stronger-than-expected German factory orders have been encouraging and support the view that, economically, the European outlook is finally beginning to turn,” Camilla Sutton, head of currency strategy at Bank of Nova Scotia, wrote in a note to clients.

Euro at Almost 7-Week High After German Orders Climb


Now the article flat out states recovery is on and things have turned. However as we stated time and time again STALLATION to Change and Sham WoW folks is all that is going on when such nonsense as above is propaganda.

Europeon economy starting to turn? Really!

Aug. 5,2013 - Lafayette Caterpillar announces layoffs

Layoffs effective this month

LAFAYETTE, Ind. - (WLFI) - Lafayette's Caterpillar plant will layoff 125 workers at the end of this month.

The announcement came after quarterly financial reports show a difference of 30 million dollars profit from the first quarter of 2013 to the second quarter.

Greater Lafayette Commerce President and CEO Joe Seaman said Caterpillar is a major international exporter, but those international orders are not as high as they once were.

"In Europe we've seen basically a very flat economy it went down," said Seaman. "Unemployment is over double digits in Europe. In China they have good growth over seven percent.  On the other hand, China was doing 12,13,15 percent."

In an emailed statement, Caterpillar said measures like vacation shutdowns and reduction in flexible workforce have already been implemented.

Seaman said the slow down in demand started at the beginning of the year.

"I think they started to see some slow down of order coming in in the first quarter. And I think that perpetuated into the second quarter."

In June the Tippecanoe County unemployment rate spiked to 8.6 percent. Seaman said the layoffs should not affect the percentage much, but it can affect the community's morale.

Caterpillar Caterpillar declined a News 18 interview request. Layoffs are set to begin August 26.

source/WLFI ch 18 NEWS

Of course once you SEE the centrals and the insider HOLD THE MARKETS AT ALL COSTS buying up that paper and things such as,

Aug. 2,2013 - Jim Willie: Bullion Banks Have Pilfered 60,000 Tons of Gold From Allocated Accounts!

Round and round the musical chairs have gone on the sinking Titanic folks. So where and when do you think it stops?


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:38 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

Back at the old msn refugee 1 board where the financial circus clowns and string puppets of Fantasy Island play we explained. And they poked and mocked and ridiculed and boasted about their fracking and ge stocks amongst other things.

Why when we broke the story line down they called us nuts and that we did not know what we were talking about. Imagine that as the 50/50 half truther club in the financial boards that way have been losing their own credibility quite quickly and time is accelerating for them in that arena of lost credibility (if they ever had any for that matter).

Today's entry should be in a couple of topics we have so we combined the silent riddles and presented them in The POST today. Is the sangrias and wxyz and frank,bimetal and others reading today (as they do comment about VL over here). And if you are reading we ask you,how far do your mocking and poking go now boig time nothings? As you all stated we had no idea what we were talking about and that these things were all cleaned up and over with. REALLY!

Aug. 6,2013 - New Leaks Into Pacific at Japan Nuclear Plant

Tons of contaminated groundwater from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant have overwhelmed an underground barrier and are emptying daily into the Pacific, creating what a top regulator has called a crisis.

The water contains strontium and cesium [...]

“Tepco lacks a sufficient sense of urgency for this crisis,” Shinji Kinjo, a high-level official at the country’s nuclear regulatory watchdog, said Tuesday in an interview. [...]

Tepco now says the groundwater is emptying into the plant’s man-made harbor at a rate of 400 tons a day [...] While the company did not specifically say how much of the water was contaminated, it offered a calculation for the amount of tritium being released that assumed all of the water was contaminated.

[...] experts agree with Tepco’s assessment that the amounts of radioactive material released into the Pacific have been too small to pose a risk to human health. Still, some critics contend that the plant has emitted far more radioactive materials than it is saying, based in part on levels of contaminants discovered in the harbor, which are well above safe levels in some places. [...]

Mr. Kinjo [...] said that the levels of contamination in the water that had collected in the reactor buildings was too low to account for the radiation levels seen in the groundwater now flowing into the ocean, so the water at the reactors was unlikely to be the source of the latest leaks.

The most likely source appears to be pools of highly radioactive water that collected in the plant’s maze of underground conduits [...]


Latest Headlines:
03:14 AM EST on August 7th, 2013 | 45 comments
NYTimes: 400 tons of highly radioactive water going into Pacific each day from Fukushima plant, says Tepco — Top Nuclear Regulator: This is a crisis

12:20 AM EST on August 7th, 2013 | 23 comments
Tepco Official: This is extremely serious — We are unable to control radioactive water seeping out of Fukushima plant (VIDEO)

10:09 PM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 26 comments
CNN Nuclear Expert: Fukushima plant is in ‘uncharted territory’ — Highly radioactive water to either be boiled until it evaporates, or dumped in ocean

07:39 PM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 18 comments
Japan’s Top Nuclear Official: Tepco will never be able to store all the radioactive water at Fukushima plant — They’ll end up dumping it into ocean

04:45 PM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 65 comments
Wall St. Journal: Official warns Fukushima reactor buildings could “topple” — Tepco’s work to change flow of groundwater can form pools below surface that soften the earth

03:14 PM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 34 comments
BBC: Water crisis at Fukushima has only just begun — “Plant sits smack in the middle of an underground aquifer” — It’s rapidly being overwhelmed deep beneath ground (VIDEO)

01:26 PM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 32 comments
Wall St. Journal: Fukushima leaks are “massive public health issue” — Obviously this could spread throughout Pacific and get into food supply (VIDEO)

11:40 AM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 31 comments
Oregon Health Officials: We are actively monitoring the situation in Japan — We are not ‘yet’ mobilizing in response to the news — We will respond with enhanced efforts as appropriate

09:28 AM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 15 comments
Vice Governor: “Emergency situation” at Fukushima; Tepco has increased the risk of further leaks; Gov’t needs to take over — NHK: Officials make “emergency visit” to damaged nuclear plant (VIDEOS)

08:29 AM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 6 comments
TV: Nuclear expert says Fukushima “is already beyond Tepco’s control” — Gov’t concerned leakage to rapidly accelerate (VIDEO)

03:19 AM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 13 comments
Asahi: Radioactive contamination ‘soaring’ in Fukushima groundwater — Strontium and other beta emitters up 4,500% in recent days; Cesium rises nearly 1,500% — Tepco says it doesn’t know why levels spiked (VIDEO)

12:20 AM EST on August 6th, 2013 | 48 comments
Tepco Press Conference: The situation at Fukushima is bleak — “This discharge is beyond our control” (VIDEO)

11:25 PM EST on August 5th, 2013 | 64 comments
Shock? UC Berkeley Professor Claims: “No matter what happens in Fukushima, it’s not going to be a problem over here” — U.S. Gov’t: “Any kind of release in Japan would be non-detectable here” (Studies say otherwise)


the irony,

And what is a resonable anount of time and what goes on durring this reasonable amount of people,plants,air,etc.,etc.,

Yes it's all such hilarious stuff. Why the clown heads over at the msn 1 board spoke about these things as nonsense and what a story and fun to listen to while they invest into greed of demise. As we watch the sesmic activity expand in the Gulf we have a sick laugh at those that dismiss things and play string puppet clown patrol on Fantasy Island. As we did say 'it all comes out in the wsh' and Poof! just like Magic for the clowns,

August 8,2013 - Exclusive: Censored EPA PA Fracking Water Contamination Presentation Published for First Time

Those that have followed along understand.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:13 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

Why there was a time limit as to just how long things could be contained and that some things should have never been mixed together as far as that periodic table of elements goes. Most that are older and a bit wiser learned these things all the way back in middle school as teenagers.

Yes unfortunate as mum is the word and the top inventors of the MAIN daily writings come straight up from good old hollywood. So pretty hard for the people to SEE and understand what is going on as the drift in seting most off to Fantasy Island has been quite a acomplishment over the years.

Now we are to listen to the 50/50 puppet heads with the half truth club of deciet for cash cows of destruction?

And they just now admit yet when we spoke of the ongoing those and the likes of sprewed that it's all over,will be cleaned up shortly,and we don't know what the heck we are talking about. Well of course they would and for the outline as presented. After all,can't have those TBTF and BIG BANKS buying up their own with clickity-click from nothing called instant DEBT surpassing TRILLIONS and Quadrillion.

Yes we spoke of the TRUTH but few had time to pay attention and many that did mocked and ridiculed.

Idea! Sure! How about moving those that have right alongside the soon to be no more as we watch and the NEWS slowly comes about in Short Time.

TooT! TooT! Right on Schedule as we have been saying.

And can't enter links or the board don't accept? That is something.

Aug. 9,2013  - AP: ‘Time bomb’ in leaking Fukushima trenches — If Tepco removes extremely contaminated water as planned, it will only make more flow in since reactor buildings connect to trenches

Aug. 12,2013 - Over 15 quadrillion becquerels of radioactive substances suspected in trench that Tepco now admits is leaking into groundwater at Fukushima

Aug. 12,2013 - NHK Special Report on Fukushima: “We are still in an emergency… Not much time left… We can’t afford to wait” — Asahi: Fear of contaminated water overflowing from well that’s nearby trench leaking 3 billion Bq/liter into ground (VIDEO)

Aug. 12,2013 - Radiation Expert: Enormous amount of contamination flowing from Fukushima will probably imperil entire Pacific Ocean — Threatens other countries, food chain — Absolutely can reach U.S. and Canadian shores (VIDEO)

Aug. 13,2013 - TV: They are turning ground into quicksand at Fukushima plant — Engineers warn reactor units may topple (VIDEO)

Aug. 13,2013 - MSN: Nuclear experts call for testing U.S. West Coast waters and Pacific seafood for Fukushima contamination — “I definitely recommend FD

Sources above compliments of /

July 3,2013 - RT NEWS / Why the media is not reporting the truth on Fukushima?

Yes TooT! TooT! for that Elliot Wave points us now at the bottom and do keep in mind that dreaded k-wave mimicking it. And yes we do follow the two as they do run hand in hand. What a Face


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:09 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

Catching the latest spin job? Why the spin is back to back from a little better than a week ago concentrating on the same sales pitch,

Aug. 14,2013 -

excerpt: The Swiss franc slid to the weakest in a month against the euro after a report showed the 17-nation region pulled out of recession last quarter,


That's some FUNNY stuff as,

July 16,2013 - Chart of the Day: Unemployment in Europe Is Catastrophically High and Still Getting Worse


and that is not to mention back here in town,

July 5,2013 -

excerpt: • Full-Time Employment Plunged by 240,000 in June
• Economic Issues Accounted for 75% of Gain in Part-Time Employment
• Number of Short-Term Discouraged Workers Increased by 247,000
• June Unemployment: 7.6% (U.3), 14.3% (U.6), 23.4% (ShadowStats)
• Payroll Gains Were Warped Heavily by Inconsistent Seasonal Factors


Why that would represent just the opposite of the so called 'a report'. Perhaps it would be a good thing if the link to that so called report stating recession has left and things have turned around would be able to be seen.

And sales are up thanks to good old INFLATION. which of course breaks down to even LESS consumer spending. So it's a good thing for that in which was touched upon,

May 2013 - The 3 Reasons Why Stocks Have Skyrocketed Over the Past Couple of Years

April 2013 - Central Banks Buying Stocks

excerpt - As we’ve predicted for 5 years, central banks have been buying stocks in order to goose the economy.

STALLATION and Sham WoW working hand in hand is what you have.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:09 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

So called pension firms (as a example) love the Kleenex hands work.........

A bunch of useless math with many programmed to it. Examples,examples! Dividends based on......?

excerpt - 7The fair value of a hedged item might also change for reasons other than from effects of the risk being hedged. For instance, the hedged risk may be that a change in interest rates will cause the fair value of a bond to change. The bond price might also change, though, if the market perceives that the bond's default risk has changed.

8A common measure for benchmarking variable interest rates is LIBOR, the London Interbank Offered Rate, a base rate at which large international banks lend funds to each other.

9This would be a liability rather than an investment (asset) if the fair value had declined.

10Because there are no future cash receipts from the swap arrangement at this point, the fair value of the swap is zero.

11Transactions with owners primarily include dividends and the sale or purchase of shares of the company's stock.

12FASB ASC 220–10–55–2: Comprehensive Income–Overall–Implementation Guidance and Illustrations (previously “Reporting Comprehensive Income,” Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 130 (Norwalk, Conn.: FASB, 1997)).

13This is the same treatment previously prescribed for these translation adjustments by Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 52 [FASB ASC 830: Foreign Currency Matters].

14Remember, if a derivative is not designated as a hedge, any gains or losses from changes in its fair value are recognized immediately in earnings.

source/ Appendix A: Derivatives
Accounting for Derivatives

Well that would almost sound like you don't have to get your hands dirty. Why something the so called kleenex hands loves making so called tree paper DEBT with others DEBT slips. Many of these so called fat cats have no idea what it is to work and do actual work as they have been living the freddie the freeloader lives off of DEBT creation.

So you create and create from nothing in which has been done to replicate a rising market however the rising was and is based upon DEBT and centrals and others on the inside for the past few years soaking the whoever cares to be soaked as most have called it gains/ Funny as gains from what DEBT and rates that simp;ly can not be serviced however many have bought into the notion that they are. And from what brilliant deduction did they come to this conclusioon? That DEBT ontop of more and more and more DEBT is a positive payout?

Aug. 19,2013 - Alarm Bells Go Off: 10-year Treasury Note Hits 2.9%, S&P 500 Is “Crashing” Now


Dividends hey........


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:21 pm

Good evening folks! Very Happy 

We could go into the falter of the day at casino world however of more importance if you care to understand.

Here is to those not so folks but just the opposite.

The many that have helped so generously to distract,lie,pilfer and rape all for the love of their personal greed gains that have NOTHING to do with LIFE.

Why those of such discription are the ones that at places like the msn refugee board (not to be confused with Msn Refugee Board 2) stated day after day as the results were coming in that this is of no concern and it is all over with now just like valdez and so many others and that it will be cleaned up and behind us so Decoy you simply do not know what you are talking about.

Well scum I and so many others knew exactly what we were talking about and where it was all headed so your deceptive greed could fil your pockets with DEBT PROFITS of DEMISE.

Out of Australia we have to SEE things of such like the recent cancelled show in the US on on the gold and silver manipulation.

Aug. 21,2013 - You Won’t BELIEVE the Upshot of BP’s Gulf Oil Spill


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:49 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

Hush Hush on the Unemployment Rate


What You Don't Know can't Hurt You?

Back at the Post (Msn Refugee Board / The Decoy 409 POST) we were forced out of the circus by the string puppets in their so called financial section or Market Talk.
You SEE this spewing as in recession is over by the puppets and recovery is on,buy bonds,gold is finished along with silver,there are no problems in Japan at the reactor,the gulf is all cleaned up and of course the unemployment rate amongst others to numerous to mention all at once.

Now you can ask these specialists of disinformation all in favor of jibberish and string puppet talk however they will simply spew another lie on top of the so many they have already told. Simply ask them where would the casino (OPPS! mean market) be if it was not for clickity-click injection after injection. We tried to get a HONEST answer from them but illusive is the game they play and then spin that into 50/50 half truths. lol! 

It's quite FUNNY how they operate as they think that they have the insider intel that their crack pot ways will simply continue onward with a rising market of eternity based upon the DEBT of those that actually work for a living.

Now this may sound like harsh talk however the TRUTH is never meant to always be a positive happening but rather a clarification of what is and what is not. In turn for those that understand the pain is not as great. For those that continue to follow along with the lies of deceit from the 50/50 half truther club and believe the jibberish,why those that do can expect great pain from non understanding.

We have gone toe to toe with these 50/50 half truthers and their defense as their SHAM WoW Times have been winding down. And the closer that times have gotten and the more of what we have spoke has come out in the wash as we say,why the circus (as above) simply has ud removed from their so called MARKET TALK. V_L used to be a member at the circus and they did the same to V_L for putting those in their place.

At the Market talk circus msn refugee board. as well the pm's just kept on a coming as our word selections were warned as upsetting the 50/50 half truthers although no names were mentioned. The old 50/50 half truthers were and have been losing the so caled credibility that they had installed amongst many due to constantly being busted for their FALSE NEWS.

Now back at The Decoy 409 POST we have a Unemployment Rate at 24% section. This is something that we avidly spoke of and how it all mixes in well with clickity-click and DEBT PROFITS from DEMISE. and if you let that soak in with the rest of the chapters you can SEE how this would turn the puppet NEWS and the spewers of 50/50 into disinformationalists for personal greedy gains.

Funny thing is that when you ask the greedy fingers where would things be if it was not for clickity-click they simply plead and ignore such as having any factor in the casinos 15k and above rise from thin air. But then again is this not what clickity-click has been? Creation from nothing in which we call STALLATION to CHANGE. After all with a 24% unemployment rate here in the US that has now surpassed 25% you certainly can not expect truthful answers from Rape-Pilfer-Ponzi 50/50 half truthers.


Aug. 2,2013 - John Wiliams' Shadow Goverment Statistics


Aug. 21,2013 - Gallup: Unemployment Rate Jumps from 7.7% to 8.9% In 30 Days

Aug. 22,2013 - Wells Fargo to cut 2,300 mortgage jobs as refinancing slows
source/Daily Job Cuts - Layoff News

And the 50/50 new claims are in jacked upward as we SEE (as we expected). Now how do you suppose with a imploding BIG 'D' (derivatives) market (over a Quadrillion to spite the so called pay down) along with a town in Trillions in deficits and ongoing and growing larger by the day coupled with HISTORIC part time workers to pay upon it (and less and less full time) do you that are not sheeples actually think that CHANGE is not upon us? Folks you are in unprecidented times and certainly do not think that a empty bank acct. with a checkbook has been a good thing.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:08 am

Good morning folks! Very Happy 

Aug. 23,2013 - Fed Burned Once Over Taper Now Twice Shy on QE3


Earlier study from March 2013 'Living in a Zero-Rate World' The Impact of Fed Policy on the Economy & Inflation by BLACKROCK has some very interesting things to say about the look between the lines that is.

One of those lines like so many found elsewhere is the amount of these bond purchases per month. Why the hard line is that it has been 85b per month for the past year. However we do believe that this has been almost dbl of that. We presented the dbl look back at the circus board.

Now this was seen strongly when taking things back to 1953. Now the revision or the new scape would be altered and refinished and presented as taking things back to 1929.

July 30,2013 - QE – Why $85 Billion per Month? Why Not $170 or $42 -1/2 Billion?


So 3 Trillion on the centrals ya say?

10y T on the rise current 2.90 projected 3.9 by years end? Then take a stop over at 'TreasuryDirect' and check out the current DEBT owed.

And those great slider articles that come out in order to keep the sheeple mind training in check with illusion,

Aug. 23,2013 - Moody’s puts major U.S. Biggest banks on review for DOWNGRADE

What you SEE is peas in the same pod a deficit that has not shrunk but has simply become out of any control. Masked and filled with STALLATION created over and over again.

Now we refer back to,

Dec. 2012 - America is Going to Crash Big Time-Paul Craig Roberts

excerpt - Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, and he warns, “America is going to crash big time.”  Dr. Roberts says, “The real problem is not the fiscal cliff.”  The dollar is on very thin ice.  Dr. Roberts says, “They can’t stop hemorrhaging the debt, and the way they cover that is to hemorrhage the dollar.”  In this real time scenario, Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “When you have debt pouring out and dollars pouring out, the dollar can’t keep its value forever.  At some point, people will run away from it, and it will start abroad.”  Dr. Roberts thinks there is “an impending collapse of the exchange value,” and the U.S. dollar could unexpectedly plunge in buying power.  Dr. Roberts contends, “All of a sudden, people walk into Walmart, as usual, and they think they’ve walked into Neiman Marcus.”  Dr. Roberts says there are no quick fixes to the bulging debt because “there’s no way to close this deficit when corporations are moving the tax base off-shore.”   Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.


So where did everybody head for vacation as this is a great time for one! Thought the MAIN may have at least touched upon it.

And meanwhile?

Simple! Get that GDP/DEBT up with yet another,

Aug. 22,2013 - American, Israeli And Jordanian Troops And CIA Agents Have Entered Syria, Le Figaro Reports


Aug. 17,2013 - Million-Muslim March on 9/11 anniversary planned in DC


Aug. 22,2013 - 2 Million Bikers to Counter 1 Million Muslim March in DC on 9/11


Things are shaping up quickly folks!

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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Jarhead1976 on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:23 pm

They say we're in recover? Seems not sure how they come to that conclusion when m2v is at historical lows even with all the liquidity in the markets. Good sign for gold.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:45 pm

And they are calling m2 up jarhead so how is that possible with the insurmountable DEBT that has been created. We did take a look at that today below.


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The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1 Empty Re: The Decoy 409 POST - Road to Change Coming Up / Chapter 1

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